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  3. Celeb News

    they meant is this the picture used to make the emote
  4. we might be getting rid of my sister's dog because she does nothing with her. bye Harley.

    1. Kyoteki

      Why don't y'all take care of the dog???

  5. Charts

    in US iTunes as of rn, DW is #70 on albums. i didnt see any ari song in top songs in the top 150
  6. why are you upset over bgs?
  7. even his fans were subject to disrespect!
  8. Ich schleiban austa be clairEs kumpent madre monstere,Aus-be aus-can-be flaugen,Begun be üske but-bairIch schleiban austa be clair,Es kumpent üske monstère,Aus-be aus-can-be flaugen,Fräulein uske-be clair
  9. well, before it was when hell freezes over, so it fits
  10. idk i think its just a thought generated from watching moves/tv shows where people go missing because theyre a suspect.
  11. i cant help but think if any of them are missing for a reason. i hate thinking it but what if one or two of them had a hand in it i hope im 100000% wrong