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  1. Hyun.


    no tears left to cry... love IDSB but this is my fave ariana song
  2. low quality as of now ofc i don't think this is on any streaming site yet
  3. i think i enjoy the idea of it more than actually looking at it good on her for having fun with her looks, but make it a serve!
  4. The Beginning (0:58) Good In Goodbye (2:21) Default (1:56) Follow the White Rabbit (2:59) Effortlessly (2:48) Stay Numb And Carry On (2:43) Blue (3:50) Interlude (1:49) Homesick (3:47) Selfish (3:43) Sour Times (2:45) BOYSHIT (2:40) Baby (3:27) Stained Glass (3:27) Emotional Bruises (3:01) Everything Happens for a Reason (2:25) Channel Surfing / The End (1:43) the whole thing is 46:22, annoyingly short songs but i'm excited!
  5. every wig we've seen from the video looks awful too what's the tea did Music for Calm get all the budget
  6. we've got lyrics! truly poetic and deep chorus right? they're kinda the dream team for production so i want more bops from them
  7. they will when i update the title to "out now" don't you worry let's discuss Ellie's tragic wig in this thread tho
  8. hm, what made wonka interesting was the mystery behind him so i really don't see the point of this? especially since we already got a flashback on the 00s movie
  9. premieres on Thursday, January 21 at 4pm PT / 7pm ET and Friday 12am GMT!