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  1. Do you live in Chicagoland? You'd better RSVP
  2. After a recent show in Toronto and one coming-up in Montreal, Carly Rae a Jepsen is heading to Chicago for The M&Ms Spotlight Show TUESDAY, JULY 11 2017 CHICAGO, IL DOORS 6PM | SHOW 8PM RSVP VENUE TO BE REVEALED SHORTLY Must be 18+ to attend. Space is limited. RSVP does not guarantee entry. M&M’s Spotlight is a series of surprise concerts connecting fans to spontaneous moments of fun. M&M’s fans will have the chance to get tickets to concerts at various moments leading up to the shows.
  3. Interesting read The Haipin - Parenting by the Books/Cut To The Feeling
  4. Get those coins
  5. "Cut To The Feeling" is a promo single for the movie Leap! - to be released in 8 weeks in the US. It was originally planned to be on "Side B" but was instead given to the Producers of Leap! (also known as Ballerina). In a recent phone interview she gave while on vacation in Italy, she stated that she is still working on the album. Also, the name of the album is not "Spread Love". Personally, I think she's done the album, but she is just waiting for Interscope to slot her release in. Wikipedia had a date of release as Sept 29, but that has since been removed. Interscope is barely promoting CTTF. They have not even sent it to radio in the US. I don't think they want it to be a hit as they want to release something new by Carly - but having it out there will benefit Carly when it comes to The Academy Award nominations in January.