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  1. wasn't it always the HOH not being able to vote?
  2. I've seen her blonde this whole time I never seen her in brown hair
  3. Kim has been independent up until slut pop so idk why youre saying that Kim was signed around the same time doja was Wouldnt make sense to have signed a contract and not use it or announce it for over half a decade either
  4. Yes this this true Timestamps 9:44ish - 21:30ish is the full segment. Somewhere in there is how I see the whole mess
  5. This; but also they could have had a falling out and Selena could have gotten tired and annoyed at having to use every ounce of life Selena has to thank her every time the kidney is brought up.
  6. If max hasn't voted before 1am tonight add a second vote for radar from me
  7. i already voted tho @max i see you were on half an hour ago. get your ass in here
  8. We know that doja signed a contract with Luke about a month or so before kesha came forward with the allegations, so most animals kinda give her a free pass for that. She didn't know about it yet. Nicki has continuously surrounded herself with predators and such for the last few years so it's no surprise but her fans are too clueless and blind (or outright defending her) to care. Tbh I never hear about sweetie or Tyga so I forget they exist most of the time. I however hear a lot about Kim because she's trans and we're all in various LGBT+ spaces so someone being trans in the music
  9. Why did I wake up at 1am when I have work later at 1pm and need the sleep cry4 

  10. Thanks for hosting this! Sorry I couldn't be here for this, I was probably asleep by then I will say that some of my scores would have changed by now