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  1. honeymoon

    finally! maybe this will be a wake up call for him and he can work towards being a decent fucking human being.
  2. honeymoon

    Music Video

    not literal eggs... we-
  3. i needed some nice feel good pop!!!
  4. honeymoon


    This websites mechanic is so difficult..... I tried but kept having to zoom out of my screen. Yeeks. Wish I had the patience to finish it.
  5. honeymoon


    we crackheads ajsaldkjdsl... regardless i'm excited.... hoping she'll just drop the whole thing april 26th lmao
  6. Wow, what a huge loss for western art and architecture... Devastating.
  7. honeymoon


    2:30 AM for me.... thank u next
  8. honeymoon

    really don't understand tearing someone down for no reason based on looks.... go outside
  9. honeymoon

    Umbrella Born This Way California Gurls Firework Poker Face Just Dance I Kissed a Girl We Found Love Diamonds Hot N Cold Don't Stop The Music Roar Dark Horse
  10. well if this ain't a mood
  11. big old news... i find it so amusing how these people on twitter think they're bringing up new and exciting facts when all these allegations have been discussed a year ago.
  12. That's really not fair to say. Problems like this go undetected all the time, sadly. Regardless, my heart is with the family, this is a cause especially close to my heart.
  13. honeymoon

    not being shady i've legitimately never heard of her.