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  1. no clue what the narrative behind these are but get those streams queen! i love having these pics in hq too
  2. Hyun.

    now i can stan in peace yupp
  3. Hyun.

    the way i was expecting to see this updated just to find the covers easily
  4. Hyun.


    and she's an honorary kpop artist so what now
  5. Hyun.


    i find it the perfect length for an ep, 8-9 tracks can easily be an album? 6 good tracks on here > the endless tracklist of Rare
  6. Hyun.


    it's almost like this is an ep!
  7. Hyun.


    rumored to be 6
  8. many songs get registered just to never get released, so this doesn't really mean much
  9. Hyun.

    Web Series

    euphoria boring wandavision is the moment
  10. Hyun.

    Web Series

    she really did serve this episode... miss Geraldine did too tho! it was such a good one overall so watch it now
  11. Hyun.

    the poor new players logging into tootland and seeing the mess i promise it's not always this messy!
  12. Hyun.

    @Members @Members (No BG) @Members (No CAL) Hello everyone! #PopIndustry is back and ready for you to join us. Read the OP and sign up with your artist(s)!
  13. period now can they please start serving us good music
  14. it looks like everyone is a disaster in this relationship ngl
  15. that's so true, from what it read to me it was just a breakup but olivia still loves joshua so she just went and felt her taylor fantasy but you never know i just want cute songs from any of them, and for olivia to stop singing in cursive
  16. i mean i would be too! olivia lowkey painted her as the bad guy who stole her boyfriend and caused her heartbreak, she had a right to clap back! right? and she's got so many cute bops that she deserves to be more well known. i can't wait for olivia's response song next friday and them keeping the cycle going! we'll get full albums from the three of them just like that
  17. "i'm happy and you hate it" like help? how do you come back from that that might be true but she is not replacing anyone! i hope this is successful for sabrina in the end, she deserves the attention
  18. the classy draggings omg i'm not ashamed to say i'm living for this little feud idk i can just listen to a lorde album and get full versions of that bridge, i don't see anything special from her or the song
  19. sabrina ate her up! she's got the best song out of all this too
  20. i liked the wigs so much better in motion omg
  21. it's such a cute bop! as repetitive as we knew it would be but i'm living for it