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  1. ...Baby One More Time (You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop! Remix)* Oops!...I Did It Again Stronger I'm a Slave 4U Boys (Co-Ed Remix)* Overprotected (Darkchild Remix)* Me Against the Music Everytime Touch of My Hand Breathe on Me Gimme More Break the Ice Get Naked (I Got a Plan) Circus If You Seek Amy Hold It Against Me Inside Out Change Your Mind Liar *I think they are all available. They are basically the versions used for the singles. The album versions of these are rather weak.
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    Sing me up, lol.
  3. The top three will always be ROL / LAP / COADF these are and will always be her most acclaimed albums and they each represent a massive artistic milestone for her. Note: When I was running the Madonna Promo Twitter, I hosted a poll and these were her three highest rated. The same happened during the MadonnaBible instagram vote. These three are her highest rated, averagely. From a purely artistic standpoint, Erotica and either Music or American Life would come right after. Probably AL rather than Music because Music is a mixtape of styles she waa trying out before going fullblown folktronica. Music is a fantastic album with technically no skips but it’s simply not as inspired as the other 5. If I were to do an unbiased ranking based on the reception and impact of the albums we’d end up with: 1. Ray of Light - This album was a resurrection for Madonna. No other pop girl has had a comeback of these proportions that would literally kickstart her career to new heights. Aside from that, this was her biggest re-invention ever. It’s her most celebrated album for a reason. There is no flaw in this album. Not a single one. 2. Like a Prayer - This album is one of the few female albums that Rolling Stones magazine lists as one of the best albums of all time. This was Madonna truly becoming Madonna, the icon. It elevated her to her biggest peak of relevance. 3. COADF - Similarly to the previous two, this album was another comeback after a huge commercial disaster. She was almost 50 and still managed to convert younger people into stans. This album was also so clever with all the autobiographical references and links to the Like a Prayer and Self-Titled album. 4. Erotica - impact yes, positive reception came much later. It was a slow burner that has only gotten more credit long after its release. 5. American Life - same as Erotica but it was definitely one of her most fearless and inspired albums and she was probably more involved in the creation of this album than any of the other ones. 6. True Blue - one of her best selling albums and her most celebrated singles run. It’s not her best but it had so much impact and the positive reception of this album still lasts. 7. Music - This album rode off the success of Ray of Light more than anything. It’s great but it will always be somewhat of a transitional album between AL & ROL. 8. Like a Virgin - This album is whack but it’s the one that still creeps around the minds of 40+ Americans as THE Madonna album. 9. Bedtime Story - While this is an excellently produced album, it was Madonna chasing trends for the very first time in her career. Many of the songs aren’t particularly inspired and overall it just feels like fillers. Still a good album. 10. Madonna - Undoubtedly better than LAV but definitely not as acclaimed. It is iconic now but the praise also came later on and it’s clearly not top tier material. 11. Hard Candy - Her most faceless album. The result of 1 trillion concept changes, Madonna going through a divorce and just wanting to fulfill the last album before ending her contract. Is it bad? Not THAT bad and it still got a pretty good reception because it rode off COADF’s back but overall it’s not that good. 12. Rebel Heart - The tracklisting and everything preceding the era was a mess but this album features some of the best melodies and productions since COADF. Madonna promoted the shit out of the singles and was serving looks. Overall, it was also pretty well-received, especially in Europe. 13. Madame X - Artistically daring but reception-wise a failure. The vocoder was unnecessary and made this album not particularly attractive for non-fan audiences. This will end up being her most forgotten album. 14. MDNA - Her worst in every regard. People stopped taking her seriously when she released it.
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    Who said I enjoyed the last one?
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    Then stop adding stupid twists every round and let people play this game with the actual rules. It kills the dynamic of the game, sweetie.
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    Get ready for random and unfair twists every round, y’all! Give me Like a Prayer
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    It’s her manager that keeps investing in this shit.
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    This. The song could have been much better if it didn’t put me to sleep after 1 minute.
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    It totally is, which is why Camel Cabelly has been nominated for her song again after unrightfully winning Video of the Year in 2018. What a joke!
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    Just wanted the confirmation, thx.
  11. Madonna

