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  1. I love that video
  2. Yes, but still the best song.
  3. The Sorcerer


    Future Lovers uses that song too. The taste.
  4. The Sorcerer

    she should have done it with madame x. what a loss of oportunity. when I heard the God control snippet it sounded like that, but even that song is not good. too much going on and too long. It sounds a lil messy...
  5. The Sorcerer


    about time. levitating is great.
  6. best song from madame clown.
  7. lol at how every song got very low scores. Love it.
  8. not by much I suppose, both are bad
  9. I can only save medellin, IDSIF and EO out of this pile of trash, srry
  10. SO many Zero`s that aren`t gonna enter... I hope those songs get trashed hard.
  11. are my my late ratings gonna count?