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  1. Chris Morlock


    @fab @Recycled stardust its on soundcloud too with a dl
  2. Chris Morlock

    *highkey OT: my top favs that dont get enough (positive) mention: Migrate Thirsty Obsessed Stay Long Love You I Stay in Love You Need Me H.A.T.E.U. Faded Infinity
  3. Chris Morlock


    she must hate talent then
  4. Chris Morlock

    not much of a surprise if were getting the photoshoot
  5. Chris Morlock


    idk it (yet) so
  6. Chris Morlock


    these both deserved better
  7. was Gaga about to break the record or something?
  8. Chris Morlock

  9. Chris Morlock


    yes they did i watched it
  10. Chris Morlock


    4 and 7 are the best ones BUT i think we should wait for the album plus we already use 7