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  1. K-Pop/J-Pop

    i might dislike BTS but i actually liked their AMA's performance a lot, it's really fantastic to see Korean artists on a US award show
  2. Album Tove Lo | Blue Lips | 3rd Studio Album | November 17th, 2017

    Stranger's outro is such a highlight
  3. Event Winners at the 2017 AMAs

    either GotG or Moana could've taken it so i'm glad there's at least one talented winner here!
  4. Game Lady Wood vs. Blue Lips

    Fairy Dust vs. Disco Tits Influence vs. shedontknowbutsheknows Lady Wood vs. Shivering Gold True Disaster vs. Don't Ask Don't Tell Cool Girl vs. Stranger Vibes vs. Bitches Fire Fade vs. Romantics Don't Talk About It vs. Cycles Imaginary Friend vs. Struggle Keep It Simple vs. 9th of October Flashes vs. Bad Days WTF Love Is vs. Hey You Got Drugs? LW: 6 BL: 6 tho i'm still a bit undecided on the last two bc both are fantastic edit: HYGD she's superior!
  5. FOTP Big Brother 7

    another iconic BB moment was me figuring out Team America which won me immunity and led be to become runner-up yes love being a legend
  6. FOTP Big Brother 7

    you sure know i was one too even when you nominated me!
  7. FOTP Big Brother 7

    is it a good time to brag about me being the first FOTP BB Fan Favorite? yes? iconic
  8. FOTP Big Brother 7

    this tea! @Hannah even if you seem to hate this season you truly delivered some great twists and made it pretty fun!
  9. FOTP Big Brother 7

    you completely deserve the win king! i'm glad at least one of us took the crown yes we can share custody of it!
  10. FOTP Big Brother 7

    i love stanning a talent, legend, icon, strategic inspiration!
  11. FOTP Big Brother 7

  12. FOTP Big Brother 7

    congratulations to Lust!
  13. FOTP Big Brother 7

    i love stanning TALENT
  14. FOTP Big Brother 7

    all this tension that we .. can't control
  15. FOTP Big Brother 7

    um how dare you expose him like this you