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    Artist Randomdonna

    I feel like the hate just stayed on because people were disappointed in it after COADF And mostly people feel Madonna was just following trends at the time
  2. Joanna

    Artist Randomdonna

    Ray of Light and Like a Prayer
  3. That makes sense, maybe I should get to know some of them better sometimes I tried to give these remix releases a chance but it just felt like I was listening to the song on repeat which is very boring I listen to ones that I like better than the original (Celebration Benny Benassi remix, Revolver one love remix) and for some reason I’ve been obsessed with Music deep dish dot com radio edit since I bought the physical single in 2000 when it came out
  4. I mean any of them, these remix albums are so pointless I only ever listen to 3 of her remixes
  5. Joanna

    Artist Randomdonna

    MX is an acquired taste tbh Confessions is a masterpiece interesting to see how you like the oldies when you get there
  6. Devil Pray Beautiful Killer Crazy Messiah Best Night
  7. I remember seeing Human Nature on MTV all the time and I was so fascinated by it Then when ROL came out I was full on obsessed and seriously listened to the cd non-stop
  8. Joanna

    Artist Randomdonna

    That tends to happen let us know which are your favs
  9. That is very impressive and 211M pure albums is just insane
  10. Joanna

    Game Like a M

  11. I could imagine he claims she has drug-induced dementia above anything else because of all the meds they force on her. Of course if that would be the case, there’s a very simple answer to that also, lower her dosage and see what happens it’s all very fishy
  12. I fucking cannot, the covers just get worse and worse