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  2. I know I preach a lot about how wishing death on anyone isn't okay but my god. I really wish this disgusting excuse of a "human being" the absolute worst. Please for the love of god let us win for ONCE and get him and the rest of his clown collective OUT OF OFFICE!
  3. Pressed Pressed Pressed Pressed Gilly is always pressed.
  4. The downvote from @Gilly and you didn't even say anything negative about Chromatica. God, he is so pressed. It's hilarious!
  5. I wouldn't disagree. The only thing Madame X has on Chomatica is that it's more daring and less generic. It's definitely worse as a whole though.
  6. Because they are being dragged for completely unrelated and stupid reasons. Why the fuck is she not allowed to be happy? WTF.
  7. Please no. I know it's partially true cause a good bunch of Madonna fans are suckers for gay RuPaul beats but I for one couldn't be happier she hasn't recorded an album like this. Chromatica isn't bad but it's too repetitive and just simply can't stand this type of house music. Hate it to a passion!
  8. Another white woman getting dragged on Twitter for a completely unrelated issue? It's getting really tiring to be honest.
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    Ray of Light - 5 (-5) Nothing Really Matters - 250 (+5) Frozen - 205 The Power of Good-Bye - 50
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    Music - 25 (+5) Impressive Instant - 45 Runaway Lover - 40 I Deserve It - 30 Amazing - 60 Nobody's Perfect - 25 (-5) Don't Tell Me - 20 What It Feels Like for a Girl - 35 Paradise (Not for Me) - 40 Gone - 40
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    This Yayo? 4
  12. Future Nostalgia had top-notch production. The songs weren’t particularly progressive but they were easy to distinguish from another without sacrificing the cohesiveness of the album. Chromatica isn’t bad but it doesn’t stand a chance against FN. The melodies are rather one-dimensional and so is the production. It’s more cohesive but it will get old really quickly especially since there are no clear highlights on this albums.
  13. Madonna can’t post anything without getting dragged. People are reaching and doing the absolute most as usual. And yes, it’s always when a white person posts something.
  14. A thread with @Gilly posting in it always turns into a borderline-NHB thread. Reported him for his last comment.
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    I think that's what they were initially going for seeing how Babylon changed from what it was to what it is now. You can hear this vibe on Stupid Love still...sort of. I personally think this would have been the better direction but they wanted to play it safe and probably have a "pride-ready" album and this would have not been it.
  16. Except, a good bunch of us listened to it with an open mind? Many Madonna fans even enjoyed Rain on Me or Stupid Love. You wanted to stir the pot cause you're bored and reaching for your long lest relevance on this forum. That's what you were trying to do and that's okay but please don't blame alleged "hateful Madonna fans" when you've literally been among the most hateful person in BG this past week with your stupid and derogatory threads. Because maybe...you never engaged with any of them because a) you don't like Madonna b) you don't listen to her music You're making up excuses that you can't justify. Like I said in the other thread:
  17. Have you seen me open any threads about Rain on Me or Chromatica? I haven't even voiced any extremely negative opinions about them anywhere. The album is okay, Rain on Me is okay and the video is nice. So what is the problem? The only person I see hating and screaming at the top of their lungs for over 8 years non-stop is @Gilly.
  18. They are definitely one of the main reasons why I unstanned her. Imagine signing up here and being bombarded with all the Madonna hate threads every fucking week, created by the same people who never even took the time to listen to her music. and because they don't know shit about Madonna, all they did was age-shame her, wish death upon her and call her a slut, prostitute, the inventor of AIDS and what not. That was the moment I decided I did not want to be associated with them, ever. However, a good bunch of Gaga fans are nice. Especially nowadays. It's really just the Gaga fossils that are trash.
  19. Okay and I really wanted to listen to it? What does being a Madonna fan have to do with it. At least I listen to the music before I give an opinion about it. Maybe you should do the same instead of blindly hating something without at least listening to it. I made myself familiar with every Mariah album before saying that her music ain't for me and before forming an opinion on it.
  20. I'm perfectly calm. More worried about you though looking at your recent BG activity. Is everything alright at home?
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    I've said numerous times: I'm still interested in her music and if she delivers, I'm ready to revalidate my stan card but she hasn't 100% won me back yet. The album is definitely a step into the right direction, though.
  22. Madonna

    Ranking her albums I'd say Chromatica definitely ranks higher than ARTPOP and Joanne: 1. The Fame Monster 2. Born This Way 3. The Fame 4. Chromatica 5. ARTPOP 6. Joanne The album is cohesive in sound and that's also its greatest weakness. It's vocally superior to it's predecessors but the overall production of the songs is already dated on arrival. It sounds very RuPaul. A lot of the songs appear pointless in context of the album...what even is the context? The visual and way this era is set up lends itself to the assumption that this could be a concept album or an album with a clear theme. Sadly, it's neither. Lots of filler tracks that are all not as bad as the lowest lows on ARTPOP and Joanne but also not as good as the highlights of those album and ESPECIALLY not as high as the highlights from her first three albums. It's stellar and sounds much better with headphones but is it a return to form? Not quite yet. She needs to be far more daring and less of a safe-player to get there. Top 5: Alice, Rain on Me, Sour Candy, Replay & Sine from Above Flop 5: Stupid Love, 911, Plastic Doll, 1000 Doves, Fun Tonight
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    No offense but aren't you almost 30 yourself? And you're literally on a pop forum and actively engaging in stan wars. Maybe a bit hypocritical. This whole ageist shit you're pulling is really dumb you know? A good bunch of members on this forum are pushing 30 or are older than 30 by now. Does it mean they suddenly can't be here and engage in stan wars? No. Please take your age-shaming somewhere else, thank you!
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    Oh look the bitch is back. Didn't you wanna stay in the Ari section? How come you pop into BG more often now?