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  1. Oh this song is actually great except for Playboi Carti ruining it with his vocals.
  2. I've lived in Florida for about a year back in 2011/2. Worst year of my life. Extreme wealth discrepancy, lost of anti-black racism even in the Hispanic community and overall very homophobic. Sounds like the perfect place for a pathetic troll like you!
  3. Lana promoting her dad's music more than her own…
  4. I love Bey but he kinda didn’t lie when he said that she doesn’t have many MAINSTREAM hits. Beyoncé hasn’t been as AC as Bruno has been since 4. Her most mainstream album was I Am Sasha Fierce. Even B'Day didn’t have particularly big hits for the most part. Beyoncé's features don’t really count cause most of those were already hits before she decided to hop on them. To be fair…I think it's also because her release strategy for the last few albums wasn’t in her favor when it comes to hits because she used to drop the entire album + visuals at once. Questionable single choices aside, h
  5. She should have kept her comments full of self-hate to herself and retire again. Lemme bully her ASAP.
  6. And I will continue to fume as long as she is on this planet. Hopefully I will witness a time where she won’t continue to annoy the shit out of me anymore (rather sooner than later). Maybe more people will see through her shit. I know a lot of POC artists and their teams have. Midnights era definitely annoyed the shit out of a lot of people with her fraudulent and borderline racist tricks.
  7. Ajoke and her shit taste strikes again to show us that if you are tasteless, you shouldn’t upload reaction videos! This bitch seriously needs to fucking retire again with her shit taste. I’m also sensing a bit of self-hate with the way she keeps stanning white artists with vanilla music but hates albums that are unapologetically black and/or queer. All that while being a black person herself. It’s weird… I really hope she retires again. Also, I can't wait till the day comes where I won’t have to hear about Hitlor Sw
  8. Looking at the video, it’s probably because the audio (coming from a CD presumably) kept skipping. 💀💀