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  1. Chris Morlock


    Good in Bed - Phoebe Boys Will Be Boys - Madonna Good In Bed - Freaky Prince Good In Bed - Fletch Good In Bed - LÉON Good In Bed - Ghostface Boys Will Be Boys - Andres Boys Will Be Boys - Margerine Flange Boys will be Boys - Chris
  2. Chris Morlock


    Keep telling yourself that
  3. Chris Morlock


  4. Chris Morlock


    What's on it?
  5. Chris Morlock


    Other than Swan Song and Physical ft Hwa Sa is there any more?
  6. Chris Morlock


    She leaked like a week ago Is there a chance I can be Physical (collab version) Jk can I have Hallucinate?
  7. Chris Morlock


    Idk but I hope she did
  8. Literally any song from Kesha. Even the depressing ones.
  9. Chris Morlock


    Well, the album leaked days ago but where are these rumours stemming from?
  10. Chris Morlock


    Thi better include the best MX songs, Extreme Occident, Dark Ballet, Bitch I'm Loca and Faz Gozosto
  11. Chris Morlock


    Is it just me or does Born to Be a Lady sound exactly like Mistake by Demi?
  12. So my brother has wanted to move out of New Jersey with his girlfriend since November-ish and had to wait till earlier this month. Then covid19 happened. Now he's in the ER throwing up blood and I hope it's just a basic unrelated illness :(

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    2. Chris Morlock

      Thankfully it's just an ulcer but IDK if it's related either

    3. LuranusLur

      I hope he will be ok and u are safe. 

  13. Chris Morlock


    Dolly Parton went on Instagram and posted her message about it and she cried and it made me want to. He was just as old as my grandparents were when they died
  14. We need more celebrities doing this. Celebrities and people well of financially need to help those less fortunate especially now since covid19 is everywhere now