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  1. still sad you didn't make this your freestyle theme
  2. it truly is like Holy Trinity 2 all over again
  3. we're serving oprah with these prizes for everyone but congrats everyone!
  4. congrats to all the winners! extremely deserving
  5. not you hiding the post like that
  6. i'm currently finishing S1 so i'll see you in a few weeks to talk S4
  7. and even then Freaky robbed himself by sending bad entries
  8. i will! i'm currently bingeing all of Stranger Things now that Vol 2 is out
  9. the mcu could never serve these plot twists
  10. oomf making an entry about air pollution in the 80s deserved more than 2 votes but the result is also correct
  11. it's camp bby you're doing amazing