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  1. Dress You Up, True Blue, Causing a Commotion and Who’s That Girl are the only “hits” missing. The Like a Prayer mix is atrocious, I agree but overall it’s a pretty decent collection of her most memorable hits. HIStory on the other hand....
  2. Rock Your Body Like I Love You Summer Love Señorita Cry Me a River What Goes Around...Comes Around Love Stoned Symmer Love Sexy Back My Love Suit and Tie Mirrors Can’t Stop the Feeling!
  3. Radio/Single Edits and mixes exist.
  4. Till Death and Spanish Eyes were wasted hits. I mean...Cherish? Dear jessie?
  5. But don’t you stan Britney, Kylie and Mariah?
  6. Justin TIMBERLAKE is performing, not Justin BIEBER.
  7. Me reading SEX for the first time:
  8. LMAOOOOO I agree with every single one of these!
  9. On a side note: Here are Pariah's hypothetical metacritic scores! Mariah Carey=69 Emotions=62 Music Box=60 Merry Christmas=66 Daydream=83 Butterfly=76 Rainbow=63
  10. Ironic, because Erotica is the album that one produced one semi-hit and she has been ignoring most of the songs from that album on her future tours. She hasn't even done the actual version of the title track on tour and instead performed the chorus of the demo mixed with the chorus of the album version.
  11. This album cover is better than the mess that is the official cover.
  12. BECAUSE BY THAT TIME SHE HAD A HUGE CATALOGUE OF HITS ALREADY. How many songs from Erotica has she done on the Granny Show? Erotica, Fever, Why's It So Hard, Deeper and Deeper, In This Life, Rain & Bye Bye Baby. That's 7 out of 14! She skipped all the "talking" songs because she knew they sucked and she also skipped Words and Thief of Hearts because they were dated and shit. Ironically, she didn't even do that many classics either. She did a shitty 16 track setlist for this messy album.
  13. It was also the "Like a Prayer Tour" before Pepsi backed out of the contract.
  14. So did Pitchfork, many other critics and it's really one of her least remembered albums. You never see it re-entering charts anywhere.
  15. Because they both are. Someone calculated the scores M's studio albums would have on metacritic according to all their reviews: Madonna = 78 Like a Virgin = 75 True Blue = 73 Like A Prayer = 92 Erotica = 71 Bedtime Stories = 71 Ray of Light = 87 -------------------------- Her actual metacritic scores from 2000 onwards. Music = 80 American Life = 60 Confessions on a Dance Floor = 80 Hard Candy = 65 MDNA = 64 Rebel Heart = 68