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  1. He was too tall for her…but he did look like Adam Driver
  2. 2011 Backstage in Mexico City
  3. Yes, Snow Kweef Kylie was an era than we had to endure twice - Kristmas 2015 and Kristmas 2016! The relation with BMG is so different than Parlophone. The most important difference is that Kylie calls the shots. I think she is working with whom she wants and gets to do things like Infinite Disco… which I’m sure was her idea. At Parlo, she wouldn’t even been invited into the promo war room. Just look at IP 25th Anniversary Vinyl charting higher than in 1997. That is fucking crazy. She really has the momentum and is having her 3rd revival of her career. Why not Las Vegas. Celine figure
  4. Thanks. I don’t go to her instagram page. so, his name is Cole? He’s sexy.
  5. I found it on twitter but the artist did a better job on Carly than Taylor.
  6. Yes, the back entrance was just off the sidewalk and I walked past and noticed 2 buses. I should have taken pictures
  7. I have not seen this video, can you post it?
  8. Second tease from Wanderland Festival Philippines (btw they deleted this tweet but someone got a screenshot) Just announce ha
  9. Can you imagine? Jimmy, CRJ and Taylor on your back?
  10. If anything, this Las Vegas show (if it’s true) won’t happen until the end of 2023 or early 2024, anyway. She is still under contract with BMG to release an album in Spring of 2023 and promote it properly with 4 singles and 4 videos and only then can she plan a Vegas show. But, if this album is promoted in the US with Vegas in mind - it could be part of the concept. Could we see the return of “Showgirl Kylie”?
  11. This is why she continues to say that she is not a “singles” artist. A label can spend a lot of money promoting a song to radio and TV and they often lose money. In Carly’s case, she was preparing for a tour and went on tour before the album dropped. She didn’t have time to go on JK or JM and certainly not SNL. In the end, the artists pays for it in time, effort and their wallet. Her strategy to stick to what is working for her is paying off. Touring for her is the promo and her paycheque. She keeps more money and the label is happy, too. The label pays for recording sessions, a fe
  12. I would say the bus…but I did hear her say that on occasion they splurge for a hotel now and then. From the UBC show, there were 2 buses in the back of the arena.
  13. Also, the album buzz is decreasing - her tour planners need to get these dates announced before it’s too late.