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  1. Lukas

    Music Video

    Should have been included in the standard release!
  2. Lukas here

    i bawb, hoffwn gael cyfathrach rywiol ag 1 i 752 o ddynion mawr blewog ar ryw adeg yn y dyfodol agos

  3. Lukas here




  4. Lukas here

    Stupid Love played at the arena show I was at last night and it sounded so good in an arena cry9 its gonna sound so good live omg cry9 

  5. Lukas

    Apple Musicで物理的にストリーミングする
  6. Lukas here


  7. Lukas here

    Redownloaded a playlist of unreleased gaga from 2008 - 2010 cry9 these BOPS Jesus Christ meg1 

  8. Lukas


    is it produced by D* L*** tho ?
  9. Lukas

    why are we acting like a number 1 single needs to go viral Chile the ghetto
  10. Lukas here

    When I get messed up at the party mess1 
    I make a scene and get upset
    But when I wake up in the morning mess1 
    You bring me breakfast in bed
    And act like there's nothing to forget bey3

  11. Lukas here

    Cant wait for a little monster to release Gaga's second single and the tracklist since she aint doing it herself kii1 

  12. Lukas

    I mean I kinda agree with the fact that Lana hasn't been iconic since 2011 - 2011 era Lana but the rest of it