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  1. State of Grace vs. I Forgot That You Existed Red vs. Cruel Summer Treacherous vs. Lover I Knew You Were Trouble vs. The Man All Too Well vs. The Archer 22 vs. I Think He Knows I Almost Do vs. Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together vs. Paper Rings Stay Stay Stay vs. Cornelia Street The Last Time vs. Death by a Thousand Cuts Holy Ground vs. London Boy Sad Beautiful Tragic vs. Soon You'll Get Better The Lucky One vs. False God Everything Has Changed vs. You Need to Calm Down Starlight
  2. Fearless vs. Mine Fifteen vs. Sparks Fly Love Story vs. Back to December Hey Stephen vs. Speak Now White Horse vs. Dear John You Belong With Me vs. Mean Breathe vs. The Story of Us Tell Me Why vs. Never Grow Up You're Not Sorry vs. Enchanted The Way I Loved You vs. Better Than Revenge Forever & Always vs. Innocent The Best Day vs. Haunted Change vs. Last Kiss Jump Then Fall vs. Long Live Untouchable vs. Ours Come in with the Rain vs. If This Was a Movie Superstar vs. Superman The Other Side of the Door vs.
  3. Daylight, didn't think of it much for a while and now I love it.
  4. State of Grace vs. Welcome to New York Red vs. Blank Space Treacherous vs. Style I Knew You Were Trouble vs. Out of the Woods All Too Well vs. All You Had to Do Was Stay 22 vs. Shake It Off I Almost Do vs. I Wish You Would We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together vs. Bad Blood Stay Stay Stay vs. Wildest Dreams The Last Time vs. How You Get the Girl Holy Ground vs. This Love Sad Beautiful Tragic vs. I Know Places The Lucky One vs. Clean Everything Has Changed vs. Wonderland Starlight vs. You Are in Love Begin Again vs
  5. Me. The GP reacts badly to anything she does at first, so whatever the alternative would’ve been would’ve found itself at the butt of the joke. Me is a good single, and follows the formula of most of her leads.
  6. death by a thousand cuts, it’s nice to have a friend, lover
  7. One of her best songs, and a great performance. This totally could've been a performance with choreography though. I love this song.
  8. TS best: tied together with a smile worst: a perfectly good heart Fearless best: the best day worst: the other side of the door Speak Now best: the story of us worst: better than revenge (not bad) Red best: state of grace worst: stay stay stay (not bad) 1989 best: you’re in love worst: bad blood rep best: delicate worst: nice things lover best: the archer worst: calm down
  9. all too well > dear john > delicate > all you had to do was stay > the archer > white horse > cold as you
  10. Taylor Swift: 5/10 Fearless: 8/10 Speak Now: 9/10 Red: 10/10 1989: 9/10 reputation: 9/10  Lover: 9/10
  11. new years day call it what you want delicate getaway car dancing with our hands tied so it goes don’t blame me king of my heart gorgeous dress i did something bad look what you me do end game this is why we can’t have nice things ready for it i really like everything in this album, could live without the bottom two but don’t hate them
  12. okay - all the celebrities in this situation aside. there's no way to put this situation in which scooter and scott borchetta are...... being ethical or "in the right"...
  13. finally! maybe this will be a wake up call for him and he can work towards being a decent fucking human being.