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  1. Honeymoon


    What do you mean no? Sis they both sampled the same song?? R u deaf lol
  2. Honeymoon


    It’s cute I like it! Giving me big “Build God, Then We’ll Talk” by Panic at the disco vibes with that sound of music sample
  3. Honeymoon


    it's ugly and badly lit, looks like an ig pic, not a single cover. tu,n single cover was gross as well. imagine's was cute tho
  4. Honeymoon

    They all look amazing and beautiful.
  5. Uh I see no problem with this at all, what the fuck? I think it's a great message and I think it was portrayed well. Maybe the men who are offended by this need to take a good look in the mirror and think about why they're offended.
  6. Ugh FIVE YEARS..... MAN. This song will always be so amazing.
  7. Yuck. Sounds like he made a false claim for attention most likely, though.
  8. Honeymoon


    Ariana Grande: My Everything > Sweetener > Yours Truly > Dangerous Woman Taylor Swift: Red > 1989 > Speak Now > Reputation > Fearless > Taylor Swift Panic! At The Disco: Pretty. Odd. > Vices & Virtues > A Fever You Can't Sweat Out > Death of a Bachelor > Pray For The wicked > Too Weird To Live Lorde: Melodrama > Pure Heroine Paramore: After Laughter > Brand New Eyes > Paramore > Riot > All We Know Is Failing Marina: Electra Heart > Froot > Family Jewels Hilary Duff: Dignity > Hilary Duff > Metamorphosis = Breathe In Breathe Out (both really good but can't pick because it's nostalgia over great music) Lana Del Rey: Ultraviolence > Paradise > Born To Die > Lust For Life > Honeymoon Aly & AJ: Ten Years > Insomniatic = Into The Rush The 1975: A Brief Inquiry > I Like It When You Sleep > The 1975 Vampire Weekend: Modern Vampires of the City > Contra > Vampire Weekend
  9. does anyone remember this song? it was #1 in 1995 or something, before i was born, but still, i seem to be the only one i know who remembers it? it's a big jam

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    2. Honeymoon

      @rose it really is! it truly captures that classic nineties pop/rock sound. i still keep up with lisa, i love her work, she's such a great artist. 

    3. Jae

      I just listened to this last night. Very nostalgic

    4. Hylia

      Yes! I still hear it quite often

  10. i just got asked to step into a local production of hairspray that’s in 2 weeks (im not sure why the person I’m replacing can’t do it anymore but it must be serious since the production has been rehearsing since September) giveup2 my bitch ass that is unable to say no said yes and honestly i don’t know how I’m going to juggle this. im probably gonna pass away in the month of february!

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    2. ajp

      Gurl, 2 jobs? interesting1


    3. Honeymoon

      @ajp I don’t really consider it a job, it’s only a couple of weeks but yes ari9

  11. ngl i've never gotten the hype for it
  12. Intro Only 1 Be My Baby Adore Why Try Goodnight n Go Better Off Moonlight Knew Better/Forever Boy Honeymoon Avenue
  13. Honeymoon


    probably otherside by the red hot chili peppers or anything else on that album, probably on the ride home from the hospital after being bored lmao. it came out around the time i was born and my mom and dad were huge fans and it's something i really associate with my early years