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  1. F U C K Me was my intro to Britney in 2008 Imo it's her best album
  2. A second member tested positive https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/music/1527975/steps-tour-concert-tickets-faye-tozer-lee-latchford-evans/amp
  3. i never liked him since i first knew about him back in 2012-ish i'd skip the song he was featured on Nicki's album
  4. ok if a, its not to expensive per my bank b, to FOTPers' tastes c, doesnt sell out quickly i might buy myself a bottle as my first taste of alcohol
  5. isnt this liek the third thread for them? i swear ive seen multiple but this is a bop
  6. does everyone remember this meme whenever i played the song my older brother would mimic the goat
  7. Why did I wake up after <5 hours of sleep moo3