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  1. Event

    Musicland finally leaked???!
  2. What they're doing is technically right, but they should definitely inform users if their batteries are in need of replacement. They already do it on Macs, I don't know why they don't on iOS devices. I can't at how even respected tech news sites are twisting this for so much clickbait though If a li-on battery has degraded over time there's nothing you can do other than replace it
  3. Not even top 20 Really an Art Angels tea, sounds good at release until it ages badly a month later.
  4. Can't wait for Bοuis Vuitton and Bermes
  5. I’ve only seen the Made In America version of the Anti tour so I’m not sure if it’s any different from the other dates, but it was all over the place. Set list was a mess, stage and visuals boring as hell, she didn’t care to sing 50% of the time. Beyoncé puts on a goddamn show.
  6. American Life has the best, Blackout the most iconic
  7. the moment annie reveals who johnny is expect 50 more remixes
  8. I don’t trust the source (digitalmusicnews) but it could very well happen, there was a rumor about it last year as well.