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  1. Chris Morlock

  2. Anyway, I'm glad I have already bought all her albums (pre Reputation) that matter to me before Taylor lost her masters.
  3. Chris Morlock

  4. I would be just as upset. I would have done the same had it been somebody calling me the f word.
  5. Chris Morlock

    He did post a gorgeous photoshoot pic
  6. Chris Morlock

    Celeb News

    I would've been happy if it was an album collection to include the removal of DWUW on ARTPOP
  7. Chris Morlock


    Thanks for you time, but it's fine.
  8. Chris Morlock


    If you can that'd be wonderful
  9. Chris Morlock


    Omg can you scan it? I haven't been able to find a good quality version online
  10. Chris Morlock

    You can look in my live collection folder if there's anything you wanna add from mine.
  11. Chris Morlock


    Kylie Nicki Xtina
  12. Idk her but we'll see if he's good with the role.
  13. He is very sexy. Just cos hes not burly or whatnot doesnt make him not sexy.