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  1. @Snow I truly don't know if I can submit in time. Whatever got me I'll is taking longer than I thought to get rid of
  2. vocals! worship1 



  3. Kesha / Lana interchangeable as of 2019 Maria Brink (vocalist for In This Moment) Eartha Kitt Judy Garland
  4. It's one of those compilations where fans could come up with something better
  5. Still feeling ill so I didn't upvote every post
  6. I mean it makes sense when the album is called Harry's House
  7. Y'all when I tell you I'm ill, I'd rather death than this pain in my gut cry5 

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    2. LuranusLur


      I hope you will feel better soon!!!!

    3. Chris


      I'm feeling better now but not completely recovered x

    4. Kaeya


      Good to hear @Chris, hope you will fully recover soon <3