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  1. Discussion

    Moy the Scammer is enjoying a music career ala Jackson Novem now?
  2. Discussion

    "The old Lana" This is literally as closest as it gets to the old Lana. God...these BTD stans Is2g. I'm glad they are all unstanning.
  3. Discussion

    Omgggggggg me too! The fuck? They even let me have some of it for free cause they realized by then I was an obsessed Madge stan.
  4. Discussion

    OMG YESSSS Buying Madonna stuff is the worst. Sometimes I'm so embarrassed, I ask the cashier if they can pack it as a present.
  5. Discussion

    People still hate HBTB though. I think of it more as the Religion of this album. That track seemed like a total filler and really basic on the firstborn few listens but it has grown on me so much after a while that I decided it was my second fave. They are also quite similar sonically imo.
  6. Discussion

    In other news: I still can't believe how good this album is WOW. I love every single track. There is not one song I dislike and I'm totally content with the direction of this album. I love how she served Bops and folk ballads and perfectly tied them together. The lyrics and melodies have improved so much and literally everything about this is just perfect (minus the album artwork).
  7. Discussion

    I'm so pissed that she always seems to encounter her messy fans. I mean...the fact they stole her cars and broke into her house. No wonder she doesn't wanna tour anymore.
  8. Discussion

    I only changed it slightly cause I felt those tracks were in a strange order. 13 Beaches Cherry White Mustang Summer Bummer In My Feelings Groupie Love Lust for Life Love It's incredible how well this flows honestly. This album doesn't feel very long too.
  9. Discussion

    Oh no I know but I fucking hate it when cashiers make comments about the CDs I buy.
  10. Discussion

  11. Discussion

    @Hunty Bear yeah I'm positive that one's about him too! I instinctively had that one placed before the other three as well. Seems like she was ready to record her happy album until she had a one night stand with G-Peezy.
  12. Discussion

    I suppose Summer Bummer and Groupie Love are about him as well. I knew they belonged together, so I grouped them together in my tracklist.
  13. Discussion

    Y'all know In My Feelings is about G-Eazy, right? She pretty much confirmed it at the listening party. Lana (while performing IMF): I could name names but I won't do it. Fans: DO IT! Lana: *sighs and after a quick moment of hesitation forms a G with her hands*
  14. I mean clearly the stanbase that is stuck in 2011 and thinks their fave is still current and relevant despite having two flop eras in a row and being on a constant decline since then.
  15. Other

    No. Honeymoon has some of her worst and most basic songs ever on it. The only thing that's worth any praise is that it's very cohesive, sadly at the expense of the individual songs' overall quality. None of these songs stand a chance individually against anything else from her discography.