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  1. Why is everyone so hot in Milan jesus christ orly1 

    1. Arya

      Omg you're in Italy? shock1

    2. Jony

      Yes, I came to see a friend and queen LordeT alex1 Milan is so cute yas2 

    3. Arya

      Yas queen  yas2

      How's the weather in Milan? jj3

  2. Is the rest of the album better than the cookie cutter basic lead that sounds like an elementary school project?
  3. If you watch the full clip Madonna did actually thank them and the way she nodded 'thank you' at them was genuine, she was just being witty cause that's what Madonna does. She was never overly warm with fans, doesn't mean she doesn't appreciate them.
  4. Her personality is so much better, she’s funny, doesn’t take herself too seriously, seems nice. Nicki is like the opposite.
  5. It had great singles Although a bit bland as an album
  6. Basically. Also why is everyone acting like she sold 50m first week, it’s 130k with a tour bundle let’s calm down
  7. Omfg I was just listening to cttr inspired by this, jumped at the beginning of the chorus, my phone flew out my pocket and now the screen is broken
  8. Omg yas kinq stan the masterpiece
  9. Not defending RS and totally understand being angry at them but that sounds a bit too aggressive
  10. I thought that show ended a decade ago
  11. I really like I Choose You and Vegas
  12. imagine being that triggered by pop music probably fake for upvotes anyway