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  1. Hyun.


    when Easy slaps harder than Ease
  2. Hyun.


    these promo pics
  3. out at 7am PT on July 15th! pre-save
  4. Ariana: no tears left to cry Beyoncé: Blow Britney: Hold it Against Me Christina: Your Body i guess Katy: E.T. Gaga: Judas Lana: Ride / Venice Bitch Madonna: Isaac / Hung Up Mariah: Rihanna: Diamonds Taylor: Enchanted / Style very difficult for some of them
  5. Hyun.


    yes lemme crack this code now
  6. Hyun.


    1. The Blackest Day - Moira O'Hara 2. Swan Song - CharnyBoy 3. The Blackest Day - Hyun. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  7. Hyun.


    the production is EVERYTHING omg the disco strings >>>
  8. Hello again Fighters, and welcome to the tracklist process of Christina Aguilera's Essentials Playlist! A week ago we asked for the songs that you, the community, consider essential to her discography, and you delivered! Below will be the list of the top 25 songs in Christina Aguilera's discography, and the next step is to choose in what order we'll listen to them, it could be alphabetical, chronological, or anything you come up with. Just like the songs, this tracklist will be voted by you. Chosen by you, the top 25 songs are: Dirrty Ain’t No Other Man Genie in a Bottle Your Body Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You) Deserve Walk Away Candyman Elastic Love Fighter Let There Be Love Maria Not Myself Tonight Telepathy Accelerate Beautiful Bionic Cruz Desnudate Lady Marmalade Loving Me 4 Me Slow Down Baby Twice What a Girl Wants Woohoo To participate, all you have to do is post a tracklist order you think would be fitting for this playlist. Upvote the post with the order you like the most, and the most upvoted one will be chosen for the playlist! You don't need to submit a tracklist yourself if you don't want, you can simply upvote the one you like the most. Submissions will be open until Thursday, July 16th. Hope you all have fun! @STJ @Luca @Dennis Reynolds @Habits @V For Vendetta @Villanelle @Gabe. @Madonna @CharnyBoy Tagging everyone who voted for the songs!
  9. Thank you to everyone who submitted! See you in the next thread
  10. Hyun.


    1. Religion - Jake 2. Freak - Madonna 3. Religion - CharnyBoy 4. Religion - Hyun. 5. 6. 7.
  11. Hyun.


    love the winning team!
  13. Hyun.

    Music Video

    now come on now, Love U's chorus is kinda fun for a tropical song at least there's something over it and not just the synth track
  14. Feel Good is incredible oh yes! i think Uncover is super cool too, i don't particularly love the song but it's super interesting in composition omg... i'm very very excited about Naughty now that i saw some people compare it to EXO's Artificial Love and Taemin's Artistic Groove, both of which i love