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  1. The colorized version looks amazing I might have to swap it in on itunes
  2. So I am a person who turns to songs to deal with the emotions I have at a given time So I just realized because I have been so angry and on the defensive in my personal life since reputation came out, I have been tending to like the angrier songs so much Thats why TIWWCHNT, IDSB, & DBM have been the most played songs for me
  3. Logged in for the first time in 2 years and I am so confused by a lot dead3 

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      Oh no tay2 #Thisiswhywecanthavenicethings

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      This is what you call a status update and is used, not for telling people about your life but a way of getting more reputation by posting random gifs etc rav2

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  4. Hello My names Ryan and I was on here about 2 years ago, before falling off the grid into the abyss of college. I went by names of "New Romantics" and "Hillary Clinton." Reputation has inspired me to come back I really missed this community and stanbase. So I am going to be spending time reconnecting and talking about reputation, which slayed me so much.
  5. Hey This is my first post in like 3 weeks tbh due to finals but... Indiana was a make or break state in the already steepening effort to deny Trump the nomination. Cruz was obliterated tonight, and though I expected him to slug it out, he bowed out. This shocked me to be honest. (By the way I do not like Trump, yet his lead in delegates, states and votes means it would be undemocratic to deny him the nomination). So Trump will get the nomination now without a contested convenetion. Now he will begin the vice presidential hunt Hillary lost tonight, but by a small margin in a
  6. If u ever need to talk just private message me But I have struggled with depression as well, especially throughout high school. Its crazy how fast it went and the curriculum has been mixed tbh. Like calculus and microbiology were very hard, yet this semester has been much better And yes I am still majoring in Wildlife Science I love my major and I just picked up a Political Science minor.
  7. Are you ok? Did something happen? Or do you just need time to yourself? And I am doing well. I am almost done with my first year of college It feels like I just started
  8. How is everyone doing? I haven't been on this week
  9. Stay safe honey. I get so upset seeing all of these attacks And all it does in the U.S. is fuels political discord and rhetoric.
  10. I already did All those iTunes gift cards from my birthday
  11. I love the song so much I am such a Tove Lo fan, and I love Nick to
  12. Thank you Ur lucky you are not in America this election year though Its been messy in every way possible I kind of just want it to be November already
  13. Don't remind me I always hate it when a song is never preformed live, even in an acoustic capacity
  14. I thought is was very good It was just a fun, nice visual video And I thought she looked so beautiful
  15. I have been picking up a slight southern accent though And I can easily use the accent now, when I need to act like I'm from here