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  1. does anybody have a yt link? havent seen the performance yet. twitter is tearing her to shreds. was it really that bad ??
  2. mcflurry


    scientific fact indeed
  3. mcflurry

    lol at them naming gaga even before her picture pops up LEGEND! ICON! STAR!
  4. mcflurry


    sis ... lets not ...
  5. mcflurry

    maybe a few days? you seem to be a die hard marina fan lol
  6. mcflurry

    she said the album was done .. so honestly all we need is a hq leak. better SOONER than later
  7. mcflurry


    alejandro is an unrecognized masterpiece! FIGHT ME TIL THE END OF TIME
  8. mcflurry

    handmade heaven is fucking amazing
  9. well who's gonna tell them? lol
  10. mcflurry

  11. mcflurry

    electra heart album of the decade fight me !!
  12. mcflurry


    lol we also all remember the performance which was critically acclaimed for its depiction of cultural appropriation
  13. me too me too! super hyped for heal me and hair body face