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  1. Brit and Madge Charli and Marina Gaga, Katy, Rih, random homeless slutbag that sneaked in and Nicki Iggy and Kesha Mariah and Ariana
  2. Britney I wanna have interesting and cool conversations w/ her and hear some unreleased songs from Blackout
  3. why did the other threads flop yet this one got more attention??
  4. call me back when gaga dies while taking a shit
  5. hot

    What is this

    i thought another version had leaked
  6. it rhymed with rock idek what i'm doing
  7. It's the 24th, 10 years since Rih debuted Pon De Replay. Do you think we'll get anything at all to celebrate this? An official R8 announcement? The cover? Tracklist? Anything? Apparently she's been rihcording in the last 12 hours so there's no way it's done yet (unless they're finishing at last minute to avoid leaks what a reach). More so, do you think it's really called Wildflower? Is that CD and tracklist on twitter real? This era has been so trying on us poor stans.
  8. hot

    try this game

    you have to use a laptop
  9. its really cool and fun http://www.koalastothemax.com/?aHR0cDovL3d3dy5icmVhdGhlaGVhdnkuY29tL3hyYXkvYWxidW1zL0FwcGVhcmFuY2VzLzIwMDgvTWF5JTIwMjMlMjAtJTIwQ2hyaXN0aWFuJTIwQXVkaWdpZXJzJTIwNTB0aCUyMEJpcnRoZGF5JTIwQmFzaC9YUkFZX01JWEVEX0JBU0hfMjgyNzI5LmpwZw==
  10. hot

    R8 is coming

    it's supposed to be out today wat the fuck riri
  11. i have a bunch of x singles but i dunno where half of them even came from
  12. She got her nose removed for #ART
  13. It's coming May 24th 2080 y'all Time for hype
  14. y'all are missing something- rih has been too high and just keeps making typos. it's not #R8, it's #R80. it's coming out on her 80th birthday