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  1. You’re doing amazing, sweetie! Keep using those Godna Del Rey emotes!
  2. how embarrassing. Conspiracy proven wrong.
  3. LOL you clearly don’t know anything about chess, do you? The song is about waiting for someone you love/like to make a move and the backdrop used a chess match as metaphor. Not that hard to grasp.
  4. Since y'all are so eager to make threads about another legend, let's have a look at another legend who passed away almost 10 years ago. Never in my life have I seen a tribute that was so appropriate, heartfelt and amazing as this one. Michael is one of my main idols, so are Madonna and yes Janet too (as much as I like to hate on her nowadays). This tribute still makes me cry whenever I see it. There is NO OTHER ARTIST who is capable of giving a speech that will move you to tears like Madonna can. Her speech was so on point, so personal, so heartfelt and if that wasn't enough: Janet decides to drop by and give her brother the last honor and perform Scream live (FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME EVER) alongside her brother (although post mortem). The reaction of the audience, the family. I- The queen of pop honoring the king of pop and the queen of RnB honoring her brother with a dramatic and totally unexpected performance. It still gives me chills. EDIT: I'm drunk and a bit emotional right now so bare with me and ignor my typos pleaswde.
  5. Ursula


    ngl I'd take her over my fave embarrassing herself with another tribute performance tbh.
  6. Ursula

    We been knew But one can't deny that from an artistic perspective Madonna is more diverse than him especially when it comes to her tours.
  7. Ursula


    So, I guess a tribute performance is coming?
  8. She’s in Marrakesh. She probably doesn’t.
  9. Nnnn speaking of the devil. How much longer till Gaga's songs are equally as forgotten as Mariah's?
  10. Shame that Hung Up and 4 Minutes have both outsold Mariah's biggest hits from the respective years.
  11. Really? Well...let's see whose single stats are better. Madonna: Mariah: What I'm seeing here is that the artist that is actually OLDER managed to pull better numbers and chart positions in MORE countries than the younger and apparently "more relevant" one. Oh, and Madonna's last top 10 (a WW one at that) was GMAYL in 2012. A year before McRiah released Miguel's song and claimed it as her own by adding some background vocals. Everything else from that album including every single that followed tanked harder than Madonna's efforts. I mean even Living for Love and Ghosttown did better on a global scale than most of Mariah's post-2013 singles. US & UK =/= world Educate yourself please. We know Mariah doesn't get many views from places outside of the anglophone sphere but that doesn't apply to everyone else.
  12. Ursula


    FUCKING FINALLY! Also can I get an amen for that amazing Like a Prayer rendition? Finally it's not that awfully dated Shep Pettibone remix for the 100th time! The next tour better be epic and dark like this!