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  1. No. Too expensive. I’ll keep by old SE for now.
  2. ajp


    It’s a real shoe, just not a cake shoe
  3. ...but it’s on the internet of things, it must be true
  4. ajp


    Third: MHP Extended Mix 7 minutes - double 👏 👏
  5. It was such a successful tour for her, that she could have easily done an X Side B and showcased a dozen of the tracks she left off.
  6. ajp


    Second: Dan Tempo Remix Tropical 🌴
  7. ajp


    Like I did with Say Something, I will be posting Mixes (Unofficial) of her track, Magic: First: Sakgra Remix Another PWL Throwback Mix
  8. They did sample the arrangement (video credits):
  9. Kylie tweeted this about 4 hours, ago. I honestly love the styling on this