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  1. Uhh no? Madonna is the best selling female artist with over 300m sales WW. Mariah is far behind. She‘s somewhere at #4 or #5 actually.
  2. I think they were just in contact at that time and were scheduling things, then met up a few days ago. The first story M posted featured some music by Mirwais that he probably showed her before they actually got to work.
  3. Don’t know about that but I know that ”DW revolutionized the concept of love“. - unknown physicist, 2018
  4. Update: She’s not and will never be the queen of pop! Her performance was great (although mostly rehashed from her previous shows). She looked great, sang good as usual BUT the genre she locates herself at is RnB. I’d say, she’ll snatch Janet’s Queen of RnB title soon and rightfully so since Janet has only occasionally been announced with that title or queen of pop (incorrectly). You guys can’t rewrite history and just use a title that was specifically used in reference to M who SHAPED pop music into an actual genre along with MJ and use it for someone who literally has no right bearing that title. That is what this thread and feud ultimately boils down to. Little Monsters tried it and you see where it got them. Yall better not start getting cocky now, sistren.
  5. So happy to have brought you guys back together. Thank me later. Pot calling the kettle black. Like...literally.
  6. Funny they named her that considering that nothing about Tristan’s love for Khloe was true.
  7. It's a social experiment and the theater was trying to make sure people would pay to see the play instead of committing a crime. It may seem tasteless at first but the point of this was to show how easy it is to corrupt people and the reaction was expected. The truly outrageous part about this is that 50 people put their morals aside only to get a free ticket.
  8. Did you literally just google "I hate madonna"? desperate and embarrassing.
  9. OMG FUCKING ERADICATE THEM! We all know that the honeybee's are an extinct species. They can sting but they'll die of the consequences.
  10. Well, there we have some tea!
  11. Beaux for future mod? Good luck with that.
  12. This whole fucking thread is one big reflection. ATRL really has been fucking with your brain hasn’t it?
  13. Mod Notice Do not discuss NHB drama outside of that section.