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  1. Madonna


    She's not coming. Madame aXe Tour.
  2. Madonna

    She always looks greasy though. I think she sweats a lot.
  3. Madonna

    Looks like Stupid Love is the lead single AFTER ALL! @Freaky Prince
  4. Madonna

    Well didn't Gaga want her first perfume to smell like blood and semen? There you have your answer. Also, Kesha drank piss during her documentary, so clearly her too. I don't think Madonna smells bad but her perfume smelled like old lady closet.
  5. Madonna

    Madame @SeekingThrill is a spy in the Haus of Gags. She doesn't search, she finds.
  6. Madonna

    And another song called "I Don't Want Your Love" apparently leaked too. In fact, people are in posessions of entire demo sessions. Gaga's Rebel Heart mass leak is upon us, yall!
  7. Madonna

    Update: Little Monsters are using the "it's just a demo, the final will sound different" excuse. Time to leave the mothership, Little Goats! It's sinking.
  8. Madonna

    It's what we deserve!
  9. Madonna

    Check my posts from 2018. I repeatedly admitted that Shallow exceeded my expectations. I admitted being wrong. The HOW is a whole nother story. Anyway, this song isn't a Shallow. There isn't a huge movie campaign or Oscar buzz to support this. No Bradley Cooper for the press to ship Gags with.
  10. The over-estimation already! More like brushing the bottom of the charts.
  11. Madonna

    Oh sweetie, those Madame Clown drags don't affect me. I hate that album as well. Cute way of deflecting from the fact that Gargoyle is about to end whatever was left of her miserable career with yet another massive flop.
  12. We all know it's Shallow. Literally everything about that song and the movie was fabricated.