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  1. What is all this American Bible slander?
  2. Madonna


    G.U.Y. Sexxx Dreams Aura Mary Jane Holland MANiCURE ARTPOP Gypsy Donatella Do What U Want Fashion! Swine Applause Venus Dope Jewels N Drugs
  3. Madonna


    No it wasn't.
  4. Dan Smith from Bastille was taking a trip through my fucking city at the same time I was there for a shopping spree and I didn't see/notice him.  


    1. Emperor Nick

      Why would you #basicwhitemale

  5. Madonna

    A muscular, semi-hairy man. https://pairedlife.com/dating/Gay-Men-Are-you-a-Jock-Otter-Bear-or-Wolf
  6. Madonna

    He's an Otter although on the verge of being either a hunk or a wolf. A cub is a young bear and a bear...well ya know...
  7. Madonna

    Celeb News

    @Freaky Prince
  8. Madonna

    So, all three of them are over? Good.
  9. Madonna


    The first one honestly. It would be the last one if Touch It wasn't there. She didn't lie when she said it was boring!
  10. OMG she sounds almost exactly the same as she does on the CD! Fucking amazing!
  11. Madonna


    Okay, so this is definitely going to be the opening track on my version of Madame Fail.
  12. Madonna


    I think they scrapped this as single in favor of Future!
  13. Madonna

    Is Jeffree now siding with James? Ugh...he can fuck right off.