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  1. this was so fucking cute omg the girls look adorable!
  2. Hyun.

    Music Video

    really really love the concept and the ending! fits the song quite well and it's such gaga levels of unpredictable i think my biggest issue is that i dislike the actual visual a lot? for how colorful and detailed the sets and costumes were, the video itself looked super plain and boring to me, wish it had some better cinematography bc i think this concept is really amazing
  3. Hyun.


    well now you're gonna know thanks to the both of us bc her performance on that show is still some of the best i've ever seen
  4. Hyun.

    Web Series

    oh i actually believed it, i was already feeling bad for Ashley when she found out what he did but seeing him so so close to lose it was really cool tho, especially then admitting his defeat and going to Stormfront no the sex scene really took me out... a literal powerfuck i do wonder how she knew about Starlight and Compound V and if it's a power we don't know from her? she seems insanely skilled so i wouldn't be shocked if she could read minds
  5. Hyun.


    she's gonna be so amazing in this role i'm very excited for this now!
  6. Hyun.

    Web Series

    YES! and also the cold bag Butcher was holding had Homelander on it WAIT I DIDN'T PIECE THAT TOGETHER that makes so much sense though omg... Stormfront really is planning something big
  7. Hyun.

    Web Series

    overall thoughts is what a fantastic episode! their world-building really keeps getting better and better omg you see supes in every set even if it's just a random supermarket... i really love that about this show too much going on to even try and talk about everything omg
  8. Hyun.

    Web Series

    me not knowing what day i'm in but i know it's not friday! guess i'll be watching tonight tho
  9. Hyun.


    Diamonds is incredible, i'm excited
  10. Hyun.


    surprised at how much i liked this album actually! Hell is probably my fave section of the two but it's really good overall
  11. Hyun.


    am i being stupid or do these lyrics make no sense
  12. Hyun.


    kinda unreal that a) we're finally getting a blackpink album and b) you're stanning them now
  13. Hyun.

    Web Series

    that's the one good thing about it, but it's so blatantly obvious that the show isn't written for this release format so i really can't understand why the producers would go for it, especially after all the backlash it's got from everyone
  14. Hyun.

    Web Series

    the way we're here for her and Frenchie only
  15. Hyun.

    Web Series

    plot-wise idk but what i know for sure is that we'll remain disappointed in the weekly releases format!