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  1. Yzma

    Nnnnnnn not her about to start beef with Ari too. She is fucking OVER!
  2. Yzma

    Oops...guess you finally admitted that you're a homophobic girl posing as a gay dude.
  3. Yzma

    Interesting to always see the same group of people pulling the race card.
  4. Yzma

    I'd cackle soooo hard if Ariana's "Imagine" blocked the Big Fat Bass from hitting #1 with that tired-ass X-Mas song.
  5. It makes me so fucking uncomfortable. I got so stressed because I couldn't tell whether it's the video or my computer.
  6. Yzma


    Madonna biopic series produced by Netflix.
  7. Yzma


    Let me guess: They were all done by Aldo Diaz?
  8. Yzma

    It has already been released!
  9. Yzma

    I mean, at this point, Madonna fans are used to fans of other artists writing articles like this. It's hilarious that after 35 years she is STILL the standard, the non plus ultra who people are DESPERATE to see matched in terms of influence, success and longevity. In the end, every one they hailed as "The New Madonna" failed at either of the three things I listed. Gaga fans took the obsession of having their fave being placed at the top of the hierarchy to a new level. It's so desperate and tragic and the reason why they are the most looked down upon fanbase. Get over it, ShitGa fans. SHE WILL NEVER BE ON MADONNA's LEVEL.
  10. Yzma

    Sorry, you're wrong. I've publicly expressed my disdain over her decision to work with Mike Tyson. I'm not even a fan of her working with Nas who beat and abused his ex-wife, Kelis. I never supported her on these matters. Most Madonna fans are not big fans of her social media presence though I think it's embarrassingly hilarious. You're the one who is unhealthily delusional about his faves. I mean you even go as far as faking your persona on here to be able to make all sorts of misogynistic statements and even make up stories about you beating up Madonna fans at Starbucks because they are "so gay". YOU, Miss, are in no position to come for anything I say or do. I have no idea why the mods are still fucking keeping you around.
  11. Yzma

    @Administrators @Moderators I seriously can't with this troll anymore.