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  1. perhaps we didnt think Miss Miley had any less than 60 ratings?
  2. my critiques Ciara - Dance Like We're Making Love - not only is it not even good, but its also one of the songs from the album produced by the rapist. its a no from me. LSD - Genius - sia did great. the rest of the song... was the wrong choice Katy Perry - Harleys In Hawaii - one of my favs from the album! Gwen Stefani - Early Winter - a classic! Jennifer Lopez - Play - forgettable Nelly Furtado - Try - i found nothing likable from this song Chris Brown - Don't Wake Me Up - hard skip Katy Perry - Never Really Over
  3. one of the best songs ive ever heard and nothing can change this


  4. both songs are fucking terrible but i share the sentiment. id pick a heavy metal song, but yall hate anything without synths so you actually got it backwards