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  1. Honeymoon

    neither did i, sis, read i simply said the facts, that aren't arguable, the gp didn't like miley as a person back then. i love and have always supported miley, but i simply just said the completely non-controversial facts
  2. 1. Maybe I’m a little bit…. I Write Sins Not Tragedies (Panic At The Disco) 2. What is your favorite emotion? Kiwi (Harry Styles) 3. What is your favorite song, even though you may not think so? I Feel It All (Feist) .. (Possibly accurate) 4. Today I’m feeling…. End Of The Day (One Direction) 5. My best friends always say about me that I'm… In A Sentimental Mood (Duke Ellington) 6. If I would have a tv-show, it will be named… Last Kiss (Taylor Swift) 7. What would be the name of your first movie made? Norwegian Wood (The Beatles) 8. If I’m sad I listen to… Neighborhood #2 Laika (Arcade Fire) 9. …. Is pretty much how my life is right now. Why Won't You Love Me (5SOS) 10. …. Tells me my future life. Heat Wave (Snail Mail) 11. The song I hate the most is… Writer In The Dark (Lorde) 12. Which song can I listen over and over again? The Love Club (Lorde) 13. If people laugh at me, I listen… My Old Man (Joni Mitchell) 14. Sometimes I just think… Gold Dust Woman (Fleetwood Mac) 15. When I see and hear things that are don’t there it means… Ob La Di Ob La Da (The Beatles) 16. What is the answer to all my questions? Sweet Life (Frank Ocean) 17. People are… A Cold Night Close To The End (Said The Whale) 18. If I would write a book about my life it would be called… West Coast (Lana Del Rey) 19. How was your first kiss? Lua (Bright Eyes) 20. What song will be played at my funeral? Vienna (Billy Joel) hmmp
  3. Honeymoon

    everyone uses press and promo to gain success, people continue listening because they like her, and the song. next
  4. Honeymoon

    girl why do you downvote me on the most tame things, idgi, i said like the exact same thing you said
  5. Honeymoon

    Celeb News

  6. Honeymoon

    i actually enjoyed the song and the music video, like way better than havana. and something inside of me can't hate her because of how much i loved fifth harmony, especially her in 2013 but my view of her was really shattered after hearing about her saying that stuff.
  7. god i'm so terrified to graduate college even though it's like 8 months away, like what am i going to do with my life, i'm here having a breakdown at midnight chi1

    1. LuranusLur

      its ok you will be good at somthing

  8. Honeymoon

    love her but didn't even know a new album was coming out/came out yikes
  9. god ariana better drop this album now on god. i feel the same way about needy as i did with only 1 back when she teased that years ago, one of her best songs is coming i just know it ari7

  10. Honeymoon


    I love it, she looks so much cuter with short hair.