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  1. Lol at the fact that he thinks is he has a chance at winning
  2. But I really do want a collab. Like desperately
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    Celeb News

    No thx!
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    Dolly is Miley's Aunt
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    Doing now!
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    Reup Hello My Name Is Heal Me Look What I Found Halo Why Did You Do That? Behind Your Eyes Why? Hair Body Face Piece of My Heart I Don't Know What Love Is The Cure Good Old Days Always Remember Us This Way Shallow (feat. Jackson Maine) - bonus track Promo: Shallow Lead: Look What I Found 2nd: Always Remember Us This Way Promo: Heal Me 3rd: Why Did You Do That? 4th: Good Old Days Final: Hair Body Face
  7. If it gives our queens another #1 they deserve
  8. It's out next week @ajp
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    i am
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    your sig links the wrong thank u next.
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  13. I kinda would not mind it as the cover
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    if rumors are true and we want them to be
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    this is one of her better performances o the song