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    Umbrella Born This Way California Gurls Firework Poker Face Just Dance I Kissed a Girl We Found Love Diamonds Hot N Cold Don't Stop The Music Roar Dark Horse
  2. big old news... i find it so amusing how these people on twitter think they're bringing up new and exciting facts when all these allegations have been discussed a year ago.
  3. That's really not fair to say. Problems like this go undetected all the time, sadly. Regardless, my heart is with the family, this is a cause especially close to my heart.
  4. honeymoon

    not being shady i've legitimately never heard of her.
  5. she rush released it and it's not even a good song
  6. honeymoon

    Celeb News

    I’m screeching at this bitch anskskjdhdn
  7. this is so weird but... MR BRIGHTSIDE
  8. honeymoon


    Wow interesting to know that the EP is still being sold at Walmart Perhaps the reason it's not on streaming platforms is because walmart still has its rights.
  9. honeymoon


    I always found it strange. I've been a huge fan for many years and I really like how Beautiful Eyes was like my little secret Taylor Swift album nobody else had. I have two physical copies of it in my collection, and I remember it came with a cute orange poster. My guess on why it's never been online is because it's a limited release exclusive to Walmart (they continued selling it until at least 2013- (I kept tabs on this lmao). The songs were barely ever performed live and it performed terribly because it wasn't promoted. My guess is the label just wants to pretend it didn't happen (Put Your Hearts Up teas) Looking back, this EP is.... bad. Beautiful Eyes is a cute song, but man I Heart Question Mark is..... . Besides that, all the other songs are on the self titled album anyway. If there's any risk or cost of putting this EP on streaming services, it's not worth it.
  10. I hope he rots in prison (he won’t) knowing how he threw poc and lgbt people under the bus.