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  1. Once again, a LQ 2017 Demo is on YouTube...Time Sensitive:
  2. ajp


    As a CRJ stan, I have lost the story
  3. ajp


    ...but really, isn't everyone "working" on their new album?
  4. ajp

    After singing the Canadian National Anthem at the NBA All-Stars Game: No, I didn’t watch the game
  5. ajp

    Imagine, an underwear shoot for Calvin Klein distracting the gays from 365. The power of Shawn
  6. ajp


    Calvin Klein, is trending worldwide Money. Well. Spent.
  7. ajp


    Where are you, @Sylk?
  8. ajp

    At the Grammys:
  9. ajp


    Tweeting lyrics? Odd, cause she tweets like 10 times a year...
  10. ajp

    I really don’t get Scooter. Why is he bringing up IRLY when she has started a new era? ...and where was he when IRLY dropped 4 years ago?
  11. ajp

    Very Good Review I may take a day or so to post mine...just about to start listening to it for the first time.
  12. This isn’t the first time that the Carly Rae Collaboration was hinted at...Jack Antonoff had an Instagram post with CRJ and Taylor’s back-up vocalist in his studio. If any of this is true, then Jack is the collaboration link.