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  1. Chris Morlock

    the title track was never a full single. Just a promo. Idk why a video was ever filmed to begin with but if you search it on the mansonwiki.com page, I'm sure they have the answer.
  2. Chris Morlock


    learn to read before you be mean
  3. Chris Morlock

    Celeb News

  4. Chris Morlock

    Music Video

    The intro is a children's prayer before bedtime. So in context she's grown up.
  5. Chris Morlock


    Well the Deconstructed was already available The only time I've actually deleted a song I hated was both Taylor songs that Ed was on, EHC and EG.
  6. Cher needs to re record Black Rose.

    1. Who I Am

      There was another album to that, that didn't see the light of day. ari8

  7. Chris Morlock


    If only Be Alright wasn't track 3 Still the first one.
  8. Chris Morlock

    The whole beauty community on YT is toxic.
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  10. Chris Morlock


    Let's hope that's sooner than later wow meant to quote sksks
  11. Chances are it's not gonna.
  12. Chris Morlock


    istg I thought you said maniac. But yes ik what manic is. I'm taking psychology