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  1. Hyun.

    book of us another gorgeous mini omg they just don't stop mm this is good by me thank you
  2. Hyun.

    have not seen a single person dislike this song omg you better not be the first
  3. Hyun.

    tea but we're at peace with that tho this is still their overall best
  4. Hyun.

    day6 that is all
  5. Hyun.

    get into this messy holy hop
  6. i'm glad i can't relate omg
  7. Hyun.

    Celeb News

    the typo in the emote here really elevates the post
  8. Hyun.

    wow i love art
  9. Hyun.

    it has snapping on it so this is already false high hopes for the other tracks tho hehe
  10. Hyun.

    side effects soty hello i haven't been annoying about it here
  11. Hyun.


    Don't Blame Me Look What You Made Me Do I Did Something Bad Getaway Car Delicate ...Ready for It? Call It What You Want King of My Heart Gorgeous So It Goes... Dancing with Our Hands Tied Dress New Year's Day This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things End Game
  12. Hyun.

    mm Russian Roulette is quite excellent but that's as far as i'd go with "history"
  13. Hyun.

    have to come here and promote them bc no one else will hehe we won today girls
  14. Hyun.

    i really like RPM omg why does everyone hate it they rly went from shitty jewel cases to this omg sm HEARD the complaints thank you god