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  1. Game

    9 can't wait till where's the party to rate it 11
  2. Review

    downloaded and put inside erotica cd folder
  3. Jump kids are so cute, what an amazing voice, it's a delight to listen to over and over is amazing It's FIERCE!! madonna herself should use it as her usual rock tour song HIS LOOK IS HILARIOUS
  4. The only gaga song i still listen is Fashion!, from artflop and Monster too
  5. Discussion

    MDNA is to madge what britney jean is to britney: purely wtf. i can listen confortably from 2 to 3 songs of them. HC is good, but not much of my taste. RH is huge, but algo hugely messed up by so many ppl working on it. Looks like songs from different albuns put altogether. Devil pray is Very good and I wish the album was built around that dark beat. Bitch I'm madonna hurts my ears, unapologetic bitch is out of place... Next one will be really good tho, i feel it
  6. Game

    The best album title: Confessions on a Dancefloor The worst album title: Hard Candy
  7. lolo someone leak it, hire the madonna hackers
  8. the video is private