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  2. It's better than RiRi's *version* tho...
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    "Sure Jan" is just an overused, lazy way of deflecting when you can't come up with a better response... In Living Color is what made both Jim Carrey and Jamie Foxx famous so please try and convince me that everyone knew who they were plus the 387 members of the Wayans family as well but no one knew who Jennifer Lopez was until she started acting...
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    Jennifer Lopez was a Fly Girl on In Living Color and In Living Color was a very popular show. When she started acting she was known as the dancer that started acting. I understand your question and I have already answered it.
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    The argument is flawed because she was actually known as a dancer before she became known as an actor so it was easier for her to transition into singing because she wasn't known only for one thing. Almost anyone else you try to compare her to only has the two sides of their career so it's not the same situation... And I'm not talking about having your own line of hair care products or wanting to run for the Senate someday...
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    Not me forgetting I even started this thread and meanwhile it has turned into a illuminati doughnut group sex conspiracy thread...
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    Queen is not a better song than Holy Water...
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    "Candice Glover Recording Artist" .gif' alt='fall2'>
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    Pity party for those who weren't invited to the dance...
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    Lending a helping hand to help ha out... feb1
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    Gilmore Girls and The West Wing are two of my favorite shows ever and they both became completely different after their respective creators left and they became sad shells of their former selves. Brothers and Sisters lost quality when ABC kept cutting the budget. The last half of the final season of Alias was absolutely terrible as they rushed to try to wrap up the story lines after it was canceled. Veronica Mars is very sadly missed but I loved the movie plus iZombie is pretty close to being the same show but with a different cast and some zombies thrown in so at least there's some comfort in that. Eyes with Tim Daly, Miss Match with Alicia Silverstone, and GCB (Good Christian Bitches) with Annie Potts and Kristin Chenoweth are just a few examples of new shows I loved that got canceled pretty much right away. Trial By Jury was by far the best of the Law & Order series and they killed it off after only one shortened season. The O.C. and Happy Endings are two of my favorite shows ever that got canceled while they were still good... now Looking can be added to that list and I hope HBO stands by their word and produces a final episode to wrap up the series. On the non-scripted side, I really miss Tabatha's Salon Takeover/Tabatha Takes Over. I also really liked RuPaul's Drag U, DanceLife, and America's Best Dance Crew. The Hills became terrible after LC left just as Laguna Beach became terrible after Kristin left. Other shows I miss a lot (even though they "finished" their runs) are Sex and the City, Entourage, The Wire, Lost, 30 Rock, The Newsroom, and Friends. Arrested Development was also on this list but thankfully it was resurrected. Besides Looking, the other shows I currently watch that I worry about are Nashville, The Mindy Project, and Marry Me because none of them is a big hit. The only show I watch that is popular is Scandal. It is hard to give shows a chance when you're aware that they likely will just get canceled. Thankfully I don't own a TV anymore so I only watch a few shows.
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    West Side Story teas...
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    She laughed and then the lights immediately went out and the show started LOL so I think she did that on purpose to avoid having a long conversation with me LOL... I think she was with her husband.
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    I "sat" behind her at one of M's concerts and it was so hard for me to behave myself and leave her alone... I did tap her on the back tho and I was like "You do know everyone here adores you, right?"
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    Love their remixes of both songs although their L4L remixes are better imo...
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    I really like all of them... I'm surprised that they're mostly the same DJs that did L4L because she usually changes things up more than that, but since we're probably (hopefully) going to get a dozen+ remixes again there will probably be more new faces in the other batches. My favorites are the Mike Cruz remixes although the NYC one is missing the last 30 seconds for some reason... The THRILL remix of Ghosttown is so much better than the THRILL remix for L4L imo...
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    I just noticed that the 2nd single off each of ha 3 most recent albums has started with a G... Give it 2 Me Girl Gone Wild (and also the 1st single - Give Me All Your Luvin') Ghosttown Plus the 3rd single off the album before that... Get Together Discuss... (or don't since it's honestly a boring topic but I just wanted to point it out)
  20. I've decided to start using this everywhere even (especially) when it's not applicable...
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    That's why I put it in quotations because I knew you would fix it as soon as I pointed it out and then it would look like my typo LOL and I'm not Cher...
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    She's at her best (worst?) in the middle of the night... sometimes she seems completely off her rocker.
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    No, it was just a promo single... she didn't even release it under her name.
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    This is so much better than the video but the cartoon parts still make it cheesy and scream CHEAP PROMO... it would have been a much better performance without the stupid clips from the movie. I mean, I know it's on the soundtrack but it's not like Celine Dion got rammed by a boat every time she sang My Heart Will Go On... I like the song tho...