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  1. What!? That ageless look she serves!
  2. Yes Something to take my mind off of Eugenie's Wedding on Friday
  3. I'm hoping he pulls a Céline and comes out of retirement to do Vegas
  4. In a recent interview, Michael has stated that he is retiring from music after this album drops. Source
  5. ajp

    It's good tea, but not thread worthy
  6. I bet it's a Sweetener Side B EP. That would make more sense to create a tour around the main album and an accompanying EP.
  7. ajp

    Here is some interesting backstory to Emotion: click on the tweet to get the whole story in multiple tweets.
  8. ajp


    There is only one Emotion
  9. Interscope looks booked for releases these next few weeks so it could be their timeline not Madonna's
  10. ajp

    Considering she released this independently...the album is pure gold I have no idea...I was a fetus in 2008
  11. ajp

    Happy 10 Years, Tug of War - released on September 30, 2008
  12. @Juinae Is this a cover of the Prince song?