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  1. Yeah he is. Especially cause she had met his wife and held their newborn in her arms. Sorry, but I will never be able to forgive her.
  2. 1 That entire album sucks but her writing a song like this about a guy that she stole? No ma'am.
  3. The best album released this year. Deserved a #1 debut unlike the one released by Hitlor. 👏🏼
  4. No they aren’t. Taylor has been doing this three times already and she’s most definitely more chart obsessed than Billie. It's annoying how she can’t let a week pass without some new crap from her. Be gone, Satan!
  5. Third time she decided to shit on someone else's release week with a bunch of utterly pointless versions of an already pointless and unseasoned album. All to make sure her album stays at #1 and Billie doesn't get it for what's undoubtedly a greater album than she will ever be able to create. People are also starting to get sick of her and seeing through her shit, her fanbase is nowadays considered the worst of the worst and overall, it's just not looking particularly great at Camp Taylor. Too bad she's too deluded and too obsessed to even realize that she's currently digging her own grave
  6. She's got a bit of a point. I have only ever seen it used for women but it could be that it’s just my bubble. Karen is mostly used for women, true. However, that is mostly because "white women calling authorities on black men because they feel threatened by their presence" kinda doesn’t work for men and it’s a practice that dates back to the segregation era or even slavery. Instead, white men usually tend to pull out a gun and just shoot the guy. 🙃 See: George Zimmerman etc.
  7. As long as it results in some outtakes finally leaking, I‘m here for it.
  8. Pretty sure the Grindr hookup part is a joke but this is an exciting announcement. Hopefully the hoarders don't bully him into not leaking anything.
  9. She sucks. People need to stop stanning untalented narcissists.
  10. 1: She didn’t do what Hitlor did by placing one exclusive bonus track on each variant. 2: Everything is made from recyclable material, there are no hard covers or anything like that. 3: Vinyls suck ass and people really need to fucking get over that stupid ass trend.
  11. Britney is literally so nuts and her behavior is rotten.
  12. Taylor Swift's attorneys have threatened legal action against a Florida college student who runs social media accounts tracking the flights of her and other celebrities' private jets. Jack Sweeney, a junior at the University of Central Florida, has for years run accounts that log the takeoffs and landings of planes and helicopters owned by hundreds of billionaires, politicians, Russian oligarchs and other public figures, along with estimates of their planet-warming emissions. The accounts use publicly available data from the Federal Aviation Administration and volunteer hobbyists w
  13. I am not surprised thar she is as much of a calculated overachiever after reading this email. It seems that she is very much taking after her parents. They definitely drilled her into becoming America's sweetheart. It’s all artificial… And I also wouldn’t be surprised if he hired all these lawyers to threaten journalists and reporters to only write positive articles about her. He seems wat too invested.
  14. The fact her jobless fans kept this idiot's career afloat by mass posting "relatable memes" about her shouldn’t be enough to be thankful for on her part. Unfortunately, not being the best or most successful in everything is impossible to process for narcissists, so they'll always believe it has to do with others conspiring against them. Nicki shouldn’t have a career anymore at this point. The people still stanning this despicable rape apologist are the main problem.