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  1. I’m sorry but this is terrible will.i.am needs to stay away from her
  2. I really like the ziggo dome arena there did you get a seat or are you on the floor?
  3. 45000th I’m sure there’ll be another date
  4. There are cheap seats high up (£47) or closer ones upto £276. I wanted floor though and it wouldn’t give me any options unless I bought a vip package so I gave up. Might try again later though
  5. I got my tickets for Amsterdam and Stockholm wanted to buy London also but damn too expensive lol
  6. Mess. Someone waited as 1254th in queue for a ticket and after getting in it said sold out
  7. I would have been so pissed too but damn
  8. Yeah only one date in the UK sounds weird so lets wait for more
  9. Well good it wasn’t a total waste but man that’s annoying cancelling so last minute
  10. Oh damn well idk how I’m gonna attend either since I have a day job as well and have to travel for this but I’ll figure it out later