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  1. Hyun.

    they coming
  2. Hyun.

    vote for troye sivan, ariana grande and sunmi pls!!
  3. Hyun.

    troye sivan | truth or dare (feat. perrie) [acoustic] | week 4 ariana grande | dance for you (acoustic) | week 4 sunmi | sale el sol (physical edition) | week 4 sunmi | new ground (acoustic) | week 4
  4. Hyun.

    it's like shinsadong tiger made the BOP that woowa is and then he remembered he had to make i'm so hot so he just pulled smth real quick
  5. Hyun.

    momoland was cute but dia won this bop battle what are y'all doing omg
  6. Hyun.

    omfg this just makes the song better
  7. Hyun.

    give dia a stream x
  8. Hyun.


    my pm's are open
  9. Hyun.


    the #pi section is right there
  10. Hyun.


    not when i'm in the middle of hosting one you rat
  11. Hyun.


    greedy >>> forever boy <3
  12. Hyun.

    girls support kpop talent and vote for Sunmi's "new ground" and "sale el sol" here please!! (also for Troye Sivan and Ariana's releases if y'all feel nice)
  13. Hyun.

    vote for troye, ariana and sunmi pls!!
  14. Hyun.

    love you