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  1. goodbye oh yeah Gentleman sucks a bit! btw do we agree on Misconceptions of Us being one of k-pop's greatest albums ever? hint, the answer's yes
  2. the Kimi No Seide video is still that experience! we love a plot twist! Mr. Right Guy is also a nice one
  3. you can make one killer mini album out of their great jpn songs, i'd say Five is a major improvement and def their best, there's at least good bops on it
  4. Picasso and Password are among the gems in that side of their music, at least! yeah that's why The First is such a pointless album i LIVE for the harmonies through the whole thing, all talent!
  5. their Japanese discography is truly the pits (except for a few gems) Danger and Drip Drop >>>
  6. it does have some questionable bops, i'll agree on that! both videos i've seen from him have been so good, and same! i weirdly just don't like Taemin singing in Japanese but that was a nice song!
  7. yes! Kylie has an iconic death on San Andreas! she also promoted her iconic song Get Outta My Way
  8. yes our studo is quite legendary!
  9. when did you fire me? we were just about to release your album
  10. no thank u
  11. the thing is Pinocchio has many questionable tracks so i just kinda ... ignore it
  12. Discussion

    it doesn't even deserve pity votes
  13. Discussion

    obligatory reminder that Kiss Me Once is actually a good album and not as bad as y'all make it seem!
  14. Discussion

    it's getting harder to ignore your slander for these masterpieces!