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  1. Rumor

    ok so we gon pretend like nothing happened? lol
  2. Rumor

    lol. btw who said it was gonna be released today? maybe it was just an assumption ...
  3. Discussion

    13 beaches in full glory im so excited
  4. Discussion

    white mustang whistles will murder my p*ssy
  5. Discussion

    1 more hour and l4l is out in new zealand. high quality cherry incoming
  6. Celeb News

    im kinda confused. why did she refuse to comment on her alcohol abstinence? is she back to drinking?!
  7. Album

    someones f*cking with the wikipedia page for 'rainbow'. its says on there that hymn will feature iggy azalea and the japanese bonus track is a collab with t swift. does someone know how to change it?
  8. Rumor

    ok wheres the song? praying and woman have been so out of this world. im so excited for hymn i might die any second lol.
  9. Discussion

    pm ? would love to hear it
  10. Discussion

    has the album leaked in hq so far?
  11. Rumor

    can u pm me the links too? thank ü
  12. ok whats going on where is it how come we know its gonna be released today? 3 2 1 meltdown
  13. Discussion

    because it sounds like 'i like it rough', which is on an album that actually slaughtered careers . witness surely only does that in our imagination.
  14. Discussion

    i thought she was preparing for a single release. didnt a still from a new mv leak or something?