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  1. ajp

    Photo Shoot for something: who is the hottie with the stained crotch?
  2. ajp


    So it turns out that this is a split release. Digital format is out Dec 14th and 2CD format will be released on Dec 21st (according to All Music and Amazon) Amazon So this album may not chart anywhere, with this strategy
  3. ajp


    There You Are, out today. This one I like
  4. ajp


    Thank god they changed the cover. Better but I was hoping for more
  5. ajp

    Daddy Jesse
  6. It sounds like Chris Isaak - Wicked Game
  7. I’m just very nervous for Nicki’s safety and well-being
  8. Does that mean he’s been arrested 12 times?
  9. ajp


    Free with any Samsung purchase
  10. Then I went into Old Gravy and they were playing a really funky mix of Stop Me From Falling that I had never heard I’m like, What is this fuckery?