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  1. Summer Festival I hope this means that CRJ6 is coming this summer, too
  2. I wonder if his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein had anything to do with this?
  3. Good for both of them Too bad they won’t win a Grammy for it next year
  4. She would have been number 1 if she had released it on CD Single, too.
  5. It took Aphrodite 10 years to reach 80 Million and Disco, only 6 months
  6. 31 years ago - April 30, 1990 Better The Devil You Know was released, changing the direction of pop for the world.
  7. “Car Show Girl” Realness
  8. That’s a tough list She deserves to win
  9. Spinning Around vs Some Kind of Bliss
  10. Better the Devil You know vs In Your Eyes
  11. Confide in Me vs Better The Devil You Know
  12. I think it may be a shot of something that is coming...perhaps Dance Floor Darling related?
  13. 19 Years ago, April 26, 2002 Fever Tour in Cardiff