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  1. ATRL truly knows how to sort out their lunatics and the trash. It's sad they end up coming back here. lol3 

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    2. Gilly

      good to know i found your trigger ny4

    3. Madonna

      That said, I don't give a shit about you downvoting me but please stop trying instigate drama in our section by downvoting every post in our threads. I know you're still pressed about Madonna but there's better things to waste your time with you're bored. lana1 

    4. Gilly

      im not instigating shit; if i dislike a post, ill dislike it - thats what the like/dislike button is for sorry1

  2. Nah he's just pissed he got permabanned from ATRL and is now back rotting with us.
  3. Madonna

    I mean thank God, she didn't feature XTina instead. The song probably wouldn't habe entered the top 100 if that were the case.
  4. Madonna


    @Gilly are you gonna attend the show, sis? Let's meet up!
  5. Madonna

    "Fell fast after ending their #1 streaks"...do you realize how paradox that sounds? They stayed at #1 for multiple weeks and they didn't fall fast after that. Even if they did...the songs had #1 STREAKS as you have correctly pointed out. Aside from that, BUWYBF would have been another #1 if she didn't block herself. In fact, NASA, Bad Idea and Bloodline all would have enjoyed similar success and that point has been proven by her non-album singles doing well regardless of their quality. She's JUST THAT BIG and it's time you admit that you actually stan the voice of the century!
  6. I see @Divine still hasn't taken out the Cedric Gervais Remix of Summertime Sadness in favour of the original from the Fave's playlists. ny13 


    1. Princess Aurora

      That remix is iconic. I can't believe you're saying this ari7brit1

  7. Madonna


    Madame X World Tour 1. God Control 2. Dark Ballet 3. Papa Don't Preach / Die Another Day 4. I Rise 5. American Life 6. Vogue 7. (I Don't Search I Find) 8. Rescue Me 9. Frozen 10. Nothing Really Matters 11. Extreme Occident 12. Easy Ride 13. (What It Feels Like for a Girl) 14. Killers Who Are Partying 15. Medellín / Bitch I'm Loca / Faz Gostoso 16. Crazy 17. Crazy for You, Cherish, Spanish Eyes, Rain, Bad Girl, I'll Remember, Secret, Forbidden Love, Love Tried to Welcome Me, You'll See, The Power of Good-Bye, Swim (acoustic renditions, changing with every date) 18. Crave 19. (Falling Free) 20. Batuka 21. Come Alive 22. Like a Prayer 23. Future 24. Everybody
  8. That has nothing to do with the fact that the setlist remains crap. She's basically talking for half of the show, she's doing the same tired songs she's been doing since Floppy & Shit, including Human Nature which ISN'T a hit but actually one of her biggest flops to date. She has a catalogue of so many songs that have yet to be performed and considering she's charging A LOT of money she's serving minimal effort and a half-assed show/setlist.
  9. Madonna


    1. Black Jesus + Amen Fashion - Liam 2. Black Jesus + Amen Fashion - Fletch 3. Government Hooker - Madonna 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.
  10. Madonna


    TWIST @Madame X @Merryem @Freaky Prince @CharnyBoy @Luca @Chris Morlock @California boy @Beyoncé @Madonna @Ghostface @Diamond @Eclipsa @Venus XCX @Liam @Fletch @Venom @Maraj I've just arrived back home from my vacation in Greece (where I had barely any access to Wifi and used up all my data). As hinted in my previous post there will be a twist before we move on to the next round. Everyone will vote for a song they would like to return. The songs that have been eliminated so far are: Born This Way Government Hooker Americano Scheiße Bad Kids Black Jesus + Amen Fashion Fashion of His Love Highway Unicorn (Road to Love) The Queen Yoü and I The person that will end up playing as that song will be randomly chosen. You are also not allowed to vote for yourself, so choose wisely! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.
  11. Madonna


    Anyone who thinks La Isla Bonita deserves another performance is out of their damn mind.
  12. Madonna


    That rumour was actually just a joke made by MADAME XHELLE from MadonnaBible. Hysterical M fans took it as the truth. Madonna has been teasing Rescue Me so much. Why the hell would she drop it if she was that excited to perform it?
  13. Madonna


    You're still in. I forgot to edit the tags. Are you voting for Scheiße as well?
  14. Madonna


    I mean the song selection in that order doesn't make sense. It seems random. What I mean is that even if it's real it makes absolutely no sense. There appears to be almost no correlation in the song sequence. It's basically just the same selection for the Floppy & Shit Tour without the big hits and some American Life instead.
  15. Madonna


    @Luca you can already send me your nominations.