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  1. Yzma

    NoseGa fans back at their sheer and absolute delusion that they have been known for since 2010? How surprising! Y’all know very well that she’s far far away from deserving that nickname.
  2. Yzma

    They never learn. She’s successful for a minute and BOOM they’re back to their disgustingly annoying 2010/2011 selves. Insecure, success-stanning rats. Like I said...
  3. Yzma

    You really believe THAT? I’m SO sorry.
  4. Yzma


    God Bless America
  5. Yzma

    I mean Million Diseases and Nope peaked within the top 10, didn’t they? Are those considered hits? Like I said before: Call me when the lead single from her upcoming studio album does nearly as well and then we can talk. I doubt that anything she makes that isn’t promoted by an overhyped movie like A Star Is Born is gonna do well. Enjoy this era though. Yall kinda deserve it after ARTFLOP and Noanne. I will cackle if her pop material (given that ASIB won’t motivate her to keep doing country forever) flops again and she enters complete irrelevance again.
  6. Yzma

    Neither can Mariah but you don’t see Madonna fans fake stanning Gags only to bash Moo. How embarrassing for a viral meme queen like Moo to flop with her RnB music when it’s currently the most successful genre.
  7. This still sounds believable. and it was hilarious as fuck! Notice how Dave Cobb is barely involved but Mark Ronson, Lukas Nelson, Mark Ronson and DJ White Shit are heavily involved. This is most likely true.
  8. Yzma

    But they were. Anyway, once again you guys are getting cocky and annoying as fuck because after YEARS of flopping she is coming back with a movie that is somewhat successful. And? It’s not like she’s suddenly on her 2010-level of success again. You guys should really wait for her studio album to come out before y’all embarrass yourselves again.
  9. Yzma

    With two flop albums and her last solo hit single being from 2013? I don’t think so. Wait till she releases her next studio album that doesn’t have a cheesy and overhyped movie to promote it!
  10. As expected: The minute Gaga does something that isn’t a flop FOR ONCE, Monsturds get all boisterous and bump all the old threads. Y‘all always get so fucking cocky and haven proven YET AGAIN that you are all success-stanning little idiots who have to shove their fave‘s ”success“ down everybody‘s throat.
  11. Yzma

    Celeb News

    She did bite that bouncer's boob, though and threatened to cut someone with a broken wine glass at Russell Crowe's dinner party.
  12. Yzma


    OMG this is the first time I'm noticing the Now I'm Following You samples in that video. They were ACTUALLY going to release that turd as a single. I cannot believe it.
  13. Yzma