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    Actually, he does. Cause he owns everything she recorded. You know...the stuff she didn't wanna buy from her label before he became the owner. It's her own damn fault.
  2. Madonna

    I refuse to watch Frozen cause they twisted one of my favourite fairytales into a childish wannabe feminist movie. The snow queen could have been an iconic villain. Instead, the gave us this.
  3. Madonna

    If you think so. But you generally stan every Gaga minion that came onto the scene because Gags abandoned the sound and visuals you loved. That is the damn tea. Trying to release music independently because she ruined her career as part of something she felt was a way to get out of her contract and her former artistic persona.
  4. Madonna

    It's not only that but with Perfectionist they were literally trying to sell her as a Lady Gaga alternative. The looks, the themes, the visuals, the songs. Everything about it is literally a Gaga carbon copy. With Trouble and Cruel Youth she found herself as an artist both visually and sonically.
  5. And that is by her command. She knows VERY WELL that this is happening and she doesn't care because she only cares about herself because she thinks she's the victim in EVERY SITUATION. She's so manipulative and insufferable. I don't understand how yall can be this blind.
  6. The way the king of my heart (body and soul) EFFORTLESSLY ended Toilet Swiffer and the way he manages to get her riled up and have several meltdowns! This level of pettiness is just fucking iconic. I didn't know straight men had that in them to be this petty. I mean... The POWER that that has. The INTELLIGENCE that that has. The CLEARANCE that that has. The INTERNATIONAL IMPLICATIONS that that has. You can call him a douchebag all you want but Taylor is not one bit better than him. She's literally a manipulative and narcissistic sociopath. She has a huge victim complex and she loves to dish out, take people down that she has beef with BUT SHE CAN'T FUCKING TAKE IT. Try to pull the same shit on her and she'll go absolutely beserk like she did here: Alexa, play Tears of a Sociopath! Instead of trying to take legal action and shutting up about this she's taking the opportunity to start a hate bandwagon, typical Taylor. This bitch fucking deserves to have her music taken away from her. I hope Scooter burns and deletes all her masters.
  7. Madonna

    Not when Cruel Youth's music shits all over Perfectionists dated ass music. 1. Trouble - her magnum opus 2. Cruel Youth 3. Perfectionist
  8. Madonna

    Britney Spears - Surprised no one has mentioned her. She's done for good. Christina Aguilera - She can't even get a hit as featured artist anymore. Lady Gaga - Shallow was her saving grace (Thx to Bradley) but I just don't see it for her with her next studio album. She's not particularly popular. People just liked ASIB and that's it. Katy Perry - Yup. If her best material in years can't get her a hit, nothing will. She's done. Kesha - Yeah she isn't gonna score any further hits. Nicki Minaj - Her Instagram fans are VERY loud but her chart success is very quiet. Meghan Trainor - Who? Miley Cyrus - She literally alienates her fanbase with every era. Demi Lovato - Done. Alessia Cara - Don't know a single song of hers. Camilla Cabello - This rat needs to be erased and taken back to the sewers where she belongs. Beyonce - After Evetything is Love and The Gift I honestly don't see it for her anymore. Her hype and the cult around her seems to be fading while people seem to be migrating towards Rihanna. Not going anywhere: Adele - She will have one of the biggest albums of the decade again. Rihanna - She's literally reached a status where people will buy whatever she shits out. She has graduated from being an RnB princess to bei g an RnB Queen and a mentor and inspiration to a lot of younger artists. She's still young and people are THIRSTY AS FUCK for new Rihanna music. Lana Del Rey - She has earned a place in the industry where every album she puts out sells a good amount of copies and receives critical acclaim. She is very well-respected now and a household name. She continues to stay lowkey and is truly indie but has a very large fanbase around the globe. Ariana Grande - She is still the IT GIRL whether you like it or not. She's going to take a break and come back when the other girls released their albums, so she doesn't have to compete with them.
  9. Madonna

    I'll take him but he's gotta stop looking like an idiot with the nail polish and the stupid hair dye.
  10. Madonna

    Scooter. Taylor is a cunt and karma is coming for her this time.
  11. This. These clowns are just too dumb to see it. It's very obvious she's mad and hates Scooter more than he probably hates her, so she asks her fans to bully him online. How pathetic instead of ACTUALLY taking legal actions.
  12. They are perfect! Thx luv xoxo I can't help it. I just find him incredibly hot and his power and the fact he hates Taylor makes him even more attractive.
  13. No. It's just pettiness because Taylor has been coming for a few of his clients, trying to start hate bandwagons against them. She keeps spreading lies about them (has already been exposed for it) and she literally said she has no interest in buying her catalogue. It's her own damn fault he owns it now. She is pissed because someone she doesn't like owns her music and she is trying to do everything in her power to take it from him without having to pay the money.
  14. The funny thing is that Taylor has taken great delight in "taking down" other artists, publicly shaming them, spreading lies about them and portraying herself as the victim in all of this. Scooter is just really giving her a taste of her own medicine and she can't take it. Her meltdown is hilarious. I hope she shaves her hair next!
  15. Madonna

  16. And back then no one knew she would end up being the biggest female artist to ever grace this planet. To this very date people still try to discredit her achievements and her deny her legendary status. To this day, she still makes a bunch of people mad just for being still alive and active!
  17. This is BG and #MeToo has its fair share of ridiculousness attached to it. Rose McGowan being a prime example of someone taking it a few steps too far. What Regine meant is that instead of supporting each other, women (especially on shows like The Talk) constantly mock and attack each other. Wendy Williams also being a perfect example for that. The media LOVES to instigate shit between women who call themselves "feminists" but take pride in this shit. This is literally misogyny at its finest and most problematic. The one who is shown as the villain here is M but no one will talk about Sean Penn and all of the disgusting things he has done during their marriage including this new information.
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    Animal + Cannibal and Loud
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    I really only like 2 albums out of those. Therefore I don't think I should participate.
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    Gaga: I don't remember ARTPOP ARTPOP stans: TF/TFM stans: BTW stans: Joanne stans:
  21. December / Wit It This Christmas are the dynamic duo. Winter Things can't relate. Bad Bitch XMas is what the GP wants.
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    Gaga Lorde Camilla Mariah Carey