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  1. how good was this movie?
  2. if you havent watched it yet this really good LGBT docu titled Bridegroom almost made me cry
  3. Discussion

    theres gonna be more dates dont worry xoxo
  4. theres gonna be a Toy Story 4 in 2019 jj4 

    1. Hyun.

      yes we're shook!

  5. they said a mix of RR and Loud so RR would be unique
  6. 1. Killing Strangers vs Revelation #12 2. Deep Six vs Tattooed in Reverse 3. Third Day of A Seven Day Binge vs WE KNOW WHERE YOU F*CKING LIVE 4. The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles vs SAY10 5. Warship My Wreck vs KILL4ME 6. Slave Only Dreams To Be King vs Saturnalia 7. The Devil Beneath My Feet vs JE$U$ CRI$I$ 8. Birds of Hell Awaiting vs Blood Honey 9. Cupid Carries A Gun vs Heaven Upside Down 10. Odds of Even vs Threats of Romance - tie
  7. has been stan the Queen of Motherhood
  8. Living for Love, Love Don't Live Here Anymore, Ghosttown, etc..
  9. i saw the madonna one last night. imma need to talk to their parents
  10. Event

    Boots and Blind need to switch but other than that 100%
  11. im mad it wasnt a single