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  1. Grams

    Game Like a M

    Hard but I'm going with Swim.
  2. If You Had My Love Waiting for Tonight Let's Get Loud Love Don’t Cost a Thing I'm Real Ain't It Funny Jenny from the Block All I Have Get Right On the Floor Just Dance Poker Face Paparazzi Bad Romance Telephone Alejandro Born This Way The Edge of Glory Applause Shallow The have about the same amount of hits. However, J.Lo's have stood the test of time. Will Gaga's?
  3. We don’t know for SURE but it’s not like it matters THAT much because what she did was fucked up.
  4. That is a form of rape. Drugging someone, then having sex with them when they're under the influence and robbing them...idk sounds like rape to me?
  5. Screaming! They way this and most of the posts in this thread aged like absolute milk.
  6. I'm just fed up with the selectiveness of twitter cancel culture. Also, because they do indeed make racial distinctions when attempting to cancel someone. Nicki still enjoys the support of the same people who have worked tirelessly to cancel people who did arguably less offensive things than she did. You know...things we know FOR A FACT she did. We are all a little hypocritical but many of the examples you listed below are in no way comparable to Nicki trying to silence a rape victim, collaborating with a convicted pedophile and supporting her convicted pedophile/rapist brother.
  7. This topic is more about the selectiveness of cancel culture, the hypocrisy and the double-standards. Also not that hard to grasp honestly!
  8. They are actually the background samples from the original version. The Blessed Madonna doesn't ACTUALLY add that much of random background noise to her production. She's doing more minimalistic club tracks. Not saying that her stuff is good but that meme (while funny) is sort of inaccurate.
  9. I mean either way...not a cute look to have Chris Brown in your stan list.
  10. He had R. Kelly listed for a while as well.
  11. This was and still orchestrated bullshit. As long as people cancel Ellen WITHOUT PROOF of what was going on behind the scenes and then go on Spotify to do a Nicki Minaj listening party, I will not believe for a second what these lame TikTok/Twitter stans have to say.
  12. Exactly. It's the double-standards and hypocrisy for me.
  13. @Mr. Mendes is just being pretentious at this point and deflecting from the actual problem that I pointed out in the OP. It doesn’t matter if you separate the artist and their actions. You still support a horrible person and help increase their income. It’s hypocritical. Especially when people get randomly cancelled. But god forbid it’s fucking Stinki Garbaj whose ass all the nasty and hypocritical Twitter stans seem to be kissing non-stop.
  14. Oh right! Forgot about that... Literally such a... you know what let me not. I'll save it for NHB.