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  1. WEEK FIVE Troye Sivan – Interview Challenge
  2. ahh i'm vibrating with excitement for tonight i'm always up at 4am so i don't have to sleep dd, that sounds so cool tho! i'm so interested in the upcoming shows
  3. a cute album! i can't stand I Need Love, Stick with You or What Happens Here, and the target bonus tracks are pretty bad, but these: Love Me Land Need Someone Right Here WOW Poster Girl Look What You've Done FFF All the Time would be the ones i'm probably gonna keep listening to!
  4. Genesis vs. Future Nostalgia Lost in Your Light vs. Don't Start Now Hotter than Hell vs. Cool Be the One vs. Physical IDGAF vs. Levitating Blow Your Mind (Mwah) vs. Pretty Please Garden vs. Hallucinate No Goodbyes vs. Love Again Thinking 'Bout You vs. Break My Heart New Rules vs. Good In Bed Begging vs. Homesick vs. Boys Will Be Boys Dua Lipa - 3 Future Nostalgia - 8
  5. it's red and gorgeous, plus textless, i think it's her way of saying "i fucked Rare up, here's my best cover!" it's so sad looking back please
  6. i loved the original cover actually, i feel like it's such a stunning pic and statement as a cover that just speaks to how good this shoot is that she's got multiple fantastic covers
  7. i'm not sure if they're covers or some mini posters but either way they're gorgeous
  8. you dragging her for being lazy when this is her best shoot for an album... ever