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  1. 1989 is absolutely coming this summer, especially with Wildest Dreams already being promoted. my guess is that she'll do Red next, and leave Speak Now and Debut as the last two, since they have the least interest for commercial use and that's definitely what she's focusing on and well reputation can only be released around 2023 at the earliest, considering the 5-year wait she has to hold by
  2. coney island, off the table is extremely boring for a collab from those two
  3. Mr. Perfectly Acclaimed on everyone's top half yup!
  4. yup i'm already dreading it my hopes are on Lisa to deliver a banger to the level of Solo bc Rosé didn't do that
  5. hers is the last planned so if anything, end of the year, and it'll probably be some ost ballad snoozer that nobody asked for
  6. same, i'm not too in love with Tate in this but it's cute enough!
  7. This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things i guess?
  8. those tracklists are so obviously fake y'all the only realistic thing is the Studio 2054 Remix making it into this edition, which i'm completely expecting
  9. this is just a bad song turned worse but i'm happy for rina, collabing with legends this early in her career is impressive!
  10. are we really rewarding her surface-level lyrics that were simply pulled out of headlines with no actual commentary on them just to pretend she's woke?
  11. "Sour" really doesn't give me debut album vibes... it's so regular?