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  1. Dress you up And LDLHA with qsound
  2. 4 minutes if jt isn't on it
  3. I'd change back from borderline to I know it but it's closed for further votes. I originally voted for I know it but changed to borderline to break the tie
  4. Explosions received a score of 8.57! Up next.. Roscoe (from An Introduction to Ellie Goulding)
  5. since its been announced for November for me i want either All Too Well or I Almost Do tbh
  6. i love her more and more each time she posts something
  7. idk if i wanna delete the non TVs on my itunes that i bought back in pre-2018 and replace with the TVs?
  8. it never was its the name of her clothing collection on her store for folklore / evermore (methinks)
  9. i dont wanna wait for Nov oprah15