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  1. Kylie could have purchased the rights to the song directly from KP and held them…which could be why it wasn’t on the 3CDR. Remember when Kiezsa sold “Slow Motion Fighting” to Kylie for the KMO Sessions, but since she never used the song, Kiezsa got it back and recorded it for her Tommy EP. Parlophone didn’t buy the rights, Kylie did.
  2. I just read that “Just Imagine” was an X session song done with Karen Poole back in 2007. Odd that it hadn’t leaked during the 3CDR dump a few years back… She should have kept it in the vault
  3. Padam Padam - 10 Hold On To Now - 10 Things We Do For Love - 9 Tension - 9 One More Time - 10 You Still Get Me High - 10 Hands - 5 Green Light - 7 Vegas High - 8 10 out of 10 - 7 Story - 10 Love Train - 8 Just Imagine - 6 Somebody To Love - 10 Average - 8.5
  4. Nate Cyphert replying with a hint that CRJ is looking “Indie as Hell” 👀 is CRJ8 an indie-folk recording?
  5. Her sales are almost all streaming - enough for Top 10: Doja Cat’s Scarlet (Kemosabe/RCA) is tracking toward a first week of 50-55k and the week’s top debut. On her heels, however, is an EP from Warner’s Zach Bryan. The 5-track surprise drop, Boys of Faith, is currently projecting to 45-50k. Lil Tecca’s new album TEC (Galactic/Republic) will open in the 30-35k range. The activity of all three top debuts is almost entirely from streaming. After surrendering the top spot last week to Rod Wave, we’re giving the edge today to Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS (Geffen) for a return to #1. Doja
  6. In the US, her album wasn’t even mentioned by “Hits Daily Double” which means she must be on target to sell less than 20,000 copies.
  7. She loves Christmas, but this isn’t the time or her to do one - perhaps in 10 years
  8. She’s been so active with writing and recording that CRJ8 might be released in 2024
  9. New Day, New Studio Pic 👀 Nate Cyphert Mont Duamel Kyle Shearer
  10. Work out your own playlist and get rid of the offensive tracks, like I did.
  11. So her webstore has yet to send my Deluxe Album CD. There’s no dispatch email, no credit card charge, just an active order when I log-in - and “All I See” is people posting their webstore purchases on Twitter X.
  12. The Padam Padam writers forced her to record it to get PP. (j/k)
  13. I woke-up the other morning with the chorus stuck in my head, and it’s a bonus track!