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  1. Album

    no u.u
  2. Album

    why thank you i may just revisit my old threads btw this is the first ever thread ive posted
  3. ive always loved these title changes whenever a new album arrives
  4. Discussion

    you posted the tracklist twice i like the idea but only 3 new songs on its own disc? would it not fit on the first disc?
  5. i went to light a candle but the wick is so far down in the glass jar thing that i ended up burning a little bit of the tip of my middle finger nail. jj4 

  6. i just linked my FOTP profile to my instagram as my website ny1

    1. Rosé.

      Get stalked. Get wrecked.

  7. Discussion

    legit my reaction. ive only heard DUI.
  8. Game

  9. Album

    youve seen them? which ones?
  10. i know ive made a thread before about one of them but i didnt know this many of them appeared in the show. (Too Much) More is the Cure - Jade Dumps Beck. Uncensored - Wi-Fi in the Sky. Not My Problem - Wi-Fi in the Sky. Kiss Kiss Hug Hug - Cat's New Boyfriend. Former Overexposed Blonde - The Wood. D.U.I. - Prom Wrecker. Tease Me - Tori Fixes Beck and Jade.$ha
  11. Album

    i like it but i do feel like the disc 2 songs should be interspersed into the original album, then cut into 2 discs (if they all dont fit into 80 mins). but thats just me.