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  1. This is just a double A-side single of Love/Lust for Life.
  2. This is SO petty! Billboard better change their rules to keep this shit from happening! Lust for Life deserves that #1 spot!
  3. She should make them b-sides to her next single releases. I love how Kylie always adds outtakes as b-sides to her singles. Never understood why it hasn't crossed Lana's mind since she's all about "VINTAGE" or "RETRO".
  4. Throw it in the trash like my browser cache.
  5. Her 25 best leaked songs? Driving in Cars with Boys You Can Be the Boss Hollywood's Dead Kinda Outta Luck Marilyn Monroe Serial Killer Dangerous Girl Queen of Disaster Hundred Dollar Bill Never Let Me Go Back to tha Basics Us Against the World Best American Record Hollywood Prom Song (Gone Wrong) JFK Meet Me in the Pale Moonlight Ooh Baby TV in Black & White Live or Die Paris Every Man Gets His Wish On Our Way Angels Forever Backfire Beautiful Player
  6. Discussion

    Version1: Version2:
  7. Discussion

    Trying out some things before working on the booklet.
  8. She's such a Tumblr SJW she probably wants to be referred to as "eks" instead of "she" or "he".
  9. How could we forget this one: Yeezus by Kanye West
  10. OMG ANNIHILATE HA! Sis in your little world everyone who thinks a certain Mariah song is forgotten is a liar. You sound like Trump who calls everyone who doesn't support his delusion "fake news" or a "liar". WAKE THE FUCK UP!
  11. Right back at ya! Honey, why are you so Obsessed.mp3 with me?
  12. At least she was interesting at some point! Lorde can't relate!
  13. Borde and Beyawnce having a 91 and 92 metacritic score is biased music journalism at its finest.
  14. I'm just being petty. I don't mean it like that, daddy.
  15. When Mariah's record is finally broken!