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  1. Chris Morlock


    10! Featuring eaJ of DAY6!
  2. Cos PF was just that huge. And Tik Tok blocked BR from getting #1
  3. My name is not Susan
    So watch what you say
    If you still need her
    Then be on your way
    Don't wanna hear about Susan
    She's got nothin' on me
    So show some respect for the love you receive
    My name is not Susan

    1. Billie Frank

      A bop, i always spam it to my friends. chi1

    2. Chris Morlock

      As it deserves whit2

      It's a shame I always slept on her music brit13 

  4. Chris Morlock


  5. Chris Morlock

    July 26 2000 I grew out of THAT phase in like 2006
  6. Chris Morlock

    All valid points
  7. Chris Morlock


    Calamity and connextion are skips! But the rest is great!
  8. Chris Morlock

    I still think he's 10
  9. Chris Morlock

    Girl I been 20 since July
  10. Chris Morlock

    My GOD I'm getting old And the songs that were forgotten hits in the last 20 years
  11. The best song on evermore Also reminds me of this Dolly song
  12. I need to know if there's one of these near me

    A vegetarians dream to eat corn dogs again but it's cheese aretha1


    1. ajp

      Spicy Dog? xtina2
      ...anyway, unless there is a wiener covered in deep fried corn bread, it’s not a corn dog. Sorry whit2