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  1. Where the fuck is you bitch

  2. Adele Confirms That She Will Be DANCING In Her Send My Love (To Your New Lover) Music Video — YAS! So exciting!!! As we previously reported, Adelerevealed this week that her latest single off of her hit album 25 would be Send My Love (To Your New Lover). LOVES it! However, during her concert in Stockholm, Sweden the Grammywinner dropped some deets about the music video for the new single. Related: Adele Worships Beyoncé Just Like The Rest Of Us! She shared: AH-Mazing! Unfortunately, that's about all the A-lister was willing to give away as she noted: Merp! Nonetheless, we are so amped to see the mother of one break out her sick moves. http://mobi.perezhilton.com/2016-04-29-adele-send-my-love-to-your-new-lover-music-video-dancing#.VyQX5shXfCQ
  3. Apple Music continues to catch on with more people. The company's first attempt at a music streaming service now has 13 million paid subscribers, Apple CEO Tim Cook said on Tuesday during a conference call to discuss the company's fiscal second-quarter results. Citing the new number of subscribers, Cook said the service continues to grow in popularity. "We feel really great about the early success of Apple's first subscription business," Cook said, according to a transcript of the earnings call from Seeking Alpha, "and our Music revenue has now hit an inflection point after many quarters of decline." Apple Music competes with Spotify and other services for a slice of the growing music-streaming business, but it's mainly a way to bring more users into the Apple fold. By offering its own music-streaming service for iOS devices, Apple hopes to sell more iPhones and iPads. Selling more iOS devices means more users who might buy items from iTunes and potentially other Apple products and services. Apple's music business has never been a moneymaker, but that seems on the cusp of changing with the growing popularity of Apple Music. "It's interesting for us that our Music business, which had been declining for a number of quarters, now that we have both a download model and a streaming model, we have now hit an inflection point," Apple Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri said on Tuesday. "And we really believe that this will be the bottom and we can start growing from there over time." Released last June, Apple Musicoffers streaming music with playlists curated by "music experts," a 24/7 radio station called Beats 1 and a social feature called Connect that puts together musicians and their fans. The service costs $9.99 per month for an individual plan and $14.99 for a shared family plan for up to six people. http://www.cnet.com/news/apple-music-notches-13-million-paid-subscribers/
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  5. http://signup.onerepublic.com/
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    Marco slay there's this thing called multitasking tho
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    Lana and Rih tbh
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    I miss you where have u been
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    If LG5 has a more Amy Godhouse feel to it mixed with GaGa's pop music vibe, I might start stanning the album
  10. There's still hope she delivers something iconic and timeless again like how Kylie still has hope to slay the world... Again!
  11. Oh man. There have been many ill-advised attempts by companies to capitalize on a holiday over the years, but Snapchat's latest gaffe may just take the prize for the worst. To celebrate National Weed Day, the service has added a new filter that pays homage to Bob Marley. And by "pays homage" we mean "shits all over in the most offensive ways possible." As CoS notes, the filter gives users Marley's signature beanie, dreads and... uh... darker skin tone. Needless to say, the internet was aghast when the app launched, with some accusing Snapchat of creating a "blackface" filter. Speaking with the Guardian, Snapchat defended the filter, saying that it was created as way of showing "appreciation" for the singer: "The lens we launched today was created in partnership with the Bob Marley Estate, and gives people a new way to share their appreciation for Bob Marley and his music. Millions of Snapchatters have enjoyed Bob Marley's music, and we respect his life and achievements." Fucking hell. We dread to think what they've got planned for Martin Luther King day... https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/wtf/internet_aghast_over_snapchats_blackface_bob_marley_tribute_filter.html
  12. Yesterday, a commenter on Digital Music News may have single-handedly shut down a copyright infringement lawsuit over the song ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ by discovering a song with an identical melody written in the 1600s. But that lawsuit, raised by the estate of the lead singer of Spirit, is dredging some very ugly details surrounding Led Zeppelin’s songwriting process. According to court paperwork obtained this morning by Digital Music News, both Jimmy Page and Robert Plant have openly admitted to stealing music on multiple occasions, in verified comments. The litigants in the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ case are using the quotes to demonstrate that Led Zeppelin had a repeated history of content infringement and blatant plagiarism, while lightly masking those plagiarisms to make copyright claims more difficult. More importantly, the attorneys are questioning both Page and Plant — in 2016 — to confirm that these statements were made. “Plant was confronted with this quote [regarding Willie Dixon] at his deposition and had to admit that he had no reason to dispute its veracity—and based on his prior admissions, how could he?” lawyers for the litigating estate of Randy California from Spirit wrote. The Spirit claims against Led Zeppelin now seem ridiculous following the discovery of a nearly identical piece by baroque composer Giovanni Battista Granata, written around 1630. But prior to that discovery, the admissions by Robert Plant and Jimmy Page would theoretically have helped win the case by demonstrating that ‘Taurus’ was just another victim in a string of plagiarisms. And the reason is simple: a jury is more easily swayed of a crime if the accused has committed similar crimes in the past (and admitted them). Speaking of admissions, this bombshell from 1993 was also entered into evidence by the Spirit litigating lawyers. This is attributed to Jimmy Page in court documents from an interview with Guitar World in December of that year. A number of famous Zeppelin tracks have now been called into question, including ‘Dazed and Confused,’ ‘Whole Lotta Love,’ and ‘Baby I’m Gonna Leave You.’ “Note that Page is quite clear that Zeppelin routinely took other people’s songs and used them to create Led Zeppelin’s music,” the court filing this week states. …from the court filing: http://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2016/04/19/robert-plant-and-jimmy-page-blatantly-admit-to-stealing-their-music-led-zeppelin/