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  1. lana5 


    1. Lynk

      Get that money hoe demi1

    2. Chris Morlock

      i'm a cold bitch demi1 

  2. It's gotten so cold at night with my window open that it feels like it's Halloween time and getting ready for Thanksgiving listening to xmas music

  3. I was looking through Disney soundtracks on Wikipedia for the other language versions and learned that the lyricist for Beauty and the Beast (1991) died at the film's completion due to heart failure linked to HIV/AIDS brit2

    He was married to his husband from 1984 up til his death


    1. LittleDudeNT5

      Howard Ashman. What a legend, honestly. He did The Little Mermaid and a few songs from Aladdin as well. He only got to see a rough cut of Beauty and the Beast before he died – not living long enough to see its enormous success and becoming the first animated film nominated for Best Picture. It's a tragedy losing such a talent so soon. 

  4. i made artwork~

    if Katy released Smile as
    Cry About it Later instead


  5. Chris Evans supposedly posted a dick pic on twitter but deleted it shortly after giveup3

    1. Billie Frank

      The BBC Radio presenter? Ew

  6. My list of top 2020 albums is now complete xo


    1. STJ

      Ellie Goldeen and Meghan pokemon trainer up so high jj2

    2. Chris Morlock

      they deserve it jj2 

  7. My style is all my own sass1

    But you can't touch it, I'm in my zone imready1

    Einstein's in all of us demi1

    Yup, I feel like a fucking genius mess1

  8. Today just reminded me why I hate sweet potatoes bebe1


    1. Dan

      Why? jj4 

    2. Chris Morlock

      Texture and taste bebe1

  9. I hate how the Re Up of Roman Reloaded didn't include the deluxe tracks from RR. Not even the Japan version jj4

  10. i found out if you google a certain album from spotify you can add that to your library instead of what shows up on the artist page in your country


    for example in Katy's artist page this ugly title shows up

    "Katy Perry - Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection"



    i googled Katy Complete Confection and found this. it removes the "Katy Perry -" part xo


    1. Fletch

      Spread the knowledge king!

    1. STJ

      buying is a strong word. i don't know if i would even stream the whole album once eve1

    2. Chris Morlock

      I love this album. It's in my top 5 of 2020 albums meg1

  11. remember to vote in Max's Ellie Goulding - Halcyon Days megarate xo


    1. Max

      Wow, that looks like a great thread. jj2 

  12. Pills N Potions is hitting me HARD tonight ny3


  13. who the hell did the opening narration for the German version of the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack i can only find the names of the singers but not him cry3 


  14. i love to see how my love for kpop changes most of my ads into Korean bebe1 


  15. I caved in and started stanning Nicki again fall8

  16. omg i need help finding all the iconic Goosey threads from back in the day fall9 

    specifically the thread with the 'heres your precious rep points' gif from Sleeping Beauty fall9 

    1. Princess Aurora

      Omg you're right that gif is iconic lmfao2 

    2. Chris Morlock

      i remember reading through it and falling out of my chair laughing lmfao2 

    3. Princess Aurora

      Yeah, I loved it so much tbh as well

  17. ive been tempted to return to stanning Nicki Minaj but im still cautious with the drama around her