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  1. Jony here

    New Rules about to outstream Scared to be Lonely on spotify, talent winning

    1. Pandora

      1 dont pick up the fone

  2. Jony here

    Why is No Limit literally Plain Jane rip3 

    1. Kyoteki

      They sample the same song. Plain Jane is superior tho. 

    2. Count Olaf

      i love no limit!

    3. Jony

      @Kyoteki Oh that explains it, I was like wtf jj4 and true!

  3. Jony here

    omg im out of coffee


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    2. Entea

      Any tea is better than coffee


    3. Jony

      8 minutes ago, Entea said:

      Any tea is better than coffee


      no its not but i had to make some cause im too lazy to go to the store and buy godly coffee


  4. Jony here


    1. fab

      is this a reaction to the post below  moo3  

    2. Jony

      no but moo3

    3. fab

      then what's up moo3 

  5. Jony here


    1. Pandora

      im ok with ppl referring to me as ice princess future queen of the drunks

  6. Syre is aoty thanks for tagging me in the thread cause I could've missed itahs1 

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    2. Urbanov

      Icon is a mess of a video though mad5 

    3. Urbanov

      Better than overrated to the max Damn. wendy4 

    4. Jony

      Omg yeah tbh I like damn but it’s overrated af wendy3 

  7. Jony here



    1. Hunty Bear

      I'm confused too? dead1 But I approved it ig

  8. Jony here

    this bop

    1. Linda La Hughes

      saw him at a years and years gig and he outperformed them by about 900% what a queen cry9 

  9. Jony here

    inb4 Harry's chinese visa gets revoked too wendy3 

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    2. Jony

      2 minutes ago, *Starlight* said:

      Damn rip4

      I'm also reading that Taylor was originally booked but dropped out after Katy was invited fall1 and now Katy is gone wendy3 

  10. Jony here

    I hope the millennial pink color trend continues in 2018 cause I ain't done yet jay1

  11. Jony here

    she better not be doing this on sunday dead2 


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    2. Brightflower

      Im just trolling dont mind me jj2

    3. Jony

      1 minute ago, Freaky Prince said:



  12. Jony here

    kim the playlist queen


    1. Royalty

      How do I open this in Spotify? 

    2. Jony

      @Royalty click on the little spotify icon in the top right area and it'll open a page with a 'play in spotify' button

    3. Royalty

      I love you! Thanks! 

  13. Jony

    Mariah cause she recovered from a longer and deeper slump. Madonna's AL flopping lasted for only two years and though she was hit hard sales wise, the tour was a big success.
  14. Jony here

    Fantano liked Delicate, End Game and the Godaway Car wendy3 @Kyoteki don't unsubscribe after you watch the full review wendy3 

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    2. Kyoteki

      Oh I seen. I’m not unsubscribing. He made his points. Album still lit tho. 

    3. Brightflower

      i still have to wait until its on Spotify to approve of what he said

    4. Taylor

      A Grammy Car stan? Suddenly I fucks with him tay2 

  15. Hey sis, which Whitney albums do you think are the best? I haven't really listened to her in a very long time and I'd like to start now cry6 

    1. Brightflower

      Oh im delighted that you asked me! I think her best is My Love is Your Love followed by The Preachers Wife and I Look to You. But any of her albums are okay to start with.

      Whitney Houston


      Im Your Baby Tonight

      The Bodyguard soundtrack

      Waiting to Exhale soundtrack(she only has three tracks on this album)

      The Preachers Wife soundtrack

      My Love Is Your Love

      Just Whitney

      One Wish:The Holiday Album

      I Look to You

      I hoped i helped love!

    2. Jony

      Thanks cry6 I'll start soon!

  16. Jony here

    Justice for Everyday sistren1 

    1. KeshaOverdose

      I think about this every time it comes on listening to DW cry9 

  17. Jony here

    Beyonce started following a Nicki/Meek fan account on Instagram rip4 In fact it's the only person she's following rip4 

    1. Tahj

      i just saw that omg giveup1 

  18. Jony


    A decent 7
  19. hope you're not mad dead2 

    1. Jony

      Talk to me cry9 I'm very sorry if it bothered you, looking back it was unnecessary and I took the stupid game way too seriously dead2 It wasn't personal at all but I shouldn't have anyway

    2. fab

      sent you a pm oprah4 

  20. Not sure But I think it's still #1 unless Pink outsold Edit: 480k SPS apparently, CTRL is now ahead
  21. Jony

    It didn't really feel as big as her older hits even when it was #1. Let's hope the album has some hidden gems, cause judging from the other two songs she's gon have trouble with both the charts and critics.