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  1. This is so fucking heartbreaking. Look at them You can tell how devastated they were. UGH why are some kids so cruel and violent??? Fucking pigs!
  2. Madonna


  3. Madonna


    Happy birthday, queen! Don't let the Twattir stans and @Simón. get you down!
  4. Katy ha return to the top 20!
  5. Girl, stop it now before you keep digging your hole deeper! Inexperienced or not...people on the fucking street stepped up to that police officer and tried to help but he couldn’t? There is no excuse for that, sorry. This post just continues to prove that you continue to sympathize with criminals.
  6. Is she seriously now defending an unqualified police officer?! Literally wtf is wrong with her?
  7. Madonna

    I think she definitely danced better than Britney ever did but she doesn’t have an ounce of Britney‘s charisma.
  8. Are you really trying to say this was a good performance cause... This is iconic and memorable because it’s probably the worst and most embarrassing performance in MTV history.
  9. Madonna

    Why did this look like a really bad parody though? I mean...nice dancing and all but...WTF? I’m so glad I never bothered to watch Glee honestly. What a dumbass show.
  10. Madonna

    And the album is literally a non-event after just one week.
  11. R. Tina once again siding with pedophiles and pedo-sympathizers. Aren’t you tired, sis?
  12. All of them are dreadful. Y’all forgot about the superior ex-act show, Zoey 101
  13. Madonna

    And both of them features. One of them was already a big hit without her, the other a fake charity single with a pedophile. Literally embarrassing.
  14. Compare Madonna’s first 10 studio albums to Britney’s albums. Britney’s voice was never better. Not in the studio and not live. You’re once again reaching for straws in an attempt to shade Madonna. Sorry but the cha-cha queen outsings, outperforms and outimpacted Lobotoney.
  15. Madonna

    She’s a better vocalist and a more popular and successful artist than Gaga. That’s the problem. There! I found it for you!
  16. The backfire. R. Tina truly makes dumber threads than @Agugaga. Who would have thought... Also, it’s “Why DO Britney & Selena get dragged...” Please correct that. Thank you!
  17. Is this supposed to be some kind of damage control, R. Tina?
  18. When he fails to hit #1 again
  19. Madonna here

    is anyone else having this bug where anything beyond page 2 in the status updates is eternally loading and videos are not popping up when embedded?

    1. Chris Morlock

      It's been happening for months now

    2. Urbanov

      I thought it was just me oprah15 

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