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  1. So It Goes...


    The colorized version looks amazing I might have to swap it in on itunes
  2. So It Goes...


    So I am a person who turns to songs to deal with the emotions I have at a given time So I just realized because I have been so angry and on the defensive in my personal life since reputation came out, I have been tending to like the angrier songs so much Thats why TIWWCHNT, IDSB, & DBM have been the most played songs for me
  3. This made me cry knowing the situation and made me like the song more
  4. So It Goes...


    I agree CIWYW was so amazing on SNL, so I would be fine with that.
  5. So It Goes...


    The title Looks like we are getting New Years Day most likely.
  6. Greensboro was one of the places I saw the 1989 tour. It was a great venue, bc of how intimate it was
  7. I'm in Raleigh and while I never expected a stadium tour here. I was expecting a show at the Panthers stadium in Charlotte, but I guess not
  8. I hate watching it, but love going to games. At my college I go to every game of the season (which is only like 6 home games).
  9. And this will be her first tour where she skips North Carolina. Last tour she played 3 arenas here. With 10 million people in the state and more in bordering states, I am surprised she will not be touring here. Gotta fill up the car with gas to see this gal.
  10. When you are raised in a football family, you learn your stadiums
  11. Bc most of the stadiums lack a roof, especially the May through August dates. The later dates for the most part have a roof, although that is largely due to the heat of the south.
  12. I did not have to go more than 1.5 hours for the Red tour and 1989 tour (2x). But I decided I will go to Atlanta, as it is farther from where I go to school than Dc. Yet I have always wanted to visit Atlanta and can make a vacation out of it
  13. When she skips your state and the states that border it The closest she will be is 6 hrs away. I need to strategize
  14. So It Goes...


    1. Red 2. Speak Now 3. reputation 4. 1989 5. Fearless 6. Taylor Swift
  15. So It Goes...


    As of right now: - Don't Blame Me - Getaway Car - CIWYW