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  1. Her best since Electra Heart.


  2. If you read my sentence I said I haven't listened to Doja hunny and also who in the fuck listens to poppy
  3. Arianas husband kinda looks like Pete jj3 

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    2. LeaHeartBroken


      Let's stream Pete Davidson (Interlude) ari11

    3. Royalty
    4. Bimini Bon Bussy

      Bimini Bon Bussy

      I haven't been that interested in Ariana she she dropped positions so jj3 

  4. Same I still haven't listened to any K*m Petras for that reason
  5. just listened to solar power 

    Kamala Harris Ok GIF by GIPHY News

    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      I only listened to the snippet rip4 where can I find the full song legally ? moo1 

    2. Bimini Bon Bussy

      Bimini Bon Bussy

      Its not out legally yet jj2 

  6. Booked my first vaccine appointment 

    Season 2 Bimini GIF by BBC Three

  7. Who the fuck watches reruns of glee 

  8. Just gimme the fucking covid vaccine pls @ NHS where u at 


    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      I'm still waiting for mine as well gag1 

    2. Bimini Bon Bussy

      Bimini Bon Bussy

      there at 28 and 29 from this week in England so that should mean the week after im offered mine jj2 we can hope 

    3. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      Nice. It's starting next week over here in Italy for the whole youth. Some regions started earlier though

  9. I'm just glad its not cancelled my last gaga date got cancelled I aint going through that again no mam
  10. Replay , Babylon , Rain On Me , 911 say hi