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  1. I low key love her shoes. I wish she did mens boots and stuff too
  2. yeah she really needs to secure some promo in Europe (and Australia) cuz otherwise I'm worried it could easily free-fall there
  3. the grammy performance was such a work of ART
  4. Ew please not folk music, I want bops!
  5. ready to be slayed by the grammy performance
  6. The meltdowns on atrl are getting too much! we haven't even gotten the grammys performance yet, no results of the radio airplay as its too soon for those stats and spotify hasn't updated yet. People seem to have forgotten that while iTunes is still important (depending on the market), it doesn't have to be dominated to get a good result. Rise being an Apple Music/iTunes exclusive skewed everyones expectations tbh.
  7. Love everything so much, especially the pre chorus