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  1. Discussion

    New side to side set
  2. Hopefully these next few television performances moves it up to top 10
  3. Discussion

    They felt abit lonely
  4. Discussion

    Your set is amazing one of my fave kylie quotes
  5. Discussion

    Thank you so much
  6. Discussion

    Same tbh
  7. Discussion

    Thanks sis your hairspray avi with her pigtails is stunning
  8. I cant wait for new(ish) Carly material, and im so glad it's supernatural She better promote and re release Emotion with this and Bullseye on it
  9. Seeing him on monday
  10. omg yes its everyone's favorite song but she said that she just couldn't fit it in the album for some reason
  11. @ Theyre mostly on her instagram https://instagram.com/littlebodybigheart/ you can google "melanie martinez Kristina Stanton" for the photoshoot
  12. YES Stan ha
  13. Going to listen to this album for the rest of the year tbh .gif' alt='cry3'>
  14. Cry Baby will be a masterpiece
  15. love it