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  1. "Don't it taste like holy water?

    Bless yourself and genuflect!

    Don't it taste like holy water?

    Yeezuz loves my pussy best!"


    1. rosekesha

      Natalia Kills we stan!

  2. They are real. Eclipse just traded them in full and has sent snippets to people.
  3. Game

    Thanks gurls...I didn’t wanna get dragged again.
  4. Game

    Literally what the hell was she thinking when she made this album though? It's such a god damn non-event and she didn't bother to sing more than three songs on tour and also didn't bother to shoot proper videos. She seemed so uninspired, lazy and just not all there.
  5. Discussion

    It's not as catchy as the previous singles and too pop for the GP rn. It's not going to happen.
  6. Discussion

    Will someone please explain to me why Katy stans like Walking on Air so much? The production is so cheap and the same goes for Swish Swish. I hate that cheap 90s beat.
  7. They fucking beat me to it for fucks sake.
  8. Discussion

    I'm gonna say Legendary Lovers.
  9. Game

    Mhhh one of the better boring songs from Honeysnooze. Imma give it a generous 5.
  10. Music Video

    Okay it's pretty evident her hoe ass is ACTUALLY broke looking at how low-budget this video is. Girl...a pool party would have been cool for the video.
  11. Music Video

    OMG I ALWAYS WANTED A VIDEO FOR SODA!!! All my favourites from BWET have videos now! SLAY!
  12. Yaasssssss thank god that bitch is flopping for FILTH! No one wants to see/hear Mediocora live! The most overrated album of this decade.
  13. You did not just shade Elastic Love and Glam!
  14. Well, then there would be no point for a BG tbh. I think fat shaming and age and look shaming is not cool but really...there is nothing as vile as wanting someone to die.