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  1. ajp


    This is Klassic Kesha - the intro and chorus are hers to own but the verse is a bit rough. Only Kesha can get away with it, tho.
  2. ajp

    On CD: Tug of War (Canada) Curiosity EP (Canada) Kiss - Deluxe (Canada) EMOTION - Deluxe (Canada) EMOTION Side B (Canada) - with signed art card EMOTION Side B+ (Japan) Dedicated - Deluxe (UK) - with signed art card
  3. ajp here


    What is going on that we have 1,273 guests? Did someone’s nudes leak? brit14


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    2. I Brings That Levity

      It's probably all of Gaga and Rihanna's lawyers making sure no one leaks R9 and LG6. brit16

    3. Luca

      and none of them signing up eve1 

  4. ajp


    Target Edition comes with 1 of 2 exclusive posters
  5. ajp


    I had a feeling they were going to be “yummy”
  6. ajp


    It’s a good thing that it’s free with purchase
  7. ajp


    3 Editions (LTD Deluxe Box, Standard CD and 2 Disc Vinyl) + 1 Japanese Edition (Deluxe CD+DVD) - Also, release date for Japan is February 21st and vinyl is March 13th. Boxer Shorts
  8. I think she is teasing us with an old photo shoot because one of the unreleased photos may be the cover of DSB. Very “Disco Queen” Twitter, Too:
  9. It’s not a public gym like Planet Fitness...It’s a celebrity gym that is pre-booked for workouts.
  10. Get out JB or she’ll kick your ass