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  1. Show me on the doll where you were touched
  2. Event

    Do a re-up when "Kylie - Rate a Song" is over
  3. So rumour is that this is a picture from the set of CTTF Music Video
  4. Celeb News

    What if this is from a reissue of Purpose?
  5. Wow! 43,128 people at her show in Marseille
  6. Wait? I thought Avril and Chad called off their divorce after she got Lyme Disease? Now they are divorced? I'm missing an entire middle.
  7. CRJ took in one of the LA Shows of Maggie Rogers.
  8. Now that she isn't with Parlophone, I can see it happening. When Parlophone runs out of money, they'll release them.
  9. Joseph Kahn is pretty big in the MV World - He did "Toxic" and that was (I think) a $1,000,000, too.
  10. It was "All The Lovers" - it cost $1,000,000