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  1. Yzma

    @Administrators @Moderators I seriously can't with this troll anymore.
  2. Yzma

    It does and I speak from experience. It's just too sad he wasted precious time on a parody song that wasn't witty or funny at all. It would have been justifiable if the song ended up being good.
  3. Do you really expect someone who comes from one of the most conservative cultures in the world to view the SEX book as anything other than a porn book? I mean, he's literally throwing shade at any singer who does more than just sing in long evening gowns and pretends they are sluts for performing in short clothes to "cha cha music". Female singers in his opinion are meant to only sing boring soul ballads in evening gowns and not do more than that. Why the hell are all these Moo stans so fucking misogynistic?
  4. Are Gargoyle fans really coming for Madonna's soft porn content when Gaga has literally released pics with her fanny exposed? Or pictures of her hanging naked from the sealing tied up in ropes?
  5. Rap girls with an attitude Rapists that were in the mood Don't just stand there, Let's get to it Strike a pose there is nothing to it VOGUE!
  6. Yzma

    Imagine being this pressed over Ariana only because she released her album around the same time XTina did and ended up doing better. Agu, sweetie...things like that happen. Get the fuck over it.
  7. Yzma


    Omg she's a stan!
  8. Yzma

    Imagine defending a murderer but coming for a woman because she is "a single mother and was a stripper". Misogyny and sexism at its finest.
  9. Yzma

    Isn’t this Canel Oberlin or something?
  10. This. But are we surprised the gays stan this average and inauthentic bitch? No.
  11. @Merryem‘s dollar tree weave was found in a ditch! The good sis has been non-stop prolapsing since 2011. It’s really nothig new.
  12. The main reason why I shit on Gags is mostly her fans BRAGGING about anything she does that is successful in the slightest. I‘ve been saying that all along. It’s so annoying to have this fanbase come for everybody and act like Gaga is so above them when her song hits #1 for like two seconds. Most of them are success-stanning rats who never really cared about her actual art (which she has now abandoned). Theyfeel like they can't stan a flop and have to prove to everybody that she‘s the biggest pop girl since Madonna. With ASIB there are hardly any receipts saying that it’s not a success. It is, whether it is due to the smart promo campaign or not doesn’t really matter. HOWEVER, one successful side project after tons of duds and flops doesn’t guarantee a successful comeback for Gaga's solo career. This soundtrack/movie had a lot of hype and promo coming from the industry. They were hardcore campaigning for Award season. Is Gaga a good actress? Objectively speaking no. She is primarily a singer and her acting is not particularly authentic. Is Madonna a good actress? No. Was she good in Evita because she had to primarily perform and not act? Yes, same as Gaga.
  13. Well her wish has been granted either way when Fibromyagiyaaaassss came to clock this bitch for her disgusting ways.