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  1. some power-self-love-party-anthem songs have gotten me a mess
  2. next round up!


  3. Aftertaste - 24 Something In the Way You Move - 34 On My Mind - 34 Codes - 24 Don't Need Nobody - 34 We Can't Move To This - 38 Lost and Found - 74 Devotion - 62
  4. Girlfriend vs. Black Star/What the Hell I Can Do Better vs. Push Runaway vs. Wish You Were Here The Best Damn Thing vs. Smile When You're Gone vs. Stop Standing There Everything Back But You vs. I Love You Hot vs. Everybody Hurts Innocence vs. Not Enough I Don't Have to Try vs. 4 Real One of Those Girls vs. Darlin Contagious vs. Remember When Keep Holding On vs. Goodbye Alone vs. Alice I Will Be vs. Knockin' on Heaven's Door Adia vs. Bad Reputation hot vs EH was blasphemy.
  5. https://ladygaga.fandom.com/wiki/New_Material_(mixtape)