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  1. Rainbow_Rose

    Sorry I forgot to quote.
  2. Rainbow_Rose

    I don’t have it downloaded I’ll have to download a few performances like “You Don’t Own Me”. I have the “Free Falling” performance tho!!!
  3. Rainbow_Rose

    Celeb News

    Dose anyone else think that the two top pics are referencing hear no evil and see no evil?
  4. Rainbow_Rose

    You Control My Heart. I made an entire playlist of post-Warrior songs that includes Lover, True Colors, all of Rainbow (including Birthday Suit and Emotional), Don’t Think Twice, and Body Talks. Even includes Safe and the Silence cover. Can’t wait to add more to it. Our girl works so hard
  5. If she’s really fine then I’m glad! I hope she’s right that she’ll be back soon so B10 can get it’s sweet little ass over here into my ears (of course after she’s ready. Mental Health>New Music) But too much of that was adding up and making sense that it was just weird. Hope it was a hoax, but here for her no matter what.
  6. Rainbow_Rose

    Celeb News

    Ugh I really didn’t even think of the 2016 BBMAs. It should’ve been Rainbow but I’m not mad we got another Bob Dylan cover she rocked every inch of my soul in the performance. If COTM is locked up somewhere because it’s produced by Luke I’ll be sad. Mainly because I don’t see Luke making the moonlight witch track I imagined it being. I apologize I went on a rambling rant there
  7. Rainbow_Rose

    Celeb News

    I definitely meant Stevie like because it wasn’t a cover you’re right on that, just that it had Stevie vibes. Lipsha didn’t get released because Dr. Sour Petty Pants had more control over her at the time since it was before she went to rehab. (meaning there wasn’t the order that she couldn’t work directly with him) The interview she had when she talked about COTM was long after she was released and before The NY Times interview where someone out there has heard at least a part of Rosè if not the whole thing. I mean it was around the time she released Lover and True Colors
  8. Rainbow_Rose

    Celeb News

    Was it? I thought Child of The Moon was the Stevie Nicks track she’d talked about in the Teen Vogue shoot back in 2014. Seemed like she’d love it and Stevie Nicks is very much more Kesha than Dr.Vomit
  9. Rainbow_Rose


    Could you please? I’d really appreciate it!
  10. Rainbow_Rose

    Celeb News

    Do you think she’s still doing nine? I can see her adding a forth line for the fourth album. I’m hoping for Child of the Moons debut but she may save that for the stack of demos we’ll never hear.
  11. Rainbow_Rose


    I got locked out because I forgot what email I used and just never tried to get back in and I’m shy Thanks hun! I love yours! She posted another pic from this shoot or whatever it is. I hope we’re close getting new music.
  12. Rainbow_Rose


    Thanks Dolls! I’ve had this account and lurked in the shadows for too long
  13. Rainbow_Rose


    It could be a Warrior outtake like Victimless Crime, Not Obsessed, or Back to You. Don’t get you hopes up ever really finding out tho I’m still waiting for the full leaks of “Rollercoaster” and what everyone first thought was Dirty Liar.