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  1. That's the Way Love Goes vs. Velvet Rope

    You Want This vs. You

    If vs. Got 'til It's Gone

    This Time vs. My Need

    Throb vs. Go Deep

    What'll I Do vs. Free Xone

    Funky Big Band vs. Together Again

    New Agenda vs. Empty

    Because of Love vs. What About

    Again vs. Every Time

    Where Are You Now vs. Tonight's the Night

    The Body That Loves You vs. I Get Lonely

    Any Time, Any Place vs. Rope Burn

    Whoops Now vs. Anything

    One More Chance vs. Special

    And On and On vs. Can't Be Stopped

    70's Love Groove vs. God's Stepchild


    janet. = 6
    The Velvet Rope = 12

  2. who the fuck is thirsting for Tom Hiddleston in here? dead2 

    Joe Jonas - 25 -

    Lucas Till - 20

    Taylor Lautner - 30

    John Mayer - 25 

    Jake Gyllenhaal - 40 +

    Harry Styles - 20 

    Calvin Harris - 15

    Tom Hiddleston - 50 

    Joe Alwyn - 50

  3. 1. Terrence Loves You - Merryem

    2. Terrence Loves You - Moira O'Hara

    3. Religion - Hyun.

    4. Religion - CHANEL #1

    5. Terrence Loves You - Madonna








    The way NoFace is rigging the game with all these stupid twists to make me suffer. lol3 

  4. 20 minutes ago, Urbanov said:

    You said it’s iconic when the post I quoted says snake part is but most people do not even remember what song she was performing. I guess your synapses got burned a little from overheating 

    This. I had seen clips or maybe pictures of it at some point but I literally never knew what song she was performing. I also haven't seen anyone paying tribute to it or referencing it, so maybe it wasn't THAT impactful.

    We have these though:


    Katy was gonna wear this to this year's MET Gala





  5. I'm not even trolling but I haven't seen the Slave 4 U performance or have known of its existence until last year or something. dead2 

    The way the Madonna tribute performance (feat. Britney) proves that Madonna has at least two iconic (and much older performances). The 2007 Britney performance is not iconic but embarrassing and sad. The fact you're even bragging about it... lol3 

    Sorry but Madonna's and Gaga's performances >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Britney dancing to her backing tracks with a snake.

  6. 38 minutes ago, Freaky Prince said:

    Looking at Kings & Queens' chart positions and oh wow she might be a cute European girl

    Chart (2020) Peak
    Israel (Media Forest)[39] 1
    Latvia (Latvijas Top 40)[41] 1
    Switzerland (Media Control Romandy)[57] 1
    Poland (Polish Airplay Top 100)[49] 3
    Czech Republic (Rádio Top 100)[26] 4
    Euro Digital Songs (Billboard)[29] 5
    Malta (Radiomonitor)[43] 5
    Scotland (Official Charts Company)[53] 5
    Switzerland (Schweizer Hitparade)[56] 5
    Namibia (Radiomonitor)[45] 7
    Norway (VG-lista)[48] 7
    Croatia (HRT)[24] 8
    Cyprus (Mix FM Cyprus)[25] 8
    Belgium (Ultratip Wallonia)[21] 9
    Czech Republic (Singles Digitál Top 100)[27] 9
    Hungary (Dance Top 40)[34] 10

    Namibia of all places...