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  1. Chris Morlock


    I forgot these: Years & Years CupcakKe Iggy Azalea Halsey Troye Sivan Badflower Pierce the Veil Hayley Kiyoko
  2. Chris Morlock


    Yay I actually got something right in my life
  3. Chris Morlock

    Every week I'm changing my set to the next era photoshoot. I skipped over Portrait and Spooky Kids eras tho by accident.
  4. Chris Morlock

    Isnt there a thread already?
  5. Chris Morlock


    I would believe the idea would be to take the most mentioned artists and compile those. But other than that, what genre are those you posted? I need new stuff to listen to.
  6. Chris Morlock


    Kesha Marilyn Manson My Chemical Romance Garbage Ariana Grande Queen Madonna Cher Maria Carey Taylor Swift Britney Spears The Moody Blues Rihanna Twenty One Pilots
  7. Chris Morlock


    If that was the case then she wouldve said that.
  8. Chris Morlock


    This is the problem with BB games. Half the people who sign up aren't even active at all.
  9. Chris Morlock


    He worst album? No thanks.
  10. Chris Morlock

    Since I can scrobble from Spotify and I can get Spotify on my TV, here's me overplaying Palo Santo
  11. Chris Morlock


    Anyway hope it bops!
  12. Chris Morlock

    girls help https://fotpforums.com/profile/39174-chris-morlock/?status=67864&type=status @Andrew! @TomTom
  13. Chris Morlock


    she deserved more than the one