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    Mushroom head I imagine
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    don't try to lecture again and we are safe.
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    repost pls
  4. yeah, covid is causing huge issues in supply chain.
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    lap got more hits but BS is better as a body of work. Like a Prayer vs. Survival Express Yourself vs. Secret Love Song vs. I'd Rather Be Your Lover Till Death Do Us Part vs. Don't Stop Promise to Try vs. Inside of Me Cherish vs. Human Nature Dear Jessie vs. Forbidden Love Oh Father vs. Love Tried to Welcome Me Keep It Together vs. Sanctuary Pray for Spanish Eyes vs. Bedtime Story Act of Contrition vs. Take a Bow LAP: 3 / BS: 8
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    hahaha had never heard b4, the miley song is almost a cover. Bootilicious begins with that instrumental as well.
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    Music Video

    My preferred song from the album.
  8. You know, exposing you want your own shit to be nominated is redundant. Let people decide.
  9. Bey has a new song out? do the people behind grammy take the prize seriously? what a joke.
  10. so selfish, self-convinced....can't stand him even when the music is good (it's not the case tho).
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    I like it a lot. And the cover screams 80's madonna. My top tracks : Prisoner - Dua's voice is a delight. Gimme What I want Night Crawling - Best on the album, I absolutely love this track. Midnight Sky Never Be Me - LOVE IT. The instrumentals on this , some elements reminds me of another song I love, Blue States - Protect me Everywhere , same vibe in some parts. Golden String - On repeat. Midnight Sky Remix - Begins just like the well known silvester stalone's movie, Rocky. Good but did not hook me: High - I get some country vibes, which I really don't like. The rhythm and some instrumentals are very well done tho. Hate Me Bad karma - Ok track, a bit messy. WTF Do I know - Ok track to open the album. Plastic Hearts. Zombie (The Cramberries cover) - Still prefer the original but this is a good one too. Overall I love this. Will have more replayability than Duas FN (to me, ofc ). It's a 9.5/10 album.
  12. I don't know why it flops. IMO best album of the year??? I don't know how I would compare it to Dua's FN, it's hard to decide. But definitely miles better than gaga's.
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    I like it a lot. And the cover screams 80's madonna. Just saw in on itunes, currently listening to prisoner, did't skip any song so far. edit 1: reached gimme what I want, Best track of the year??? edit 2: Billy Idol track begins very promissing. edit 3: yes it's an amazing track. I'm sold.