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  1. if i had that last bonus three points id be tied with Amanda Laura at the top spot with 55 points
  2. i sacrificed these three points just so i can miss the top three
  3. i'd think most of us would have answered music over fan
  4. The third season of the American adult animated television series Star Trek: Lower Decks is set in the 24th century and follows the adventures of the "lower deckers" (low-ranking officers with menial jobs) on the starship Cerritos, one of Starfleet's least important starships.
  5. the skyrim memes never cease to make me giggle
  6. its got nothing to do with progressiveness, honestly. its is just a personal preference to not have your significant other be intimate with another person.
  7. i truthfully dont understand the ick for dating an adult film star? you support the business but wouldnt be romantic or intimate with an actor?
  8. its funny cos i watched the 1931(?) Dracula film last week
  9. i fear that with this answer i have lost top spot
  10. literally the most mentioned one is Zeus, how could we not think of him? edit - AND hes depicted as a super muscly daddy, how could we NOT think of Zeus
  11. Grendel, Grendel's mother, and the evil dragon