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  1. 1- Ray of Light 2- Confessions 3- Bedtime Stories 4- True Blue 5- Like a Prayer 6- Erotica 7- Music 8- Madonna 9- Like a Virgin 10- American Life 11- Hard Candy 12- Rebel Heart 13- Madame X 14- MDNA
  2. You'll Cum How do u remember I'm brazilian?
  3. I took a cum and had a dream And i came up in medellin the cum is caressin my skin another cum could now begin
  4. Addicted to Cum Bitch I'm Cummin'
  5. even the devil wouldn't recognize your cum
  6. Ok. So shes actually reshooting mx, does this rumour still makes sense?
  7. don't tell me to cum
  8. shanti / ashtangi / suck me
  9. I voted for buenos aires because most ppl are did, I refuse to listen to it and never did. edit: grammar error.