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    1. Freaky Prince

      so are mine darling, but i'm not boasting like you jj2 

    2. Chris Morlock

      7 minutes ago, Freaky Prince said:

      so are mine darling, but i'm not boasting like you jj2 

      i just havent had  chance to test them out yet jj2

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    yeah either even or 5
  3. My Chemical Romance broke up 2013 today and i am not okay fall3 


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    i love her smiles
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    i have lost faith in everything now
  8. i am so sorry that she had to see that
  9. they need to hire me to do the covers the INJUSTICE they did to him in these on the other hand, i can see him becoming such a daddy in the future
  10. LGBT remix feat. Gaga it needs to happen
  11. and of course there are 2 votes for physical attributes i dont mind her voice but she does tend to oversing most of her albums just dont do anything for me. idk why shes considered a "legend"