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  1. Why hasn't Katy Perry dabbed into Christmas music?

    She’s not the creative director of h&m
  2. AIWFCIY smashing has nothing to do with Mariah

    I suppose what OP means is while the song became a classic in the first place due to Mariah's star power (and the song's greatness), people aren't listening to it in 2017 because they're craving Mariah Carey. Which is true and quite normal so what's the big deal
  3. Why does X have more monthly Spotify listeners than Brit?

    They're super close right now but it's always been like that, Xtina was even ahead of Gaga for years until recently. I have some numbers from mid-September, it was 9.5m vs 8.8m for Brit, so they both experienced quite the surge since then (12.8m vs 12.3m right now). The Christmas tracks are really helping right now, the top 3 playlists X is currently discovered on are christmas music ones.
  4. Single Charli XCX | Unlock It (feat. Kim Petras and Jay Park) | OUT NOW !!!!

    Better than Out of my head
  5. Charts Hot 100: #1 Perfect, #7 No Limit, #8 Bad At Love

    Omg a solo Halsey track in the top 10
  6. Discussion Was Madonna's DAD a good Bond song?

    I love the song, great production. Can't say the same about the movie, one of the most ridiculous bond films ever
  7. Princess Nokia

    Very positive review, 8/10. This is great exposure, he has a big following and generates a lot of views so this is good
  8. "Perfect" solo selling more than the Beyonce remix

    Yes and it’s not about Beyoncé, it’d have the same effect with any other featured artist. Discounts work for a reason, it’s not a brand new concept. Label wants a #1, they’ll discount the old version, not the new one that can sell on its own and generate more revenue. Remix sold double the discounted original last week and is still getting a lot more streams as well.
  9. "Perfect" solo selling more than the Beyonce remix

    One is 69 cents the other is 1.29. Next.
  10. Single Trisha Paytas | Dear O.J. Simpson | December 7

  11. Single Trisha Paytas | Dear O.J. Simpson | December 7

  12. Tech Google BANS Youtube on all Amazon devices

    This has absolutely nothing to do with net neutrality. Amazon has been in a feud with both Google and Apple ever since they dropped the Apple TV and Chromecast from their store in order to sell more Fire TVs, Google is just firing back (funny though how it happened on the same day that Amazon Prime is finally available on the Apple TV lol). Just like when Apple stopped selling the Nest thermostat when it was clear that Google had no intention to offer Apple HomeKit support. They don't owe a YouTube app to anyone
  13. While Melanie is being exposed, let’s not forget this:

    Most of these are a reach and a half
  14. General News Melanie Martinez accused of sexual assault by former friend

    So fucked up
  15. "Avant-gardist" Selena's critical acclaim won't end! "Bad Liar; Best Pop Song of the Year"

    Fetish was better but Bad Liar is still great Now we need to find out why she keeps on doing trashy basic DJ collabs instead of releasing more good songs