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  1. Madonna here

    People dragging Good in Bed are sexually frustrated and that is the TEA.

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    2. Margerine Flange

      These ppl stan Cool somehow


    3. Mystique

      Should've been the closer instead of Bottoms Will Be Bottoms rIQXnJU.gif

    4. Madonna

      Flops Will Be Flops should be on the b-side album and If It Ain't Me feat. Godmanie on the A-Side. 


  2. Good in Bed is literally one of the few tracks that serves as a breath of fresh air among songs that are all solid but a tad similar sonically. Aside from that, it's literally one of the best along with Pretty Please and yall will fucking DEAL.
  3. Madonna


    Good in Bed - Phoebe Boys Will Be Boys - Madonna
  4. Oh wow. Grammys sweep pretty much on lock!
  5. Madonna


    Good in Bed
  6. Madonna

    The fact y'all are defending Toilet and even defended her back then when Kim is actually saying the truth. God, I hate Swifties to a passion.
  7. You really think your faves are safe from dragging, right? Stans will ALWAYS be here for drama. You may act like you aren't but just by opening this thread you showed that you were here for it. The energy to support her wasn't there because Taylor still decided to act out her white privilege on national television when she dragged Kanye in her Grammys speech. She literally applauded herself for her achievements and acted as if she had to face a lot of adversities (which she didn't). She knew that Kendrick deserved to win over her. Still she acted tried to push the "it's hard for women in this industry card". Kim was not gonna let her get away with it that crap. She did what she had to do because Taylor's way of telling the story was also extremely one-sided.
  8. Was that funnier in your head?
  9. Madonna here

    Physical, Good in Bed & Pretty Please top 3 from Future Slaytalgia! whit2 

    1. Margerine Flange

      Remember when you were dragging her in 2018 and i was telling you she's here to stay? #RegineTheProphet

    2. Madonna

      No I don't. whit2 and whether she's here to stay has yet to be determined.

  10. This belongs in Battlegrounds, Taylor stain.
  11. Madonna

    The song isn't catching on. It's free falling everywhere cause no one is willing to stream it. It's just not a good song, let alone a good lead single.
  12. Daenerys should have died sooner. Hated her tbh. She was part of the Speakeasy!
  13. Madonna


    I find Kali Uchis a bit too mellow at times. But I guess it's a matter of "acquired taste".