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  1. Yzma


    No? I never said a lot of people hate that song. A lot of people dislike Honeymoon overall though. Yes, it is shit. A total fucking waste of an album.
  2. First I stan the Queen of Pop, Godonna and now Her Excellency, Rihallah! Two queens!
  3. Yzma

    It‘s too awkward to be staged. Either way...the audience doesn’t know her. They would have reacted differently if they knew her...
  4. Yzma

    I Brings That Gratitude
  5. Yzma


    Girl...don’t get yourself warned.
  6. Yzma


    We all know she can sing and belt without sounding as if she had a hot potato in her mouth. It's so annoying that she's making her otherwise beautiful voice sound so fucking ugly.
  7. Yzma


    Never. She didn't use it on The Cure. She knows how to turn it off but her dumbass keeps using it thinking she sounds good. She seriously has to fucking STOP!
  8. Yzma


    Koons voice still in full bloom I see.
  9. No. Just like Mariah‘s 18 #1 songs (sponsored by Tommy Motolla) The Obese Chanteuse has tried it with GTFO which has her voice (if it even is hers) pitched and auto-tuned to unrecogniseability.
  10. Well...the majority of this era consists of Million Reasons promo. I wouldn’t brag about it lasting a year and a half.
  11. Yzma

    Screaming at these two names! Me I Am Obese!
  12. Yzma

    Yet, the judges from The Voice of Germany and the audience didn't know who she was:
  13. All of a sudden you stan her. Please leave this forum.
  14. Yzma

    Are you now lying to yourself? Get help, sis.
  15. Yzma

    http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/news/2018/8/madonnas-career-in-10-records-as-queen-of-pop-turns-60-536857 Highest-grossing music tour (female) In August 2008, Madonna began her Sticky & Sweet tour, kicking off in Cardiff's then-named Millennium Stadium, UK, unaware that she was about to make history. The tour would go on to become the highest grossing music tour by a female artist, making $408 million by the time it came to an end over a year later in September 2009. Even now, 10 years after the tour started, no woman has managed to break this figure. Most remixed act The fact that Madonna’s music has been remixed and sampled more than any other artists is a testament to just how incredibly influential she still is. With her songs being remixed 324 times as of March 2018, it’s clear that she is known as one of the most important musicians in recent history. Largest internet pop concert In 2008 at the Brixton Academy, London, UK, Madonna performed a concert that was broadcast live over the internet. Despite the thousands already there in person, 11 million people rushed online to watch the artist perform, smashing the previous record of 3 million held by Sir Paul McCartney. Largest gathering of people dressed as Madonna Unsurprisingly Madonna has a huge number of fans and some decided to show their passion for her in 2014 when 440 assembled at Fool’s Paradise Drag Party in New York to break the record for the largest gathering of people dressed as Madonna. Most US top 40 singles entries by a female artist Madonna first set this record in 2002 with her 44th single, Die Another Day (which is also the First James Bond theme to reach No.1 in the UK charts). Three years later she extended it when Hung Up became her 46th single to reach such heights. It also became her 36th UK top 10 entry. Largest environmental fundraising event In 1998 Madonna performed at a benefit concert in Carnegie Hall, New York (US) in aid of the Rainforest Foundation, a fund set up nine years earlier by fellow pop star Sting and his wife, Trudie Styler. The concert managed to raise $2 million (£1.2 million) to support indigenous people and rainforests with other acts performing including Elton John and Billy Joel. Most No.1 albums by a female artist (UK albums chart) 11 UK chart-topping albums puts the American artist in an uncontested spot with her latest being Celebration in 2009. This extended her own record from 2005 when Confessions on a Dance Floor first earned her the title. The only solo artist, male or female, with more than 10 No.1 albums in the UK is Elvis Presley who has 13. Most costume changes in a film for a character As well as her countless musical achievements, Madonna has appeared in more than 20 films and even some theatrical plays. Her role as Eva Perón, wife of former Argentine President Juan Perón, in the 1996 musical drama Evita had her change costumes a record 85 times. This included 42 hair designs, 56 pairs of earrings and 39 different hats. The huge selection of clothes was carefully reconstructed over 14 weeks from the former Argentine First Lady’s wardrobe by designer Penny Rose. Oldest artist to simultaneously top the UK singles and album charts At the age of 47, the pop music legend became the Oldest artist to simultaneously top the UK singles and albums charts. In 2005, her single Hung Up shot up the singles charts and by 19 November it was No.1. One week later Confessions on a Dance Floor rose to the top of the album charts, earning her this record on 26 November 2005. Best-selling female recording artist After reading this far into a list of awe-inspiring achievements, it should come as no surprise that Madonna is the Best-selling female recording artist ever, only beaten overall by The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. Between 1983 and March 2015, she has sold an estimated 335 million albums and singles, which without a doubt has secured Madonna a prestigious spot in music history as one of the most influential female recording artists of all time. And it's thanks to albums such as 2005's Confessions on a Dance Floor, which holds the record for Most charts topped around the world - same album at 40. I think you'll have to wish death upon her for much longer. She's clearly not going anywhere.