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  1. Omfg she completely obliterated him and even tagged him in the post to make sure he reads it.
  2. The point is Bionic-Ahhh/Ruby starting a pointless thread with a non-sensical argument expecting everyone to agree with their twisted sense of reality.
  3. I would agree if COADF didn't precede Hard Candy. Hard Candy's success was living of the hype she had after the Confessions album. Fun fact: With Confessions she wasn't following any trends and also didn't have any features or collaborations. So yeah, your comment was an attempt…
  4. We must thank Busta Rhymes for giving her a lil bit of relevance so she could have one successful album again before starting to flop with everything else after that again.
  5. The majority of Mariah's chart positions stem from heavy airplay. That’s why there is such a huge disparity between her chart positions in the US and elsewhere. Before streaming, radio was the main determining factor when it came to chart calculation and it was the easiest to bribe and manipulate. Tommy, as one of THE biggest CEOs in the music industry most definitely had the power to bribe radio stations to play Moo, just how he had the power to cut the funding and therefore lead Moo into the floppery that followed.
  6. Except, Ariana didn’t need a husband to buy hits for her. Also, Mariah was never as big on a global scale as Ariana is. Oh, and Ariana doesn’t have the obnoxious and self-absorbed attitude Mehriah has.
  7. Grams

    Game Like a M

    Sky Fits Heaven, honestly.
  8. Grams

    Game Like a M

    Wow… first time I got a mention for this in a while. You Must Love Me
  9. I mean considering we had to skip Mario's posts many times cause he was three pages late, yours wasn't much of a problem.
  10. Well, then cancel this genre altogether. If the rap culture means being obnoxious, violent and vile assholes, then humanity is better off without making these people famous.
  11. Dua most likely didn’t know about his obnoxious opinions but she better delete the remix NOW.
  12. What did he even say? I couldn’t understand it. Edit: "If you don't have HIV, if your p*ssy don't stink, if you're not gay, put ya lighters up!!!" Anyway, another rapper that is showing signs of sexism and homophobia? Color me surprised…
  13. Are you two seriously having a meltdown over this? Just continue with the last post before mine if you’re having a problem with it. It’s really not a big deal. I just thought that going by multiples of 5 would make this game easier for most people.
  14. Yes. It was simply a suggestion but it appears that someone had to sort of make this about themselves?
  15. I adjusted the points because a) All of the points should be dividable by 3. I went with the multiple of three that was closest to the number of points for each. I didn’t know we started by 25 but even then…it would just be easier and less problematic to go by the next number that can be divided by three. b) I suggested going by 5 because SOME (not you) have trouble substracting/adding 3 points. Also, 5 is easier to correct if more people post at the same time. I don’t understand why you all of a sudden feel attacked?! I wasn’t even talking to or about you.
  16. "It got moved back" By the time it's being released, no one will even remember wtf Chromatica is.
  17. I'd be here for this but 5 would be the easiest, I think.
  18. Ummm what? The game isn't even fucking over lol. @mylifelieswe are gonna continue with +5/-5 Ariana Grande - 35 Beyoncé - 45 Britney Spears - 55 Dua Lipa - 40 Lady Gaga - 50 Madonna - 60 Mariah Carey - 75 Rihanna - 45 @Luca @Phoebe @Freaky Prince get in here
  19. It looks like the desperate lambs pulled a night shift. Get a fucking life!
  20. Ariana Grande - 36 Beyoncé - 46 Britney Spears - 57 Dua Lipa - 42 Lady Gaga - 51 Madonna - 60 Mariah Carey - 75 Rihanna - 45 It seems a lot of y'all can't calculate. I fixed the points because they should all be multiples of 3. Anyway, I will suggest switching to +5/-5 because it is simply easier. Ariana Grande - 35 Beyoncé - 45 Britney Spears - 55 Dua Lipa - 40 Lady Gaga - 50 Madonna - 60 Mariah Carey - 75 Rihanna - 45