    And now, dear admin tell us where Lana has exhibited said behaviour? Has anyone said that the term “Karen” holds the same value as things like the n-word? No. It can’t and it never will. It is INCREASINGLY being used as a derogatory term against white women who have not even shown any of the behaviour you listed, though. Words change their meaning over time, words are used differently over time. The same is happening with the word Karen, whether you like it or not. Racism works in every direction. Systematic racism and discrimination is a whole nother thing and people need to stop mixing these two things up. And just before any of all try to call me out for racism: I do not believe in REVERSE RACISM because that word in itself is ridiculous and nonsensical. Racism and racial oppression or histories of systematic racism cannot be reversed. White power structures exist in the world that need to be exposed and destroyed. However, when it comes down to individuals, each and every one of us can be racist no matter their skin color and that is simply a fact that you cannot deny.
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    Are you gonna tell me what my fucking name is now? The fuck are you smoking?
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    Well, I am sweetie. I’m sure we’ll see you in the ban log sooner or later anyway. So, keep being your obnoxious self so we can accelerate.mp3 the process a little bit!
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    Imagine being offended because a white artist mentioned your fave (and not even negatively) and immediately start a witch hunt trying to “cancel” her for being racist. Cardi and Stinki stans ESPECIALLY should be keeping their mouths SHUT.
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    “Hit” thread at barely three pages. Call me when you get the biggest thread of the year. I’m sure you’ll have trouble beating 10 pages.
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    In Germany, the name “Kevin” has become the subject of mockery, especially to mock kids from a lower social background or children who have ADHD. It has been statistically proven that children who are named “Kevin” are getting lower grades, mostly due to prejudice from teachers. You cannot imagine the looks I’m getting if people see or read out my name loud. I’ve had professors laugh at me after reading my name. This ain’t cute, sweetie. I’m sure it ain’t cool for Karens who are not shitty racists either. Regular names can most definitely become the subject of mockery and discrimination. If you don’t believe please read this article. It’s in German but I think google translate will do just fine. https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevinismus
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    Seems like someone can’t take the heat. You might wanna go outside for a bit, honey before you get yourself burned.
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    Is it reverse racism? That word in itself is nonsensical. By definition, anyone can be racist. The sheer use of the term race or the application of stereotypical traits with regards to skin color is racist in itself. Using a word that entails a racially-charged stereotypical image to insult a person is racist, by definition. Does racism affect white people on an economic or a socio-political level? No it doesn’t. Still, a racial slur remains a racial slurs and racism is still racism however you wanna put it. Systematic racism and racial discrimination is what you’re referring to and yes, that is the big issue and that is something white people have never been suffering under.
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    Yes, and we have every right to clapback and drag your rape-mocking fave’s ugly fashion choices along with it. Remember when Gaga was okay doing blackface and associated herself with people wearing it?
  20. Madonna

    Karen is technically racial slur. It’s directed at people of a specific skin colour and meant to do exactly what the definition of racism entails: Definition of racism 1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race 2a: a doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles b: a political or social system founded on racism 3: racial prejudice or discrimination from the Merriem Webster Dictionary. Now, obviously a racial slur used against white people doesn’t come with the same kind of history of systematic oppression that comes with racial slurs used against marginalized groups. Still, it is becoming a racial slur. It’s increasingly used as a derogatory terms against white women.
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    Choices were definitely made on this day too:
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    Shhhh it’s the only superficial way of dragging he’s familiar with! Don’t take this away from him.
  23. Madonna

    And you’re clearly hella bothered, otherwise you wouldn’t be quoting me or calling me a “relic ass bitch”. Just admit you have double-standards and thought it would be cute to come for someone’s look (for absolutely no reason, not even as a comeback thread directed at any member in particular). If being ignorant means having common sense and having some sort of reading comprehension, something which you and bunch of other twitter stans seem to lack majorly, then yes...I must be ignorant!
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    Oh wow so she went with the Lo-Fi trend. @Luca hinted that this would be the next big trend a while ago. So, Billie is probably the first pop girl to do it. Gen Z are gonna eat this up. I don’t like it though. It’s not particularly catchy and a bit of a snooze imo.
  25. Madonna

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for Gaga’s made-up illnesses that she talked about for clout and to be able to cancel her tours?