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  1. And of course children will like MJ's more than madge. MJ's videos are very child friendly, while Madonna's are definitely not. That's a lot going on Madge's videos that children just don't think or are aware of.
  2. this was the real problem in this mess...wtf this is a reason for banning.
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    COADF ROL Music
  4. kylie is so underrated....
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  7. how can the shade be against madge in that pic? she's flawless
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    is this the right song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tgo9tUaa_4Q
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    she's too, apparently edit: that kid is son of hers with guy...
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    allright time to camp Rio intntl airport....
  11. yes!!! =]
  12. i don't know her but, she looks very popular