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  1. I thought about starting a possible reboot for the Madonna Discography Megarates but for now, maybe we can do this as a bit of a prelude. :) 

    You have a full week to choose your favourite song.


  2. I don’t see Shallow being remembered as a SIGNATURE Gaga song. More like a soundtrack/movie classic like "I've Had the Time of My Life". Does anyone know who sang the song? No, but it’s forever linked to Dirty Dancing.

    Shallow isn’t reflective of Gaga’s career or mist of her musical output. Therefore, it just can’t become a quintessential Gaga song as much as her fans want it to happen.

  3. 1. I never liked her voice. She always sounds like she swallowed a toothbrush.

    2. The song is not BAD but it’s not good either. It’s typically Jack Antonoff with his pretentious, minimalist, approach acting like he produced a masterpiece. That alone makes the song worse than it might be in my eyes.

  4. Loose definitely was one of THE most impactful albums that shaped the pop scene sonically in the pre-Gaga era. That and Future Sex/Love Sound were and still are the go-to albums from that era.

    Blackout definitely had its fair share of impact but it isn't nearly as iconic as Loose and FS/LS is and it also wasn't as internationally successful as those two. They had a much better and more memorable single rollout and promo campaign than Blackout. 

    They are Nelly's and JT's quintessential albums. Blackout isn't even Britney's magnum opus.