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  1. From the looks of it, it seems like it’s been a while already but glad she’s doing good
  2. Joanna


    Certified something somewhere at least
  3. Yes surprise she didn’t have to replace it sooner
  4. Joanna


    Voices Like It or Not Gone Secret Garden Mer Girl Take a Bow Wash All Over Me Easy Ride Stay Everybody I Rise Love Makes the World Go Round Falling Free Act of Contrition
  5. I’m sure she’ll recover from it quickly given she’s been in very good physical health for decades. I hope it finally gives her the help she needs
  6. Joanna


    Also, American Horror Story and Big Little Lies
  7. She really must love him
  8. Joanna


    Confessions is pretty flawless
  9. Love how serious she is when she says that
  10. Joanna


    I wish I was his kid imagine him reading bedtime stories to you with his perfect voice
  11. Joanna


    Lindsay Elizabeth Warner
  12. Joanna


    When the hell did Manson and Lindsay get married?!
  13. She seems much more relaxed in this, I’m happy for her
  14. Joanna


    Bedtime Story Bad Girl Frozen It’s hard to pick just three
  15. Joanna

    Celeb News

    And what is his biggest celebrity endorsement? Lil Wayne? Jealous idiot, he should stfu
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    1. Open Your Heart 2. Like a Prayer 3. Live to Tell 4. Vogue 5. Crazy for You 6. Take a Bow 7. Justify My Love 8. Papa Don’t Preach 9. Music 10. This Used to Be My Playground 11. Like a Virgin 12. Who’s That Girl
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    Cruel World vs. Norman fucking rockwell Ultraviolence vs. Mariners Apartment Complex Shades of Cool vs. Venice Bitch Brooklyn Baby vs. Fuck it i love you West Coast vs. Doin' Time Sad Girl vs. Love song Pretty When You Cry vs. Cinnamon girl Money Power Glory vs. How to disappear Fucked My Way to the Top vs. California Old Money vs. The Next Best American Record The Other Woman vs. The greatest Black Beauty vs. Bartender Guns and Roses vs. Happiness is a butterfly Florida Kilos vs. hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it Ultraviolence: 6 Norman Fucking Rockwell!: 8
  19. Haven’t we heard this mess months ago already though?