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  1. Madonna


    THIS IS LITERALLY A FUCKING VHS RIP! There's a glitch at 2:29!
  2. Madonna


    I'm in although I'm not a fan of "single album megarates".
  3. bey11

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    2. Régine Filange

      What did you do again? bey11

    3. Madonna

      @Régine Filange It's a secret.mp3 bey11 

    4. Régine Filange

      The downvotes are public tho, i get it now. bey11

  4. Madonna

    Nicki being a sellout.
  5. Madonna

    Her cultural appropriation also needs to stop. I feel like she doesn't get called out enough for it.
  6. Madonna


    THANK GOD it's not called Magic. Here for Madonna Fortin!
  7. Madonna

    Remember when Gaga used her dead aunt (that she never met) to overhaul her overexposed old image and get a sympathy Grammy? Or when she jumped on every opportunity to do a tribute for whatever dead person there is? Or when she would try to profit from Princess Diana's death by mentioning and glorifying it in two of her songs?
  8. Madonna

    Just ignore them, y'all! They are bitter Mariah fans and @DespunkThoseFawkingBawls is a racist troll who is literally trying everything in his power to finally get a "hit thread".
  9. Just shut up and leave, already. No one likes you or wants you on this forum anymore. Take your jealousy about Ariana's success somewhere else.
  10. Needy doesn't have single potential though.
  11. Lohfydydkvji @Divine It seems you're the "me" of the Ariana section. I'm known for my meltdowns of disappointment in the Madge section.
  12. Needy can fuck off! It's numbers are good because it's the first new track on the tracklist and the first people listen to and check out in full. They probably think it's a sex song too. Bad Idea better show some longevity. It's literally the best thing on the album.
  13. Madonna

    They better fucking milk this album for all it's worth. Bad Idea, Bloodline & NASA deserve to smash!
  14. Madonna

    Omg. A Legend Is Born Edit: She is the first SOLO artist and the first FEMALE to ever achieve this in Billboard HISTORY. @Mariah's 18 #1's