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  1. SZA


    this forum just isnt where a majority of stans are at
  2. SZA


    she just released this kawaii pop anthem...give her the streams she deserves f*gs iTunes / Soundcloud
  3. SZA


    tea.. just the amount of leaks she has im surprised this threads only on page 6
  4. SZA


    the level of dead this thread is SHOCKS me
  5. SZA


    so good especially just to be a independent self-funded artist w a microphone, Dial Tone by That Kid featuring her is amazing as well
  6. SZA


    a Gen-Z pop artist has started her own way of reclaiming Pop Culture through D.I.Y singles she makes via her at home studio in her bedroom closet. I luvvvvvv every single thus far & figured she definitely deserves to be shared <3 debut single BFF featuring Ayesha Erotica iTunes / Spotify / Soundcloud iTunes / Spotify / Soundcloud iTunes / Spotify / Soundcloud iTunes / Spotify / Soundcloud iTunes / Spotify / Soundcloud (temporarily down) Fader Article: https://www.thefader.com/2018/10/02/slayyyter-bff-interview she has a few features that are amazing as well but you can find them yourself if interested on her soundcloud/other social media Twitter IG
  7. SZA


    We need the damn album
  8. SZA here


    where does everyone get their recently leaked/unreleased music

    1. SWINΞ

      The internet brit10

    2. Onyx

      reddit I think 

    3. Miss Movin' On

      no where.  buy from itunes or etc or buy physicals. 

  9. SZA here


    does Banks have any unreleased?

  10. summer bummer really is a better produced high by the beach
  11. SZA


    people are too sensitive lol they already dragged her for appropriating South Asian culture with the font choice of praying.
  12. SZA


    unfortunately, it's gonna happen no doubt
  13. http://vocaroo.com/i/s1bFmebRclMU
  14. SZA here


    if Fetish doesn't smash ill be upset with the GP