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  1. Madonna


    Maybe get your ears checked.
  2. Madonna


    Auto-Tune Baby is literally an elusive bonus track only available in one country. SEX, Illuminati and BIM may not be your cup of tea but from a creative standpoint, she definitely had far more creative involvement than she did in any other song. They balance out the lots of midtempo and balladish songs and represent the “rebel side” of the album. Aside from that, Kanye really did some edgy production on these songs that are far from generic. That is not the case with the cringy-ass songs on MDNA that Solveig produced, alongside Superstar and B-Day Song which are most definitely in the bottom 5 songs of her entire discography. You have literally been doing the absolute most with Rebel Heart. It really isn’t nearly as lazy as MDNA was and we have enough proof of that.
  3. Madonna


    as well as Turn Up the Radio Some Girls I Fucked Up I Don’t Give A I’m a Sinner Superstar Love Spent (Album Version) ...all of which sound like rejects and are so dreadfully produced into overdrive that her thin voice can’t even shine. Literally all of these are lows on the album that are by far the lowest lows she has ever had on an album.
  4. Madonna

    She's the only pop girl that kind of does not deserve a career in music. She's a somewhat pretty face in a talentless body being pushed by a label.
  5. Madonna


    Wtf are you guys even smoking??? MDNA is by far her worst and most unfocused project to this date. All of the songs are other artist's rejects and she didn't spend nearly half as much on it as she did on Rebel Heart. Rebel Heart had a very clear concept. It's the tracklist and the late replacement of executive producers (due to Avicii's health problems) that led to it not coming of as cohesive. It's still far more cohesive than MDNA though and all the album tracks take a huge fucking SHIT on anything from MDNA aside from GGW, Gang Bang, I'm Addicted and Falling Free. Love Spent, a great song suffers from being an overproduced mess that was sung by Siri and not Madonna. MDNA will never ever ever ever ever EVER be better than Rebel Heart.
  6. Madonna


    They usually upload the music video of the single that currently had their streaming release. Justify My Love and Rescue were the previous two.
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    Causing a Commotion
  8. Madonna


    What a load of bullshit. This video ist still getting banned? I mean come on...it's been 30 years. So, is Material Girl going to be the next single that will be uploaded to streaming?
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    White Heat
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    13 Beaches
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