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  1. Madonna

    pls... Ava Max is literally an industry plant that was created when Gaga was trying to abandon her former persona. She is not a great singer, not a great dancer, she has no stage presence, no charisma, no actual artistic vision aside from her stupid wig (that probably wasn't her idea to begin with) and everything about her screams fabricated.
  2. Ummm Ester, easily. Gaga couldn't write classics like Rude Boy, Super Bass and S&M to save her life. She's quite a one-dimensional songwriter.
  3. Madonna


    Why do I keep getting mentioned in this?
  4. This read! Finally someone said it!
  5. Madonna

    Music Video

    Yeah, so I'm guessing they're prepping Levitating feat. Madonna until shooting is possible again. They have released this to keep the era afloat for a bit.
  6. Can you stop bumping all these old threads? It’s really annoying.
  7. Madonna


    sis, I don't think you're allowed to post that in here.
  8. Madonna


    This isn't an early demo but an unmastered mix done with the stems. If you listen closely, you can hear the beat in the back of the voice track.
  9. Madonna


    Please I don't think I wanna witness the other rounds. The way this game is going, 24 will end up winning.
  10. Madonna


    No but they are adding more twists than all of Big Brother and Slasher combined.
  11. Madonna


    It's just not how the game (should) work, sweetie. But you do you.
  12. Madonna


    Give me a break, already. What are these messy nomination methods? Anyway, all three of them are in my top three so I'm gonna go with Freak cause after listening to the demo, the album version ain't shit. 1. Religion - Jake 2. Freak - Madonna 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  13. Madonna

    I was referring to the accusations towards J.Lo.