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  1. You haven't changed your set in a while, I'm concerned. brit1

  2. Pat Benatar is THAT bitch burn1 

  3. Chris Morlock

    youre trolling again (sorry for spamming )
  4. Chris Morlock

    no. maybe singles, but not album.
  5. Chris Morlock

    its more songs i pretend never happened than albums.
  6. Chris Morlock

    as ive seen.
  7. Chris Morlock

    no, that IS her page
  8. Chris Morlock


    she better promote the SHIT out of it
  9. Chris Morlock

    no theyre just merged with other people named Marina open this link in a new tab
  10. Chris Morlock

  11. Chris Morlock

    wat happened
  12. Chris Morlock

    any of you have these? Tik Tok (Wolfedelic Radio) 3:54 Tik Tok (Fred Falke Radio) 3:53 Tik Tok (Cooly G Remix) 3:48 TiK ToK (Untold Remix Dub) 4:59 Tik Tok (Trey Told 'Em Remix) 4:14