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  1. How does an organization file for bankruptcy and then regroup in another state? Doesn’t filing a bankruptcy prevent reorganizing anywhere for several years?
  2. Released in 2019, Boy Problems, a Role Playing Game will get it’s own Side B. Click on link in Twitter box to get information on it. Release date to be expected March, 2021.
  3. ajp


    I Really Like You - 350 million Good Time - 250 million Run Away With Me - 120 million Cut To The Feeling - 90 million Party For One - 50 million Now That I Found You - 25 million
  4. ajp

    Call Me Maybe was released in September, 2011. How old do you all feel now?
  5. ajp


    it’s too bad, cause they had the 3 disc reissue on the 50% sale but it was the first to sell out along with the Golden stuff
  6. This had better be put on iTunes afterwards
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    Nice! But why do these photos look dated to me? Like they were taken during her last era but just published now? Still great, though.