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  1. Coachella stopped being indie when Beyoncé headlined in 2018.
  2. It’s really too bad she couldn’t have released this on February 11th, just before Valentine’s Day. We all know she’s had her share of famous exes and this album could have been a great Anti-Valentine’s Day album for all those who can relate. It would have got great promo, too. Oh well.
  3. She’s so far down the billing
  4. @Urbi Could you move this thread into the Avril Sextion
  5. That’s respectable for a first week in January release. I think with the physical rollout (both CD and Vinyl) the album should be hanging in the top 10 for a while.
  6. My gay ass thought she was stuck under 2 big black balloons eve1

    (actual FOTP ad)

    1. Lynk


      So I'm not the only person getting this ad? Interesting xtina2