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  1. currently downloading game mods and it replaces the game developer credits with the Bee Movie script dead2 


    1. Lynk

      Someone really made this I- lmfao1

  2. Chris Morlock


    Cant Let Go vs Runway ft KOHH
  3. Chris Morlock


    So is Australia
  4. Chris Morlock

    EXO : Love Shot (using the English translation cos 90% of it is Korean) Aiming Voice with a Sharp Edge Suffocating Thirsty Twisted Love Beautiful Memories Where is Love? Eyes Too Much Ego Lift it Up Frozen You and I Flickering Heart Love Shot
  5. Chris Morlock


    im on the fence about EXO-SC they make good music, but not up to the level as the full group makes. which is sad cos Sehun is my fav member and this is the only subunit hes in.
  6. Chris Morlock


    When's the US president getting it
  7. Chris Morlock


    Candy in Control Hair Body Face Red Flame I'll Never Love Again Sour Candy MANiCURE Out of Control Retro Dance Freak Look What I Found Onion Girl Cake Like Lady Gaga K
  8. Chris Morlock


    Alice: 34 Rain On Me: 46 Chromatica II: 8 911: 54 Plastic Doll: 16 Sour Candy: 48 Enigma: 44 Replay: 40 Sine From Above: 10 1000 Doves: 30
  9. Chris Morlock


    Diamond Heart / Alice A-YO / Stupid Love Joanne / Rain On Me John Wayne / Free Woman Dancin' In Circles / Fun Tonight Perfect Illusion / 911 Million Reasons / Plastic Doll (could do without both tbh) Sinner's Prayer / Sour Candy Come To Mama / Enigma Hey Girl / Replay Angel Down / Sine From Above Grigio Girls / 1000 Doves Just Another Day / Babylon Joanne : 6 Chromatica : 7
  10. Chris Morlock


    Open Arms vs Breakdown
  11. Chris Morlock


    Unusual You Lucky Til It's Gone Do You Wanna Come Over? Outrageous Freakshow I Love Rock & Roll Seal It With A Kiss I Will Be There something like this~
  12. i miss iTunes. MusicBee is cute in aesthetics but cant organize my files in one place and idk about MediaMonkey yet jj4 

    1. Royalty

      Life’s hard for you I see

  13. it was ET. it was on the radio and i asked my brother if he knew the title and he told me "based on the lyrics"
  14. Chris Morlock


    if only Sehun the dom top
  15. 1. "1 Billion Views" (feat. Moon) 2. "Say It" (feat. Penomeco) 3. "Rodeo Station" 4. "Telephone" (feat. 10cm) 5. "Jet Lag" 6. "Fly Away" (feat. Gaeko) 7. "Nothin'" (Chanyeol solo) 8. "On Me" (Sehun solo) 9. "1 Billion Views" (Instrumental)
  16. Chris Morlock


  17. tbh i love the idea of it being the lead with a proper music video, plot and all but i think SIO as the lead and NR as the closing is perfect as it is, after thinking about it. i dont think NR wouldve been as big as SIO was
  18. i wonder if she'd release a CD version of it. itd be a cute compilation of songs (not just spoken word tracks, cos why do that when you can read it yourself)
  19. Chris Morlock

    Artist: EXO Song: Love Shot (Chinese Version) Album: Love Shot https://open.spotify.com/track/7K45R30uQUtN22SgOjVLK2
  20. i believe it was If U Seek Amy. i heard it on the radio and searched for it titling it Love Me Hate Me
  21. there was a rat somewhere in the eastern hemisphere that was found with some sort of plague last year or something