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  1. Madonna

  2. And back then no one knew she would end up being the biggest female artist to ever grace this planet. To this very date people still try to discredit her achievements and her deny her legendary status. To this day, she still makes a bunch of people mad just for being still alive and active!
  3. This is BG and #MeToo has its fair share of ridiculousness attached to it. Rose McGowan being a prime example of someone taking it a few steps too far. What Regine meant is that instead of supporting each other, women (especially on shows like The Talk) constantly mock and attack each other. Wendy Williams also being a perfect example for that. The media LOVES to instigate shit between women who call themselves "feminists" but take pride in this shit. This is literally misogyny at its finest and most problematic. The one who is shown as the villain here is M but no one will talk about Sean Penn and all of the disgusting things he has done during their marriage including this new information.
  4. Madonna


    Animal + Cannibal and Loud
  5. Madonna


    I really only like 2 albums out of those. Therefore I don't think I should participate.
  6. Madonna


    Gaga: I don't remember ARTPOP ARTPOP stans: TF/TFM stans: BTW stans: Joanne stans:
  7. December / Wit It This Christmas are the dynamic duo. Winter Things can't relate. Bad Bitch XMas is what the GP wants.
  8. Madonna

    Gaga Lorde Camilla Mariah Carey
  9. Generic trap that came out when trap was not THE most successful type of music on the charts. Ariallah recorded this for the future. Also, it's smashing cause people are already growing tired of the Mariah/XMas meme and are switching to the skinnier legend, Ariana who also has youthful hands!
  10. I've listened to the TUN songs for quite a long time and they are still as good as they were when I first listened to them. The whole album from start to finish.

    1. Gravity

      Timeless body of work wbk clap3

    2. Chris Morlock

      i always forget Make Up exists since ive deleted it from itunes but remember it when it plays on my CD.

      but true facts here ari5 

  11. I've been hearing this for nearly 4 years now and it still hasn't happened (thankfully). I'll believe it when I see it.
  12. Maybe she can release a new X-Mas banger and block a certain someone from reaching #1....?
  13. Madonna


    Trigger warning: unpopular opinion