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  1. ajp

  2. ajp

    I don’t think Kylie has had anything done except for botox. Rihanna looks the same except for better make-up. Ariana has changed the most in the fewest years.
  3. She reminds me of a better Canola with a hint of Ariana.
  4. ajp here


    Well well, Chace Crawford nat1




    1. Urbanov

      More like Penis Awareness lol3 

  5. ajp

    Music Video

    Was not expecting this light and soft song as the title track. It sets a completely different tone for the album.
  6. Imagine, Danish becoming an Official Language of the United States of America
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    1. ajp

      Interpretive Dance is my Passion bebe1

  8. ajp

    *double post*
  9. She was 16 when her debut album dropped. Her 30 years is the Music Industry is coming up.
  10. ajp


    Watch her pull an ariana and it’s out in October
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    They did a DJ set last night in LA to raise funds for Planned Parenthood:

    Queens gaga13