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  1. Will Camillas racist Tumblr alter ego play her evil step sister.
  2. If I were Billy Porter and found out that this racist POS was playing the lead role, I would immediately drop out.
  3. 3 - Garden 2 - Love Again 1 - Bad Together 0 - Don’t Start Now
  4. The more deserving song won, yes. Physical on the other hand REALLY deserved to go #1.
  5. China almost causing another catastrophe? What else is new?

    1. Entea


      It's Raining Rocket Debris, coming to a store in China near you ny1

  6. Aura G.U.Y. Sexxx Dreams ARTPOP TEA Temple
  7. Hitting #1 with a 5th single that's been out for AGES? Only Miss Dula Peep!
  8. If I were to rank the seasons: Season 3 Season 5 Season 1 Season 4 Season 2 Season 6 Season 7 Season 8 I prefer the "demon of the week" seasons the most tbh. I did not like the ones where they focused too much on the soap element and less on the mythological aspect. Also, the demons were getting less and less interesting after Season 5. I hated the introduction of the magic school and Gideon as villain was just an absolute fucking mess. Season 7 was 50/50. The whole Leo focus turned me off and the mythological aspect was just lost. Season 1 is a pro
  9. I really wanted to incorporate more but I think that would have been a bit of an overload. It pained me to cut out so much lol.
  10. Brooklyn Baby Black Beauty Florida Kilos Old Money Cruel World Flipside West Coast (Radio Mix) Ultraviolence Is This Happiness Pretty When I Cry Money Power Glory Shades of Cool Fucked My Way Up to the Top Sad Girl West Coast Guns and Roses
  11. The way @Ghostface always contacts people like those headhunters on Facebook that are trying to find people to help support their startup business.
  12. These nicknames.... @Ghostface and @fab's anxiety level reaching peaks higher than Gaga during her debut and encrypting their messages, so I couldn't properly report the content to @Billie Frank