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  1. Maybe it’s because Madonna hasn’t burnt down her gym and decided to talk about it on Instagram as if it was the most normal thing. Anyway, R. Tina is back at it again with her tired-ass threads. Give it up, girl.
  2. Madonna


    I‘ve reworked mine and came up with this concept: FUTURE Act I - Club Eden 1. Hallucinate (with elements from "Hallucinate (Mr. Fingers Deep Stripped Mix)" and excerpts of "Future Nostalgia") 2. Physical 3. Be the One 4. One Kiss / Electricity 5. Last Dance // Love Is Religion // If It Ain't Me 6. Hotter Than Hell Act II - Battle Angel Room for 2 - Interlude 7. Want To 8. Swan Song 9. New Rules 10. Boys Will Be Boys 11. IDGAF 12. New Love NOSTALGIA Act III - Cosmic Girl Break My Heart / Cosmic Girl (Remix) - Interlude 13. Future Nostalgia 14. Blow Your Mind 15. Levitating 16. Lost in Your Light 17. Cool Act IV - Wild West Buffalo Stance / Moments in Love (Remix) 18. Good in Bed 19. Pretty Please 20. Thinking 'Bout You // That Kind of Woman 21. Love Again 22. Break My Heart Encore: 23. Don't Start Now / = Medley // = Alternate Song Choices
  3. Madonna


    Top three on TFM along with Dance in the Dark and Alejandro! It has aged really well.
  4. Madonna


    One of her worst.
  5. Madonna

    Don’t you dare compare one of my fave movies with this load of trash.
  6. Madonna


    Not Pharrell Pls no
  7. Madonna


    How the hell did I get scalped when I simply asked to leave this game with the host trying to convince me otherwise? Mind your business, missy.
  8. Madonna


  9. Madonna


    Everybody: 50 Like a Virgin: 50 Live to Tell: 52 Like a Prayer: 52 Erotica: 50 Secret: 52 Frozen: 52 Music: 50 American Life: 50 Hung Up: 52 4 Minutes: 50 Give Me All Your Luvin': 46 Living for Love: 48 Medellín: 50
  10. Madonna


    1. Music - Shego 2. music - mylifelies 3. Music - STJ 4. MDNA 5. Music - CharnyBoy 6. MDNA - Max 7. Music - Madonna 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
  11. Madonna


    Music and MDNA are the last two? Fucking MDNA of all albums...pls
  12. Sweetener stans are the chihuahuas of the Ari stans. Unnecessarily loud because they know they constantly need to defend themselves for stanning her second worst album. The way to go is to keep a healthy distance and pay them no mind.
  13. Madonna

    Madonna’s mom died when she was five and her father was alone with her and her 5 or 6 siblings. Then again...this absolutely shouldn’t be a competition.