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  1. Linda La Hughes


    I could not stop smiling throughout the whole thing , she fully is in love with chromatica as an album you can tell , the big surprise for me was how fucking good stupid love sounds live ???
  2. Teary Eyes , Not The End Of The World , Champagne Problems , Tucked are the GIRLS 



  3. Consider me a Katy Perry Stan after her dropping 12 tracks of fantastic pop music! 

  4. WAP is actually a UK supermarket 


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    2. STJ

      Why does that sound more like a law firm? dead2

    3. Linda La Hughes

      @STJ it's a very posh supermarket tbh jj2 


    4. STJ

      The clock alone serving 5 star hotel realness 

  5. This is so cute 


  6. Linda La Hughes


    Babylon (Album Version) is cuter then (Early Version) but Free Woman (Album Version) should have been (Leaked Version) THAT BREAKDOWN tho
  7. Very Hot Bussy tonight in LDN

  8. Linda La Hughes

    Music Video

    Should have been included in the standard release!
  9. i bawb, hoffwn gael cyfathrach rywiol ag 1 i 752 o ddynion mawr blewog ar ryw adeg yn y dyfodol agos

  10. Stupid Love played at the arena show I was at last night and it sounded so good in an arena cry9 its gonna sound so good live omg cry9 

  11. Linda La Hughes


    Me @ Mr S
  12. Linda La Hughes

    Apple Musicで物理的にストリーミングする