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  1. Poor Joe...His life summed up in one tweet
  2. This one doesn’t have CRJ listed as “Performer” so it could have been written and registered for another artist but this may also be part of Side B:
  3. ajp


    I’d have to dust off my CD copy and listen to it, again
  4. Track X Track: #6/10 Top Albums of 2019 (5:50 mark)
  5. ajp


    I noticed 2 Christmas songs that were registered with SOCAN. It looks like they were written around the time of Mittens. So, she has enough for a 5 track EP if you include Last Christmas and Let it Snow:
  6. She just needs to move on like Lana did after Saturday Night Live.
  7. People Magazine: #9/10 Best Albums of 2019 Turns out, they chose all women this year
  8. So this is the first registered song on ASCAP that I have noticed that may be for Dedicated Side B. It was written during the Dedicated Sessions but right now, it is unknown if this is for Dedicated Side B or on Kiiara’s upcoming album - as both are listed as Performers.
  9. ajp


    She debuted a new song with Jack I’m going to refer to this song as “Back To Me” cause I don’t know the title yet. It was so good!
  10. ajp


    First single is “Yummy”
  11. This rollout is slow...just go with the flow Official Lyric Video
  12. Slant Magazine: #47/50 Best 50 Songs of 2019 (Julien) and #36/50 (Real Love) A promo single and an album track - Also, #5/25 Top Albums of 2019
  13. ajp


    Camila Cabello Romance Super Deluxe Boxset Boxset $130.99 USD Release Date: 28/02/2020 Discs: 4 Deluxe Box Set Includes: Limited Edition Gatefold Vinyl / CD package - Translucent Red Vinyl - "Romance" Etching on 4th Side - 12" x 24" poster insert - 20 page expanded booklet - 14 Track CD in mini-sleeve - 12" Picture Disc of Liar/Shameless - 7" vinyl of Liar/Shameless - Collectable 3" x 5" 'Romance' Laminate - 8" x 10" Glossy Photo - Personal note from Camila - Limited to 500 copies worldwide PLEASE NOTE: download available upon purchase.Vinyl box set will ship on or around 2/25/2020. Limited to 4 units per customer. 1. Shameless 2. Living Proof 3. Should've Said It 4. My Oh My 5. Señorita with Shawn Mendes 6. Liar 7. Bad Kind Of Butterflies 8. Easy 9. Feel It Twice 10. Dream Of You 11. Cry For Me 12. This Love 13. Used To This 14. First Man Pre-Order Here