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  1. And THAT’s the tea right there!
  2. Cock Ring? Is that a song by a drag queen or something?
  3. Madonna here

    I just ate a lot of food and took a huge shit. bey6 Does anyone think global warming is a good thing? I love Jennifer Lopez. I think she's very talented and underrated! 

    1. Ariana

      Pics or it didn't happen


    2. Princess Aurora

      Did Britney Spears hack your account ? dead2 

  4. Dip it low, pick it up slow Roll it all around, poke it out like your back broke Pop pop pop that thing I'ma show you how to make your man say "Ooh" BritBot could never compete with the black excellence that is Miss Milian. Pure talent, humble and beautiful. Also, what about this cute throwback? The racism jumped out when people supported Britney and not this legend. Justice will be served though, I'll make sure of it!
  5. Literally dropping like a hot potato.
  6. Madonna

    Sometimes is one of her most bland, cheesy and childish songs and Britney herself hates it too. It’s also one of her most forgotten songs.
  7. Madonna

    Imagine thinking Sometimes was better than Toxic or BOMT! Anyway, yes they are a BIT overplayed. That said, Womanizer, Sometimes and 3 are quite awful (in my opinion at least).
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    That award goes to Terrence Loves You.
  9. Dirrty is more remembered than We Belong Together OUTSIDE of the US. WBT was big in the US, whereas Dirrty flopped in the US.
  10. Madonna

    He will once his solo album drops.
  11. Madonna

  12. Madonna

    Bradley had the straights on his side, yes.
  13. ABOUT DAMN TIME! Gone with the Wind is a so-called "plantation novel" aimed to romanticize slavery as a response to successful "slave narrative" such as Uncle Tom's Cabin. It never should have been the success it was to be honest. I get that many consider it a wonderful movie and from a purely artistic standpoint, it might be. However, there is SO MUCH wrong with it.
  14. Madonna

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural_impact_of_Madonna Aside from the numerous hits that are older than Britney's career. Vogue, Like a Prayer, Express Yourself, Like a Virgin, Material Girl, La Isla Bonita, Hung Up are all remembered classics that are still culturally relevant. Britney has exactly two songs, Baby on More Time and Toxic, that people remember/encounter because of TikTok and they are not even old enough for us to determine whether they've stood the test of time.
  15. Well the comparison made no sense! I'm trying to move this thread in the only direction that will save you from the impeding embarrassment.
  16. Madonna

    Miss @Kristina WISHES it were that way so she could "officially" refer to Shitney as the "Queen of Pop". A title she never had and never will posses. Britney never had an ounce of Madonna's artistic integrity. She didn't push any boundaries, she was just simply a conventional pop star that served bops. You need to let it go, Kristina. Britney is basically retired. There's no comeback for her.
  17. Stripped was a cultural reset and Back to Basics showed and proved that she had way more artistic integrity than Britney ever had. That said, I enjoy Britney's discography a bit more but that is simply due to the fact that it's made up from really good rejects.
  18. The reasons as to why she got those top 5 hits are highly debatable nevertheless.
  19. Madonna


  20. Accelerate was the only somewhat catchy song on the album. The album was too lowkey and a slow-burner overall. It definitely needed a few more bops. I personally think it was sonically ahead of its time. We will hear more songs with that kind of production in the future.
  21. Madonna

    They really are and this thread proves it BIG TIME. This almost sounds like as if you had insight into her brain and her mind. Her son went on Instagram live and basically said a lot of other things. She hasn't had a proper spark in her eye since Blackout.
  22. Madonna


    3 YEARS? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It feels like yesterday! An amazing album. It took a while to grow on me as it's not the music I usually listen to but it's truly a great debut. TOP 3: Drew Barrymore (probably among my favourite songs of ALL TIME), Garden & The Weeknd