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    i dont pay attention
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    LTLG vs Goodbye
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    i came in here thinking its a photo
  4. Game

    Love Into the Light vs Learn to Let Go
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    well that one yeah, i always thought it was a Warrior outtake
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    Spaceship vs Rainbow
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  8. Discussion

    its not for everyone i have yet to listen to them myself did they
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    Spaceship vs Machine Gun Love
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    Luke cancelled it early in the making
  11. Bang Bang is still a bop! yas2 

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    2. Royalty

      Don't get cocky now jj2 

    3. Chris Morlock

      @Royalty im never cocky jj2 just cock hungry jj2 

      @TattooedHeart I said jj2 

  12. if only this was real
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    Taylor is coming to steal Fergie's sales