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  1. Another example of rights issues. At least people are able to find one version to satisfy their Kylie desires.
  2. I’m contacting our lawyers
  3. No. Scooter is her boss. They felt it was in her best interest if she found a new manager - so she is now with Lola Hess. Mind you, Scooter is still in the mix being part of School Boy and Scooter Braun Productions which is still involved with Carly.
  4. I think you may be right it had better be good
  5. She needs to be on FOTP "Guess The Kylie Album Through Images" Thread
  6. OMG! They used @Lachlan‘s cover artwork
  7. I see your point, but Carly isn’t a “radio” artist like Katy is. She’s putting together an album with consistent songs that work together. There is no CMM or RAWM...but I think that is her point with Dedicated. I’m impressed with her new elevated sound with Dedicated which is more funky and upbeat to EMOTION. I think it will play well LIVE on stage. For me, “Feels Right” and “I’ll Be Your Girl” sound like the better tracks...so far.
  8. ajp

    I agree with you. He needs a new direction. He’s hit a wall with this current sound but if he keeps this up he’ll just be like John Mayer and be dating Katy Perry.
  9. ajp

    That’s what happens when the label wants just enough songs for any album instead of enough “great” songs for a “goood” album.
  10. Oh and call Calvin for a threesome
  11. Why am I just seeing this thread? Anyhow Yes fuck yes!