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    It really did! I mean...it's still my top 3 probably but it's obvious that the songs were tweaked too much. The original idea/concept got lost in all the changes. I really wish that she wasn't so inconsistent with her vision. She always changes things last minute and it's hella annoying cause it's always for the worst.
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    ANOTHER ONE? The way this could have been one of her best songs and the final version is easily one of her worst.
  3. There is no dubstep on Rated R. The album you're talking about is Unapologetic.
  4. It's not. Stop it with your hypocritical clown shit. He still exploited a minor and live streamed sexual activities with a minor (aka. produced child porn).
  5. Poor R. Kelly didn't know he was pissing on a 14 year old girl! Clear him of all charges immediately! Poor Harvey Weinstein didn't know he was forcing himself on women that weren't interested in having sex with him!
  6. He literally posted a video of him and his friend engaging in sexual acts with a 13-year-old girl. NOTE: 13 You can't tell me that a grown man can't tell a 13 year old girl apart from someone who is at least 18??? Feeling sorry for HIM?
  7. and the charity they are donating for is already a funded charity.
  8. EX FUCKING CUSE ME? He had sex with a 13 year old girl! That is even below the age of consent in many countries where the AOC is quite low (14).
  9. It’s so stupid. They think they will be accepted by white people if they associate themselves with white conservatives, white supremacists, etc.
  10. I find it so infuriating. I dragged them both on Facebook and threatened to expose them when I found out they were supporting Trump and celebrating his victory. I’m so tempted to put the daughter’s ass on blast at the law firm she’s currently working at for her disgustingly racist and homophobic sentiment. They even supported George Zimmerman when he was on trial for shooting Treyvon Martin! Fucking disgusting!
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  12. The current Nicki is the same she has always been. She's just more vocal about her trash opinions and her lack of morals these days. People should simply not support her or give her streams, periodT.
  13. This is something I've noticed while living in Orlando, FL for a year. From what i've heard and seen, many US citizens with Latin American heritage are incredibly discriminatory and racist against African-Americans. Why is that? Shouldn't they feel a sense of solidarity? I hope I'm not over-generalizing. I know there is a good portion of people that aren't racist but I'm just speaking from my own first-hand experience here. Many of them also hated Obama (mostly because he was black) and even voted for fucking Mitt Romney. During my year abroad I was staying with a very religious Latin-American family who originally came from Honduras. They owned a small business that was selling ice cream, Puerto Rican pastries and food. They way they were treating their black costumers was just downright vile. Their daughter (who was actually going to law school ) was especially racist and even told me she "hated black people" just after she harassed a black Walmart employee and treated her like a fucking slave. It made my stomachs turn. She and her mother were also extremely obsessed with their "white ancestors" (apparently the daughter had a white father?) and she would go on and on about it. I'm not gonna go into detail about the way they treated me but their friends and a lot of other Latin Americans I met shared a similar sentiment and it just baffles me. Is this a common thing? What is the reason? I'm trying to understand where this lack of support or racist attitude may come from. Someone help, please?
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    Not releasing Inside Out as a single over Criminal. Having to release Outrageous as a single over Breathe on Me and Touch of My Hand Releasing Britney Jean instead of just releasing two or three stand-alone singles Not releasing Change Your Mind as the lead single of Glory and not including that song and Liar on the standard edition. Releasing Radar as a single (both times, the song sucks)
  15. Good! Save your soul today! Unstan Stinki Garbaj!
  16. It's not just a song. She has proven time and time again that she is a rape-supporter. A supporter of criminals and pedophiles and she's absolutely ruthless when it comes to her own success or her "legacy".
  17. Y'all have probably seen videos of this cunt harassing Asian-Americans in parks, parking lots and other places (sometimes even in front of their children). It's so absolutely infuriating and I hope they don't use "mental illness" as an excuse to lower her sentence. She deserves to serve jail time or to be sent in some kind of mental institution (for the rest of her life). Trump has truly enabled a lot of these pigs to be so openly racist, knowing they won't face any harsh consequences. The US is the fucking pits and I really hope this is all a start of a bigger revolution that will eventually destroy the American government as it is now.
  18. Imagine stanning this downright piece of human trash. Her and her fans along with the fags that still casually support her because they are shallow individuals all deserve to be dragged to hell and back. How can you support someone who is THIS narcissistic? Someone who has repeatedly supported rapists, pedophiles and even went as far as shaming their victims? How can you even speak up against other important issues such as racism, sexism, etc. and in the same breath stan this vile individual? Where is your fucking dignity? Where is your sense of morals? She has shown us so many times in the past that the only person she cares about is her damn self. She'll do ANYTHING for a #1 even if that means collaborating with a convicted pedophile and rapist WHO SHOULD STILL BE IN FUCKING JAIL. They are releasing Trollz as a CHARITY SINGLE after fucking 6hit9ine cried on Instagram about Ariana getting a #1 with a charity single. If that wasn't enough...Nicki is doing this which is a downright dig at Ariana even though they are friends allegedly? While Ariana and many other artists are in the streets protesting or even lending their platform and show appearances to BLM activists, Nicki only cares about supporting her criminal friends and getting another #1 which can't be credited to her really.
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    I think it's definitely among the very worst songs she has ever released. It's awful.
  20. Madonna

    5 monsters yelling isn’t gonna change the fact that Monsters have proven yet again they were bothered as fuck. Yall have been screaming, shouting and complaining on here and on Discord about @Jjang’s threads. All of which had valid arguments. Oh, and so did my thread which had yall arguing for about 10 pages and entirely discrediting and ignoring the receipts I provided. Yall are just as bad if not worse and the whole forum knows it. Monsters and fossils ganging up on each other isn’t gonna change the fact that both fanbases are bitter and love to make vile threads that rile each other up. Now shush it and get my hit thread to 11 pages!
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    The way fossils didn’t care about this thread.
  22. I wouldn't be surprised. GodLo only stole from other talented people.
  23. Time for the Norwegian FBI to have a look into Apple Music's shady support of ASIB/Gaga!