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    i wish praying becomes a hot100 top10 hit. i want it so so bad
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    hey, are there ony songs on drugs use on the album? pink usually has a lot of them
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    do u have receipts for this? never heard about that before
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    bc kesha is legally bound to dr luke. shortly after she turned 18, she signed a contract with dr luke so that he would help her secure a good record deal. i dont know when the contract terminates ( i think its 7 albums total?), but that conctract is the reason kesha was sueing him in the first place. because this contract is between him and her, even sony could not free her. he kind of owns her. i mean what disgusting motherfucker would seriously go through with this. hasnt she made him enough money? ffs she was just 18 (!!) when she entered this contract, like how can he not see that and be a tiny bit generous after he already made money out of her first 4 albums ...
  5. Have the instrumentals for Rainbow leaked so far? YES or NO?
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    spaceship finding you boots
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    someone: madonna and gaga do very similar things gaga:
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    someone: pizza anyone? me:
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    has the album leaked??
  10. its somewhat forgettable compared to her last albums. ive listened to it like four or five times and i dont remember a thing
  11. alleged rapist - true. but its def proven that he treats the artists he works with like shit. he has very 'interesting' views on how women should look/act/sing like to be successful.. that shit alone is enough to boycott him and his industry.
  12. dont listen& dont support this shit. poor kim petras, but im sure she knew.
  13. this is the second strongest track ... right after praying ...
  14. Celeb News

    i wish kesha was finally free of him