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  1. Japan is going one step further in doing reissues of EMOTION, EMOTION Side B+ and Kiss in October for only ¥1,100 ($10 USD).
  2. The Limited Edition Coloured Vinyls are now SOLD OUT in Canada.
  3. ajp

    Music Video

    It will be back tomorrow at 8am PST
  4. ajp

    It’s a mess
  5. I ran thinking this was Kylie
  6. Is this official? https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/kylie-minogue-say-something-beatheaven-summer-groove/id1515713666?i=1000486534425 or https://beatheaven.net/music/kylie-minogue-say-something-beatheaven-summer-groove-remix/
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    This era needs some Raid
  8. Time to put out a 7” Vinyl Single with Side A and Side B
  9. ajp

    Music Video

    The video and audio don’t matchup
  10. ajp

    Celeb News

    Ms. Minogue if you’re nasty
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    @Hyun. This Twitter stan was correct about Dedicated Side B: A Stand Alone song is unusual but I’m perched.
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    What?! She is so sneaky! That quarantine album is coming
  13. Call Me Maybe gave her the hit but it was EMOTION that gave her a career. Considering 5 years ago, it sold 35k in the US and has now reached 500k, says a lot about the album’s longevity.
  14. ajp


    Knowing Carly, she will rework it with new producers.
  15. ajp

    Music Video

    I know because of COVID, the production wouldn’t be fantastic, but I think it’s good. It reminds me of The One MV.
  16. Me too. Funny, I was just on her Canadian Website just yesterday and I noticed her Regular Vinyl was back in stock after being sold out. I thought it was odd, but it’s because they are celebrating the 5 years.