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  1. Madonna is actually one thicc bih these days. # Yes, Sarah Paulson better stan!
  2. Well, she should have added Heavy Metal Lover and Dance in the Dark to the setlist.
  3. Event

    I can't send you the links if you have me on block, sis!
  4. Event

    Oh yeah I can send you that of course!
  5. Event

    Evenly spread across the singles.
  6. Event

    This is the MP The K N I L just can't be posted here.
  7. Event

    Guess what's back? Singles: Albums: Live Albums: UPDATED! REWORKED! REORGANIZED! If you guys are interested in wanting to know about the DetaiLs, feel free to PM me!
  8. Oh, so Moo felt threatened by Queen M and now copied her and decided it was time to release another colossal flop?
  9. Game

    A 10 for S.E.X. from me A 7 for Easy Ride
  10. WELL HELLO! Do y'all think a Katy collab will happen? I have a feeling there's quite a chance. Wouldn't be surprised if she considers Pharrell and Calvin Harris as well and brings out the funky vibes again.
  11. A Kylanne stan getting brave in the M section?
  12. I mean...who did y'all expect her to collaborate with? Patrick Leonard & Mirwais?
  13. Game

    2 This song put me to sleep faster than Propofol and Lavender incense.