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  1. TeenyBopperCrackWhore

    Supernatural Demo has leaked recently https://soundcloud.com/icrackwhore/can-you-feel-it-supernatural
  2. TeenyBopperCrackWhore

    https://soundcloud.com/robcyc0/i-told-you-it-was-fake So a year ago if you remember a 2nd version of evergreen bop Suicidal got leaked that had Lagan's vocals under Kesha's. Well there is 3rd version of Suicidal that has only Lagan's vocals that not many of you know about. Check it out
  3. TeenyBopperCrackWhore

    how do you know they are lying? you may be right but idk
  4. TeenyBopperCrackWhore

    you never know.. a lot of traders i've seen supposedly had completely unreleased kesha's songs
  5. TeenyBopperCrackWhore

    yea i mean i can understand if they don't wanna leak some exlusive kesha material that if leaked could harm her career but fucking leak the instrumentals, demos and old outtakes we are all craving for
  6. TeenyBopperCrackWhore

    I know the instrumentals, demos and outtakes are out there somewhere, and they aren't going to do anyone any good if they're just stored up on someone's computer. C'mon guys, be a pal and just leak it already.
  7. TeenyBopperCrackWhore

    well from the trailers it looks so generic and awful compared to the cartoon which is amazing. and kesha wasn't in the trailers so i doubt she will make a big part in the movie
  8. TeenyBopperCrackWhore

  9. TeenyBopperCrackWhore

    nope. it's very easy just think bout it.
  10. TeenyBopperCrackWhore

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  12. TeenyBopperCrackWhore

    1. New Romantics 2. Blank Space 3. Style 4. Out of the Woods 5. All You Had To Do Was Stay 6. Shake It Off 7. I Wish You Would 8. Bad Blood 9. Wildest Dreams 10. How You Get the Girl 11. Wonderland 12. I Know Places 13. Clean DLX edition bonus tracks: 14. Welcome To New York 15.You Are In Love 16. This Love
  13. TeenyBopperCrackWhore

    It should have been the last single of Animal. It would close the album perfectly. Shame on Kesha for never singing this masterpiece live
  14. TeenyBopperCrackWhore

    fucking finally!
  15. https://soundcloud.com/icrackwhore/nothing-in-this-world-lace-and-leather-kesha-filtered-vocals