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  1. realistically? 5 copies. what she deserves? 5 copies.
  2. the constant delays and bad singles fucked everything up, the album did deserve better
  3. ooh this makes it better, thanks
  4. y'all are judging lyrics too, no? bc that axes all my k/j-pop songs
  5. whew finally wanna collab?
  6. unbothered with my two all-time #1s btw gays always win xoxo
  7. DW was an entire letdown apart from the music so I'm leaning towards not believing her
  8. not getting excited bc it'll probs be something stupid
  9. hello girlies
  10. Troi's coming back yes!
  11. i made it? whew iconic wig in orbit
  12. hello im Hyunty and i love this talented song
  13. lack of Hyun POV's yes
  14. i mean considering my episode was the biggest of the entire season you wouldn't kill me like that