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  1. 69 MILLION!
  2. Single

    Is it different from the one that leaked some years ago?
  3. here


    1. Jony

      It's poppy


    2. Onika

      I know who Poppy is, I was referring to the dancing dead7

  4. Reposting this just in case
  5. Not an official buzzfeed article btw, it's in the community section where anyone can post
  6. Charts

    Her album is out?
  7. here

    Waiting for the day I don't get served spinning top ads jay1

  8. here

    Rockabye is the worst hit of this decade. 

  9. Yes because radio has no taste
  10. Rihanna yeah, but Drake did around 3M WW in 2016 which isn't that bad.
  11. He's an insanely huge force Drake, Ed, Rihanna and Bieber are def the biggest in streaming rn.