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  1. Those are some of her most popular songs tbqh. At least they showed some appreciation for Sensitzed which slays.
  2. Her RnB stuff isn't that great either. So, maybe she should simply stop making music altogether?
  3. Album

    Omg that song is literal trash along with that Duck Dance song...If I'm Dancing? All her fans seem to stan those two though.
  4. Album

    The fact it was a bonus track in the first place... Why would you put the best song off the album on the deluxe version while keeping all the fillers on the standard version. In fact, I think Liar and Coupre Electrique all should have been on the main version.
  5. Album

    Liar, Change Your Mind and Better were the obvious single choices. Tragic that they got snubbed.
  6. My sadness and devastation always turns into anger when children get killed. This is inhumane. I know this may not be a good point of discussion but it's crimes like this that to me show that religion (of any kind) simply has no place in this world. These people were only there to have fun and enjoy the music they love. I hate that these attackers feel the need to bring their religious crusade to a place that is completely unrelated. I want this to end. I wanna see the day that people will finally live in peace when no one has to die for something as ridiculous as religion.
  7. Album

    @Goldie It's in Berlin
  8. Y'all...as if RCA is at fault for Tinashemale being a flop. SHE SIMPLY DOESN'T MAKE MUSIC THAT PEOPLE ENJOY LISTENING TO. It's literally coma-inducing. She's not that type of girl you hear people blasting in their cars. It's either incredibly basic like Flame or wannabe alternative but without any edge.
  9. Celeb News

    I personally don't want 50% of the album to be sung by someone I don't care about or someone I don't like to listen to. No, it's not about time...some people don't need collabs. Lana is one of them.
  10. Single

    Why does it seem like all these girls release the same type of song. It's all so basic. God, I hate this Tropical Dance trend. Some do it well but some are really just trend-hopping.
  11. General News

    FINALLY! Hopefully the rest of the album is as good as Drew Barrymore.
  12. /thread Both are not unique enough. They both simply do not have a strong brand and their music is not helping them standout. It's rather bland...
  13. Music Video

    HBTB - okay but uneventful video MTWBT - beautiful, colorful set but then turned into B&W???? Lazy use of UV video outtakes Freak - Re-edit of the UV video... I'm sorry but HM was lazy and shit.