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  1. I haven’t listened to the song, because I don’t care about Tham Thmith and his music.
  2. This is nothing new coming from Britney's fan base.
  3. Bottom 2 from the album as next single? Wow...
  4. MOTOMAMI kinda sucked compared to the previous one, though.
  5. Are you from Europe? In that case, she has a lot of radio deals here. That also somewhat explains why she is seemingly so popular yet such a flop. Her label knows that she has the most mainstream potential in Europe and that's why they have been trying to push her so much through radio payola but that simply didn't get people to buy or stream her enough. She has too many forgettable singles that sound like a lessor version of the previous one and she just doesn't feel authentic at all, right down to her pound shop wigs.
  6. Even then she only has like one big hit. She's shitting out singles left and right and nothing truly sticks cause it's all the same fast food pop produced by Dr. Luke's minion. You can tell she has absolutely no artistic input, very little knowledge about pop music history (as seen by her questionable comments abut Elton John f.e.) and she also thinks she has Mariah Carey's range. This girl is an industry plant. One of many in Dr. Luke's long list of attempts at finding another Gaga phenomenon.
  7. "Hits left and right"
  8. Rita just honestly needs to disappear for her own sake. She will never be that girl she wants to be so bad.
  9. The one time she actually fucked with a person that genuinely deserves it.
  10. I think Hollywood was always going to be single #2 after American Life. That song had been sitting in her drawer since the 90s and she had been working on it since. As far as I know, that is one of the few songs of this album the GP would occasionally go back to. I have a few friends that are not huge Madonna fans but they totally love this song. It’s obviously meant to be ironic, as the video suggests. It’s actually quite critical of American pop culture just not as “in your face” as I’m So Stupid is. The video is a tribute to fashion photographer Guy Bourdin. This is what the director s
  11. I actually think Intervention and the Stuart Price Remix (RIT Studio Version) for Nobody Knows Me could have been good singles. Nothing Fails is a bit dull in my opinion and so is Love Profusion although I like them both. Overall this album really didn't have much potential in the US.
  12. She should win an Olympia gold medal for her mental acrobatics to be honest.