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  1. Something must be coming... Shes booked all these Festivals!
  2. Other

    But that is after the album drops?
  3. Other

    It's HOT AC not Top 40
  4. A band has pulled out and CRJ has been asked to replace them - another Chicago show
  5. Album

    She is touring with TS and CC
  6. I'm liking their new sound
  7. Other

    RCA is impacting Backstreet Boys on Tuesday
  8. Other

    It was sent to Top 40 radio today. Stations are free to play it now. We will know in a day or two if RCA will set an "official" impact day.
  9. Cute flashback from 2009, but seriously...where is the new single?
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  11. I saw Fenti boots at Marshalls the other day.
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    Justice for Your Disco Needs You
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    I thought this was gonna be a thread about KM being a judge