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  1. Erotten is NOT Madonna's best album. It never will be! It doesn't have proper me-


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    2. Disco Darling

      Disco Darling

      But it's artistic enough to be one of her most memorable albums. 

    3. Cunt


      Erotica the song snapped and then the album went nowhere afterwords aura1

    4. Satori


      Thank. YOU. antm1 Like we all get it was treated unfairly back in the day but this over-correction in calling it her best is too much. It’s literallt the first Madonna album that was too long™️, has 4/5 songs that are dangerously derivative of Justify My Love and the title track, and has some of the worst melodies of her entire career. I concede that the grunge production fused with house elements is brilliant at times, but it all goes on WAY too long and as a result becomes less experimental and less daring than her best albums, esp RoL and LaP, both of which marry radically diverse sounds, are not redundant at all, and are infinitely better lyrically.